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Posts by old_user849

21) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Run one wu on 2 cpu\'s (Message 2514)
Posted 1 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user849
I would like to be able to run one wu using the 2 cpu\'s on my machine rather than having to process two wu\'s at a time.

22) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Andrew Heath (Message 2512)
Posted 1 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user849
You could balance your 'resources' in your account settings. I am running three projects at the moment and have set my resources to favour CPDN ie 200/100/100.
This gives me 50% on CPDN and 25% on each of the other two. They are all slower of course, but it seems to work ok.


23) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Running and Seti together (Message 2511)
Posted 1 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user849
Good Question, not in the screensaver panel it seems. However, in BOINC with the work tab selected, highlight on a wu with some progress on it and right click your mouse. Then select and click on 'show graphics' and the display will come up for that project.

I don't use a screen saver very often myself but perhaps a winexpert can come up with a work around.

24) Questions and Answers : Windows : no calculation for CP run (Message 2510)
Posted 1 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user849
There are issues about running BOINC on Win98.

This is from the SETI/Boinc site:-

August 30, 2004
We are investigating the Win98 hang/crashing issues in this Thread Please check it out for any updates.
NOTE: This bug puts your machine in a state that causes you to reset your machine in order to be able to use it, this in turn can cause disk corruption. We recommend that you hold off executing BOINC on Win98 and WinME until this issue is resolved.

See this thread on that site:-

25) Message boards : Number crunching : What is a trickle? (Message 2026)
Posted 28 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
What is a trickle?

The water trickled from the spring
in tiny rivulets meandering down the hill
to meet other trickles joining in and together, spill,
as trickles do, into a babbling brook.

With trickles joining from here and there
they tumbled on without a care, until they met
with quite swirl, a stream of trickles whose course was set
for a grassy meadow filled with buttercups and hay.

More and more trickles joined in the fun.
On and on, and on and on the trickles run, until,
through valleys, village, town and city they spill
into that mélange we call the Sea, see, CPDN server sea.


(Couldn't let this pass with out a try)

26) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Disappearing run. Diagnostics? (Message 1870)
Posted 27 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849

In 'Finder' open up the folder you are using to run the project. You should see a folder 'projects' open this. Open folder '' and you will see a seperate folder for each of the runs. Your lost run should be there. Open it and look for the files stderr_um.txt. If the work unit (WU) failed there should be a message about it here.

If there is you can post it if its not to big or submit it to CPDN.


@carl: you got in just ahead of me (LoL) In os X 10.3.5 you can go to utilities/Activity monitor where you easily see all that is running, including of course,

443 hadsm3um_4.02_po chuggybus 93.50 1 45.80 MB 91.16 MB
27) Message boards : Number crunching : User TIPS for running BOINC. (Message 1820)
Posted 27 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
The purpose of this thread is for you, the BOINC user, to put up anything you discover about running and using BOINC that make a difference and you would like to share with other users.

Read the thread before you post so as to avoid repeats.

My tip is to keep an eye on \'Computers\' in \'Your account. You may get multiple entries for the same computer if you do a \'detach\' or do some kind of major restart.

You can \'merge\' multiple entries only for the same computer and the older entry will merge into the newer entry.

28) Message boards : Number crunching : Benchmarks - Results (Message 1759)
Posted 26 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
My benchmarks look to be down on what they were.

Measured floating point speed is down from around 1907 to 1644.9 million ops/sec.


Intel P4 @3.06mhz with 1.5gb ram HT enabled Win XP pro sp1
29) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Congratz to the CPDN team (Message 1441)
Posted 22 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
My compliments to the CPDN Team for a great website.

I have just spent time exploring and I have to say there are some great features. I liked the buddy-space feature but I loved the participant locations sections. I hope that 'they' can get the map down to another layer. I loved this idea when I found out that the CERN people had similar on their network.

I also found the project and scientific explanations to be very readable and informative.

Well done.

30) Message boards : Number crunching : Running multiple projects. (Message 1376)
Posted 21 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
Just tried to log on with SAH and got this msg :- - 2004-08-21 12:42:48 - Project prefs: using your defaults
--- - 2004-08-21 12:42:48 - CPU scheduler starvation imminent; requesting more work
--- - 2004-08-21 12:42:51 - CPU scheduler starvation imminent; requesting more work - 2004-08-21 12:42:51 - Requesting 4304 seconds of work - 2004-08-21 12:42:51 - Sending request to scheduler: - 2004-08-21 12:42:54 - Scheduler RPC to succeeded
SETI@home - 2004-08-21 12:42:54 - Message from server: To participate in this project, you must use major version 3 of the BOINC core client. Your core client is major version 4.
SETI@home - 2004-08-21 12:43:03 - Resetting project
SETI@home - 2004-08-21 12:43:03 - Detaching from project

31) Message boards : Number crunching : Client performance (Message 1374)
Posted 21 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
P4 3.06 1.5gb RAM with HT disabled running 1 wu.
21 Aug 2004 05:19:38


20 Aug 2004 23:45:57


Mac G5 dual 2.0 with 2.5gb RAM running 2 wu's. With 'Journaling' switched off.

21 Aug 2004 04:49:02


21 Aug 2004 03:56:23

32) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC Dev Task base URL (Message 1234)
Posted 19 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
You can view the BOINC developement task base at the link below.

33) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Can\'t get it to run (Message 1115)
Posted 17 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
Do I need system 10.3?

I run 10.3.5 and I have had this problem in the past.

What I did was to clear out any old BOINC stuff, run 'Repair Permissions' in the Disk Utilities, and reboot. Then tried again.


34) Questions and Answers : Windows : Priority settings really suck... (Message 963)
Posted 14 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
Try adjusting your preferences on your account page.

Set it for 1 cpu adjust the other settings as well and then do an 'update'

35) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Double Processor HT (Message 961)
Posted 14 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
There was a lot of debate (on the BOINC beta board and elsewhere) about the > 1 cpu/2 cpu/ HT

The conclusion that I came to was that there was little benefit from running HT so I switched it off on my intel P4 3.06 PC and set my Prefs to 1 cpu for this PC.

The situation may be different for AMD cpu's.


36) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : permission denied (Message 960)
Posted 14 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
You have Permission denied errors because you did not enter the correct commands to run the program.

>>> 2004-08-09 16:16:49 [] Message from server: No work available (there was work but you don't have enough disk space allocated)

It is importent to set up your preferences before you run the programme.

btw - not a good idea to post your a/c key. You can edit your post to remove it.

37) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Can\'t get it to install (Message 959)
Posted 14 Aug 2004 by Profile old_user849
For OS X 10.3.xx

1/ Create a folder (in Applications), call it BOINC/CPDN, for other projects create a seperate folder and call them BOINC/(project name)

2/ Download program file to desktop (Safari browser will auto unpack it). Drag and drop file to created folder.

3/ Open a Terminal window. (Applications/Utilities/Terminal.)

4/ In the drop down menu under Terminal, go to 'Window setting/processes' and set 'prompt before closing window' to 'always'. Lodge Terminal in the Dock.

5/ In Terminal type cd and put a space, then drag and drop the folder to the terminal window and then hit enter.

6/ In the terminal window type chmod +x and then open project folder and drag and drop project program file to Terminal window and hit enter.

Program should then launch. Follow on screen instructions.

Use 3/ to 6/ if you have to close Terminal window.

If you miss out the registering of the Folder, your project files will be all over the place.

Usage: Within the program file there are a number of commands that can be executed.

These are:-

-version show version info.
-show_projects show attached projects.
-detach_project URL detach from a project.
-reset_project URL reset (clear) a project.
-attach_project attach to a project (will prompt for URL, account key)
-update_prefs URL contact a project to update preferences.
-run_cpu_benchmarks run the CPU benchmarks

Use 3/ to 6/ and type the command after the executable before you press 'return'


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