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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Welcome back/checking if everything is working? (Message 62673)
Posted 3 Sep 2020 by WB8ILI
Power Consumption -

Ryzen 7 2700X
Asus X370-PRO

Electricity costs $0.17556(US) per kilowatt hour

No load except UBUNTU overhead - 67 watts - $0.2823(US) per day
8 WCG COVID tasks - 159 watts - $0.6699(US) per day
8 WCG COVID tasks + 1 Einstein GPU task - 253 watts - $1.066(US) per day
2) Message boards : Number crunching : New work Discussion (Message 62587)
Posted 18 Jun 2020 by WB8ILI
Dave -

What did you do? Upgrade to 20.04 without a clean install? Your computers show you have 20.04 on both computers and the tasks downloaded today.

I upgraded to 20.04 from 18.04 without any problems on several computers as soon as 20.04 became available (actually before as a beta). without any issues.

3) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Status page. (Message 62262)
Posted 27 Mar 2020 by WB8ILI
Dave -

I am sure you are correct. I checked my account and I have 5 that will never be returned. Some were because of computer crashes which required me to upgrade to LINUX from Windows XP..

I would think the database people would want to "purge" tasks that are more than one year old (or so). It would make database administration a lot easier. I know they would need permission from the scientists, but they could just tell the scientists to re-submit them if they really want them. The scientists are not going to get a result now anyway.
4) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Possibly Dumb or already covered but I can't find it... (Message 62258)
Posted 25 Mar 2020 by WB8ILI
Nick -

Did you remove the project, and then after a few minutes, add the project back in? It looks like you merged your computers.

The remove/add-the-project-back-in has cleared up the tasks that CPDN thinks I have in-progress but I don't.

Stay home. Stay safe.
5) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Possibly Dumb or already covered but I can't find it... (Message 62256)
Posted 23 Mar 2020 by WB8ILI
Nick -

I have been down this road before.

You account shows two computers. Since they have the same "specs" and based on the dates they were "created", I am assuming they are the same computer - One pre-crash and the other post-crash.

The pre-crash computer shows 7 tasks in progress and the post-crash computer none.

IF both computers have the same name (i.e. "Desktop"), go to your account, computers on this account, and try to "Merge computers by name" (at the bottom of the list).

Then, go to the BOINC Manager and remove the project (CPDN).

Wait a few minutes.

Then, add the project back.

Hopefully, CPDN will "abort" the tasks it thinks you have and then send them to someone else.

This doesn't give you any work but you don't have anyway. It does get you and CPDN in sync.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC scheduler reducing the number of CPDNs? (Message 61683)
Posted 14 Dec 2019 by WB8ILI
Les - I stand corrected about the credit.

The following is from the BOINC website.

Resource share

The amount of computing resources (CPU time, disk space) allocated to a project is proportional to this number. The default is 100.
Note: At World Community Grid this option is titled "Project Weight".
Note: this is not a percentage. If a computer has 2 projects added, each with resource share 100, each project will get half the resources.
If a project is given a resource share of 0 it will not receive any resources unless other projects are unable to provide tasks. Using the value 0 is known as 'setting a backup project': you are advised always to leave at least one project with a non-zero resource share, otherwise the backup project system cannot function normally.

But, I think i was sort of on the right track. In my 50%/50% example doesn't the above explanation mean that if you run a bunch of CPDN tasks that used a lot of CPU time (and disk space) eventually the BOINC scheduler will allocate more SETI tasks to "even up the score" back to 50%/50%? There is no explanation of the time period used to allocate tasks to make the CPU/disk space proportional to the specified resources.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC scheduler reducing the number of CPDNs? (Message 61681)
Posted 13 Dec 2019 by WB8ILI
Jim1348 -

You wrote that you have your Resource Share for CPDN set to 100%. That is possible ONLY if CPDN is the only project on your computer.

For example, if you set the Resource Share to 100 (not a percent) for CPDN and 100 for SETI, each project get 50% of your resources.

When you only have one project, it doesn't matter what the Resource Share is. One or 100 is the same percent.

Now, what does Resource Share mean?

I am fairly certain that I figured out a few years ago that it has to with your credits.

Using the 100/100 (50%/50%) example above, if your credits for SETI are "falling behind" because you ran a bunch of CPDN tasks, the BOINC scheduler is going to cut back on CPDN tasks and run more SETI tasks until you get back to the 50%/50% balance you specified.

If anyone thinks I am off base on this, I would be interested in knowing.
8) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : 7.16.3 on Ermine (Message 61354)
Posted 23 Oct 2019 by WB8ILI
Where exactly is the "BOINC forum thread"?
9) Message boards : Number crunching : New work Discussion (Message 61293)
Posted 20 Oct 2019 by WB8ILI
Alan -

Here is what I do to run other projects (for example WCG) and also get work from CPDN when it is available.

1) In Computer Preferences, set your queue to "Store 1 days of work".
2) Update WCG (to download 1 days of work).
3) Set WCG to "No new tasks"
4) In Computer Preferences, set your queue to "Store 10 days of work" and "10 additional days of work".

Now your computer will be busy for the next 24 yours on WCG tasks.
In the meantime, the computer will check CPDN every hour for new CPDN tasks.

You do have to repeat the process once your WCG tasks are finished - In other words, every 24 hours.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : UK Met Office HadAM4 at N216 resolution (Message 61290)
Posted 20 Oct 2019 by WB8ILI
Dave and Les -

I stumbled across a Linux package called xosview which shows some cool information about memory usage, paging, cache, and if a cpu is in a wio (waiting for I/O) state.

Maybe you already knew of it.
11) Message boards : Science : Climate change in the News (Message 60921)
Posted 15 Sep 2019 by WB8ILI
Forget CO2 and methane. It's Sulphur hexafluoride we have to worry about.
12) Questions and Answers : Windows : Lost jobs and "busted" link (Message 60655)
Posted 13 Jul 2019 by WB8ILI
James -

I assume you are referring to your AMD (cpu) computer.

Of the tasks that you did complete successfully, they are being suspended A LOT! CPDN tasks don't like being suspended.
Go to Tasks -> Computing preferences and UNCHECK all the "suspend" options.

CPDN tasks also have a poor record (improved recently) of restarting successfully after a re-boot, etc. But, if you have to shut your computer down each evening, I guess there is not much you do about that.
13) Questions and Answers : Windows : Tasks abandoned after computer crash (Message 60445)
Posted 25 Jun 2019 by WB8ILI
PhillipHoefl -

You might want to go to Tools -> Computing Preferences then "Under When to Suspend" and UNcheck all the boxes.

CPDN tasks don't like to be interrupted and it looks like yours are.

Also, check the box that shows "Keep non-GPU in memory when suspended".

Don't worry about your crashed tasks. Everyone gets them. Scientists can use the intermediate results (called trickles). If the scientists really need the complete result, it will be re-issued to another user.
14) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Benchmarks and other problems (Message 60395)
Posted 21 Jun 2019 by WB8ILI
Jean-David -

I think you are going OK with your setup.

I am currently running the N144 tasks on four machines

1) AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.6 GHz 23.5 sec/TS
2) AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.6 GHz 24.5 sec/TS
3) AMD FX 8370 Eight Core 4.0 GHz 18-5-20.5 sec/TS
4) AMD FX 8370 Eight Core 4.0 GHz 18-5-20.5 sec/TS

I don't believe your have a "tortoise" for a machine since you are reporting 25 sec/TS.

As far a memory goes, these tasks seem to be using about 650 MB each. Depending on what else you are doing on your machine, you may or may not have enough memory.

Look at your memory usage (% of total). If it is over 85% when running these tasks, I would strongly consider more memory if you are using the computer for anything else.

There are many other factors that determine throughput (i.e. memory speed).
15) Message boards : Number crunching : transient HTTP error (Message 59195)
Posted 17 Dec 2018 by WB8ILI
The detail for batch 691 uploads is -

12/17/2018 12:27:16 PM | | Started upload of
12/17/2018 12:27:16 PM | | [file_xfer] URL:
12/17/2018 12:27:18 PM | | Internet access OK - project servers may be temporarily down.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : transient HTTP error (Message 59191)
Posted 17 Dec 2018 by WB8ILI
I have been stuck uploading some zips for batch 691 for several days. Transient HTTP error.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : New work Discussion (Message 59107)
Posted 27 Nov 2018 by WB8ILI
Thyme Lawn -

I had two 774 tasks waiting in the wings, so I started them to see what would happen. They both failed within seconds with some kind of "Error in Namelist".

Make sure you don't have a hidden window (Alt-Tab) with a Fortran runtime error.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Most Powerful CPU for CPDN in 2018? (Message 59022)
Posted 19 Nov 2018 by WB8ILI
Larfy Hu -

You titled this thread "Most Powerful CPU". You probably mean "Most Powerful System" which involves several components - CPU speed (GHz), maximum memory chip transfer rate, bus speed, amount of CPU cache, and maybe others.

What is best for CPDN may or may not be the best for other work (projects).

The word "Most" implies you want to build the world's fastest system for CPDN. I doubt the information exists on how to do that. If a F1 (auto racing) analogy makes any sense to you, you are trying to build a Mercedes or a Ferrari. But even the worst car in F1 is still a really, really fast car.

Go with the fastest memory you can find and a CPU and main board that supports that speed. All other things being equal, go with the largest CPU memory cache.

As Les mentioned, LINUX work is unavailable because most tasks fail. The people in charge are either unable or unwilling to fix this issue.

CPDN work availability is generally sporadic. So you need a backup plan such as World Community Grid (WCG) or your computer will be idle for long periods of time.

CPDN work does not use Graphic Processors (GPU) and neither does WCG. WCG has several Climate Science projects waiting in the wings, if Climate Science is your main or only interest.

If Climate Science is your only interest, I know of no plans anywhere for climate work that uses a GPU, so you don't need the biggest and best graphic card.

These are my thoughts. If others disagree, please comment.
19) Questions and Answers : Windows : All work units received since 1-Aug-18 get a "Computation error" (Message 58726)
Posted 7 Sep 2018 by WB8ILI
I am having the same problem (Signal 11) on one of my computers. I know there were a lot of segment violations in the past, but as I remember, most of those were on LINUX machines. But, mine is a Windows 10 Laptop.

I am not overclocking, CPU temp is reasonable, not installing Windows updates, and not suspending work.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status Page (Message 58480)
Posted 27 Jul 2018 by WB8ILI
Maybe when you "disconnect" and "reconnect" (for the correct url) that counts as a new user. Although, it seems that should also count as a new computer.

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