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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : What is Request_Reschedule mean (Message 12502)
Posted 11 May 2005 by Profile Farscape
I have had the same problem with version 4.37 & the newly released 4.38. Apparently, the scheduling program designed to help us all meet the deadlines given per work unit doesn't work as well for some projects (in my case Protein Predictor) - in fact in got to the point that my machine was requesting the scheduler every second (literally)! The problem got to the point that I wasn't getting any new work units from any project.

As a temporary fix, I unloaded 4.38 and reloaded 4.25 but had the same result. Apparently 4.25 is aware of the scheduler and the cache loaded in 4.37 was still active - and causing the same message and lack of work units!

I finally unloaded 4.25 and installed 4.19 (still available on all sites) - this cured the problem and allowed me to download work units and update all projects (I am running CPDN, SETI, Protein and Einstein). After an hour or so I unloaded 4.19 and reloaded 4.25 - all seems to be working OK at this point with NO scheduler errors / lockups.

I definately prefer v 4.25 to 4.19 due to the features and really liked the added features in 4.38 - but I think I will wait until a little more R&D is done on the development versions before trying them again.

Hope this helps,

Tim Ranch
ID: Farscape