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Posts by Kevin Beasley

1) Questions and Answers : Preferences : No New Work (Message 65330)
Posted 7 Apr 2022 by Kevin Beasley
So to sum up (I think) most of the previous messages in this thread, what you are saying is WUs are available in a feast-and-famine fashion, and it depends on who generated the WUs as to what platform they will run on?

For example, right now, there are 2082 WUs waiting, but I haven't seen a WU on my PC for months - ergo, these are WUs for platforms other that Win10?

If that is correct, it would be useful if you could split that out on the Server Status page, as it's very frustrating/annoying to see WUs waiting and not receiving any to process.

While I appreciate you might not want to do it for obvious reasons, it would also be useful if you could publish rolling figures on how many WUs for each platform you have put out for each platform in the previous 365 days, so that your supporters can properly manage their expectations.
2) Message boards : Science : AFlame PROJECT (Message 60911)
Posted 13 Sep 2019 by Kevin Beasley
Will the WUs be part of ClimatePrediction, or will it be an entirely separate project?