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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Processor usage cycles up and down? (Message 50658)
Posted 28 Oct 2014 by JMLVT68
Running CP as the only BOINC project on Win 7 machine with i5 (Ivy Bridge) processor, which is 2 cores but 4 threads. So there are 4 tasks running simultaneously. I've noticed, watching Windows task manager, that the processor usage is cycling up and down, while keeping the average below the 50% max I've set on CPU usage. I also used Core Temp to check temperature, and noticed that the actual processor frequency was cycling, which seems odd. I did some testing, and found that if I increased the CPU limit to 90%, the cycling stopped.

Q1: Is there something in the way the models run that creates the cycling in processor usage?
Q2: Is the actual processor frequency cycling a function of trying to limit average usage to 50%?

My objective is to get good processing speed at moderate CPU load so I don't have to listen to the fan whining away keeping the system cool.

Thanks in advance