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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Nearly there (Message 58318)
Posted 2 Jul 2018 by Jord
Funny my NAS had a HD fail about 3 wks ago, fortunately I run Raid 1-0, O.K. I loose 50% capacity but in principle I can survive 4 of the 8 disks failing provided they're all in different raid 1 pairs. I replace the failed drive & ordered a couple of spares.
Do watch out though. My first NAS had two 4TB drives, both of which failed at the same time (due to a bad fan, so they overheated), meaning we lost 5TB of data.
So the next NAS had 4 drives, 4x4TB, RAID5. Lost two drives and also the whole array, so again 5TB of data gone. Luckily, this time I had 3.5TB of that backed up.

We now have that same NAS with 4x4TB HDDs, all single drive setups. I have a 4, 2 and 1 TB drive for backups via a USB 3.0 docking station. But we will at max just lose 4TB of data next time. Unless the whole NAS goes kaboom. ;-)
2) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Reclaim my old account? (Message 58182)
Posted 11 May 2018 by Jord
Like I said, the project won't delete your account unless you specifically request that. That's how GDPR works. It's a user right for erasure. The projects don't mind the extra clutter of inactive user accounts.

So once GDPR goes life, and the code is ready, you'll see an option to delete your account in Your Account per project. You can click that and only then does the process of deleting start - we may even build in a couple of days waiting process, where when you log back in during that time, the account deletion is canceled.

To see how that goes, read
GDPR - Right to Erasure
GDPR - Privacy by design and default
GDPR - Right to Erasure - Account Managers
3) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Reclaim my old account? (Message 58180)
Posted 11 May 2018 by Jord
The BOINC forum code does not have any option yet to delete user accounts, the one for GDPR is still being finalized. When it comes, it's not even sure it'll come to this temporary backup server. Plus GDPR may offer an option for erasure (which cannot be undone when done), but it's always the user who decides to do that. Not the project.

If you have your account key, use it at to claim your old account. old_user360 is still an account, not deleted.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Latest BOINC Client Development Status (Message 56591)
Posted 28 Jul 2017 by Jord
What people should understand is that BOINC is no longer developed and programmed by three dedicated paid people, but since 2015 by the BOINC community. That is everyone here, you, me, the project people, and a handful programmers.

BOINC clients being built for Windows has now got a dedicated team again (David and Christian know how to build the client/manager and add these into an installer and sign it that so it is behaving correctly).

BOINC clients for the Mac are still built by Charlie, for as long as his old OS X is capable of doing so.

BOINC clients for Linux however are built exclusively by the Linux distribution's package maintainers. It's what 'Berkeley' also advises, first look in your distro's repository for the latest BOINC version. It's done that way so that these versions are built against the libraries that distro has, so you have less of a problem getting BOINC to run due to it missing certain libraries.

The BOINC download page will for the near future not have any newer Linux versions anymore. Possibly never.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : "resent lost task" (Message 56565)
Posted 26 Jul 2017 by Jord
This happens when the project has the option to resend lost tasks on on the server, and you have lost work. Lost work is work that the server thinks it sent to you, but that due to some problem somewhere along the way didn't arrive on your system, or that you accidentally deleted.

When your BOINC contacts the project a quick comparison is made between the work that is on your system and what the server thinks it sent you. If something is missing, it's sent again accompanied with that message.

Since this function can take quite some overhead on larger databases, it may not always be on.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 56562)
Posted 26 Jul 2017 by Jord
Hi all,

First I'd like to thank those of you who took the time to post your grievances, feature requests and suggestions. We have quite a list already, but we'd love more. I can tell you that all of what makes it through to the list will be spoken about in detail between the group members and possibly back to you who asked about it.

Just so you know, this work group isn't some low people who were aimlessly waiting around in the lobby of some university, instead as I hinted in some posts already, these people aren't the least in BOINC, they do have something to say. They are senior project scientists and administrators, and other significant contributors.

- Christian Beer - Einstein@Home
- David Wallom -
- Eric Korpela - Seti@Home
- Kevin Reed - IBM/World Community Grid
- Laurence Field - CERN/LHC
- Tristan Olive - Grid Republic
- David Anderson - BOINC

So yes, we're quite honored in that they asked us to gather around the table to discuss a lot of things about BOINC, and so should you. All the material Richard and I send in is talked about via email/a dedicated website. There's so much to talk about even, that some of it made it impossible for us to do all the Agenda points on the last weekly meetings. :)

Weekly we talk via teleconference with each other, which is really nice as at least that way the others can hear the urgency in my voice on anything I have to say. And that's not all just serious talk, there's a lot of humor passing by as well. Weirdly enough, sometimes these guys sound and act like humans. :-D

With that out of the way, please, continue. Give us a lot more to talk about, to decide upon, to vote on how we should change things. We're proud of you. We're BOINC, resistance is futile. :)

7) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 56547)
Posted 24 Jul 2017 by Jord
BOINC for Linux is these days maintained by the package maintainers of the various distros. This so that BOINC is built with all the correct libraries for that distro.

'Berkeley' doesn't build BOINC anymore.
When a newer version is released for Windows or Mac, this is built and released by volunteers, by the BOINC community. Even David, Rom and Charlie are volunteers these days.

So you best ask your package maintainer about this, or check through the updates.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 56543)
Posted 22 Jul 2017 by Jord
Thanks all for your input, it is very much appreciated!
I'll be gathering everything everyone adds, no matter how weird, no matter how inconsequential you may feel it is, it's all very welcome!

Iain, I agree with the documentation side and am specifically working on that one. I totally agree that it lacks, that there should just be a page available that shows you in steps how to do things - and most importantly that when those steps change, that the documentation is adapted immediately.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 56531)
Posted 20 Jul 2017 by Jord
Hi BOINC Community,

Last week Richard Haselgrove and I were asked to join a BOINC Work Group committee which researches how BOINC can be made more user friendly, easier for anyone to set up their own short- or long term project, and for the community to join in on those endeavours. The goal is to get more people to run BOINC, to join in coding all parts that make BOINC (client, manager, web site, forums, projects, etc.), to test everything, to get them to set up their own projects, to make BOINC a future-proof and reliable brand that isn't dependent on any one person in particular.

We do know this is a big order and it won't be solved in a couple of weeks. So we'll work in the background together with some key people from projects/code developers to get things started. Eventually we will need answers from you as well, probably on a lot of things. But we'll start slow with a couple of small questions:

1. If there is anything at all you can change in/withdraw from/add to BOINC, what would that be? While we don't exactly look for enhancements or bug squashing, you may just let out anything you think would put BOINC on the map. For example to add social media inside BOINC Manager, or have certain add-ons integrated into the client (I am making these up, they aren't on the list (yet)).

2. Would you like to contribute to making BOINC better, or program for it, or walk the source code, or do anything to help the project forward? What has held you back thus far?

3. We'd like to get into contact with people who programmed for BOINC, but no longer do. Can you PM me or Richard on this, or contact me via email? Especially if you're one of the people in the Volunteer Developers section here.

4. We also like to get into contact with people who now voluntarily program for BOINC. Can you tell us why you decided to work on BOINC, how difficult it was to get into and what we can do to increase your involvement?

With thanks for any answers you have,

Richard Haselgrove
Jord van der Elst
10) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC Workshop 2017 (Message 56513)
Posted 12 Jul 2017 by Jord
Marius Millea wrote:
Hi everyone,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I want to extend a warm invitation to all members of the BOINC community to join us at the 2017 edition of the BOINC Workshop, taking place in Paris at the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris this Sept 6-8. The workshop will be an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned from existing projects, to discuss the status of BOINC and the community, and to plan ahead for the future. For many of us, it will also be a great chance to meet in person and get to know our fellow collaborators and interested parties of this open source project.

There is no fee to attend, but you do need to register on the website below. Please do so at your earliest convenience if you would like to come. If you need an invitation to obtain travel documents to France, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Also feel free to circulate the following flyer around, or point others to the workshop page

Hope to see many of you there!

Marius (Cosmology@Home admin)
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Latest BOINC Client Development Status (Message 55171)
Posted 21 Nov 2016 by Jord
Hopefully the various BOINC clients for Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OS X will stay viable as OS versions progress, bugs are found, or security vulnerabilities are discovered.

The biggest problem we have now is that we've lost the developer responsible for building the Windows and Linux clients. He moved states and is working full time for another company for now. It may be that in the near future he'll build something for BOINC again, but I wouldn't stay up for it.

The developer for the Mac still does things on a voluntary basis.

As for Android, it would seem that a volunteer has been found who is now trying to update the client, progress of that can be followed on Github:
You can also follow what code is being added, via

Building the client by users is possible, though. An easy to use build program was added to the source code some time ago. You just have to follow what it says on the tin: But then again, that is something for advanced users.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Prevent BOINC requesting GPU work ? (Message 55167)
Posted 21 Nov 2016 by Jord
exclude_gpu doesn't work on 6.10... and the Wiki does not say what version you must have for it to work. :(

BOINC Source code, checkin_notes 2011 wrote:
David 23 Jun 2011
- client: add per-project GPU exclusion.
If you put an element of the form
in your cc_config.xml, that GPU won't be used for that project

Which translates to around 6.12.34
13) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : 50:1 Project (Message 47196)
Posted 29 Sep 2013 by Jord
Just watch this Youtube flick, it's 9 minutes well spent. It'll explain to you that it's 50 times more expensive to try to stop climate change, than it is to adapt to it.

Next ponder why you pay so much on (climate) taxes. ;-)
14) Message boards : Number crunching : hadam3p_eu crash 45 seconds in. (Message 42594)
Posted 9 Jul 2011 by Jord
My crashed within 11 seconds of running.

Model crashed: INITDUMP: Wrong no of atmos prognostic fields tmp/xaakm.pipe_dummy 2048
Leaving CPDN_Main::Monitor...
Called boinc_finish

Edit: I see that all the spaces go missing, but believe me, there's plenty of them in there in the actual error. :P

Am now waiting the hour of back-off time for the system to try again. ;-)
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Seti is 10 X faster with Cuda OpenCL, why not Climateprediction ? (Message 42593)
Posted 9 Jul 2011 by Jord
Zarck wanted Radioactive@Home to go use CUDA/OpenCL as well on their Non-CPU Intensive programs. If the person behind Zarck would only go read the different forums first, find out if it's even possible to do what he wants, before asking/demanding this...
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Computer wasting multiple models (Message 40457)
Posted 31 Aug 2010 by Jord
Whow, more..

hostID 975193 (340 bad)
hostID 1087147 is dubious. What is this person doing?
hostID 843760 keeps wasting them.
hostID 866343 needs a slap on the fingers.
hostID 1026857 does as well.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Computer wasting multiple models (Message 40455)
Posted 31 Aug 2010 by Jord
I was checking the computers I was paired against. Found 3 bad ones.

Someone please check hostID 565904. Nice that it's an anonymous host, but it's wasting models by the hundreds.

As is hostID 941450. And hostID 1021107.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Message from project server: Invalid app version description (Message 40225)
Posted 23 Jul 2010 by Jord
Already made a report, and David Anderson is looking into the problem.

Looks like he's put in a fix already: [trac]changeset:22052[/trac].
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Message from project server: Invalid app version description (Message 40222)
Posted 23 Jul 2010 by Jord
23/07/2010 07:31:09 | | Message from project server: Invalid app version description

Well, at least it's not the client doing it. The message comes from the project server, whose sched_types version may be older and not quite up-to-date to what the newer clients are doing.

Solution for the user?

If you aren't an alpha tester, do not use the alpha releases of BOINC (6.odd number is always development !!) and return to the latest recommended version of 6.10.

If you are an alpha tester, report this behaviour to the BOINC Alpha email list.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Message from project server: Invalid app version description (Message 40216)
Posted 22 Jul 2010 by Jord
Nice but no cigar. Its only reference is found in sched_types.cpp and then it seems to be for the anonymous platform.

Line 256 and further says:

       if (match_tag(buf, "<app_versions>")) {
	            while (fgets(buf, sizeof(buf), fin)) {
 	                if (match_tag(buf, "</app_versions>")) break;
 	                if (match_tag(buf, "<app_version>")) {
 	                    CLIENT_APP_VERSION cav;
 	                    retval = cav.parse(fin);
 	                    if (retval) {
 	                            "Invalid app version description in app_info.xml",
 	                    } else {

I doubt CPDN is using the anonymous platform for anything. ;-)

(Hmm, pre tags don't seem to work here. So turning to code tags then which will collapse the output.)

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