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Posts by boiner_george

1) Questions and Answers : Windows : screen saver blanking repeatedly while climateprediction runs (Message 48338)
Posted 8 Mar 2014 by boiner_george
Over the last couple of days I've noticed that when BOINC is running the screen saver is blanking every couple of seconds ... this is very distracting. Until this is resolved I'm suspending climateprediction as the other programs have a very smooth screen saving byproduct.

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Intel Visual Fortan run-time error (Message 45832)
Posted 7 Apr 2013 by boiner_george
Receiving run time error after increasing disk space for this hard disk eating hog ... added another 2gig.

After doing this, apparently, it is the only change I've made to BOINC stuff in the last couple of weeks ... or for that matter to my machine ... other then loading the latest version of Java ... I get the following.

forrtl: sever (19) invalid reference to variable in NAMELIST

C:\ProgramData\BOINC\projects\\hadcm3n_zg88_1920 ....\climate.cpdc line 528, position 8.

.... stack trace terminate abnormally.

Anybody out there got a clue?

Running Pentium i7-2600K CPU 3.5GHz, with 16 gig RAM, NVIDIA 690 video card, Windows 7 64 bit Operating System ... tons of hard disk