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Posts by ChinookFoehn

1) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload Failure (Message 44250)
Posted 28 May 2012 by ChinookFoehn
2) Message boards : Number crunching : had3pam_eu models not uploading (Message 44245)
Posted 28 May 2012 by ChinookFoehn
3) Message boards : Number crunching : oh snap! what just happened? (Message 38485)
Posted 8 Dec 2009 by ChinookFoehn
Not worried, just amused and curious.

In the scheme of things, what\'s a few hundred thousand or million credits here or there. It\'s not like I can use them to buy electricity or shelter or food.

If it doesn\'t correct after the next reporting period I shall post the problem otherwise...

Thanks for the reply.


4) Message boards : Number crunching : oh snap! what just happened? (Message 38476)
Posted 8 Dec 2009 by ChinookFoehn
An official announcement - RAC modifications - has now been posted in the project news, if you need to reassure your team members that it\'s all above board.

I read that actual credits will not be affected but as I had a deduction of 60,741 shown at, say, BOINCstats... Yet, at my account, it shows over 184K which seems to include the missing 60K + what I was credited in the last day.

Was this an 1-time statistics-export anomaly or does this mean there will be an eventual credit deduction to realign to the correct credit amount?

My thanks for your reply.


5) Questions and Answers : Windows : why is all my stuff in chinese??????? (Message 33998)
Posted 3 Jun 2008 by ChinookFoehn
...Which web browser do you use, and which version?...
If you look at the language options on your PC as well, that may help.

I not certain if you are referring to me or making a general statement.

As for web-browsers... always the latest production release of Firefox (and I.E.) - not beta versions, except for Hardy Heron (no real choice there).

As for languages, always English U.K. though Microsoft attempts to force English U.S. no matter which my choice is. I can assure you there are no Asiatic languages installed nor are any of the Cyrillic-based languages.

As Spinhenge has a forced language selection on their main page, it must be a known problem for them - likely within the German world of MS Windows and BOINC.

A curious anomaly that I live with - though why mixed English/German/Spanish & Russian/Chinese is interesting and occurs more frequently - usually on my account page.


6) Questions and Answers : Windows : why is all my stuff in chinese??????? (Message 33984)
Posted 2 Jun 2008 by ChinookFoehn
...Chinook, can you tell us what BOINC Windows version(s) you are certain this has happened with? Do you know if this problem has been reported and discussed on any other forums?... but it doesn\'t explain the problems Administrator and Chinook have reported...

Mea Culpa. I apologise as I assumed it would be a natural assumption I was referring to that displayed within the web-browser - mainly Firefox for me though I compared and it also happens with MS Internet Explorer.

I am using 5.10.45 but it started with the previous version 5.8.?? but never before that. I mentioned it at a couple of the fora where it occurred and sent the admininstrators a private message but never had any comment or reply. I thought of maybe asking in Pirates as Doctor Meyer seems to be involved in the BOINC code but as I get by, I never bothered.

Edit: Something I should remember but can\'t. Do we select our personal default language when we download/upgrade BOINC?

Not that I am aware of though I select English [U.K.] and not English [U.S.] when I set up the o/s on my computers even though I do not reside in the U.K. though do within the Commonwealth.
7) Questions and Answers : Windows : why is all my stuff in chinese??????? (Message 33978)
Posted 1 Jun 2008 by ChinookFoehn
...Let us know please whether that works....

Actually, it is something that has been happening to me, for months, on various projects. It must be a common problem as Spinhenge has a place on the main page to force a language - where one of my computers had everything in Russian and another in Spanish. In Cosmology, one of my computers has everything in German and another in Spanish. Other sites show French.

At times, when I check my account, on some sites, I get partial English/German and usually Chinese/Russian - not all the time, but often enough.

I can get by with a western character set but Cyrillic and Asian characters are annoying.

Anyway, it has never happened to me at CPDN/SAP but constantly does at other sites. Always to Windows based computers, not with Linux - yet.


8) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33839)
Posted 18 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
I\'ve asked them to try a modification to the fix and have posted a modified set of instructions here.

The instructions did work, CPDN updated and SAP is back where it is supposed to be. The only difference I had, was that there was no change in my file.

Until I am informed otherwise, I am am leaving the SAP task suspended.
Alas, the CPDN task errored out and was lost.

A rather novel experience but had I my druthers...

Thank you Thyme Lawn for the correction and knowledge.


9) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33833)
Posted 17 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
The same occurred with me other than...

WARNING! Do not restart any tasks if you have SAP tasks merged into CPDN.

as my original CPDN (HADCM) started up, started looking for HADAM data and errored out.

Of course I can not update the task to rid BOINC Manager of it as only the ex-SAP [HADAM] task issues updates.

I do not think it is worth trying to find a fix as the data must be corrupted.

Whether there is any value in obtaining the knowledge of how to correct this error when it seems obvious that the data in the intermingled work units is highly suspect.

That my CPDN task issued a correct trickle, once, after the fiasco must have been an anomaly.

I too vote for aborting all affected units and issuing a re-set project both to CPDN and SAP.

A shame but if the data is important, then it seems to me that it should be re-issued.

10) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33826)
Posted 17 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
...So I wasn\'t clear if the redirect has truly been fixed...
Does it appear safe to let normal cpdn models continue to run and contact the server, or do I need to wait for SAP to recover and the duplicate identity to go away first?

All I can recommend is that you do as I did and look at your CPDN task under your computer and see if it did a trickle since the attempt to merge SAP into CPDN. If it did/does, I would say yes.

If it hasn\'t, and it is a HADAM unit... I\'d recommend you wait \'til what is accomplished next week. Of course my advice could be totally in error.

As I\'ve read nothing to the contrary, I shall re-start my CPDN (HADCM) in the morning.


11) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33819)
Posted 16 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
Milo has done all that he can for this week... Good Luck.

Thanks for the thought but luck, I believe, won\'t have much to do with it, just analytical reasoning.

The ex-SAP unit isn\'t due until November so there are a few months of time to try to solve it. Don\'t know if it is worth it other than as an intellectual exercise and for the knowledge it would bring for if no solution becomes available next week, then aborting and re-issuing the units, likely, is a faster method of obtaining the results.

As for me, I am content to hold the the ex-SAP task until the end of July at which time, if a solution is found, then crunch it and something like Milky Way tasks, \'til it completes, and then the CPDN task with Milky Way until it completes, and then reset both CPDN and SAP on this computer.

Have a nice weekend.


12) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33817)
Posted 16 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
Chinook, that CPDN task is a HADCM and it successfully sent a trickle to a CPDN server less than 24 hours ago...

Yes, my problem problem is that the SAP task was transmogrified from reporting to SAP to CPDN which now gives me 2 CPDN tasks which seem to be, partially, interlinked.

The CPDN (HADCM) seems to update properly. The ex-SAP (HADAM) seems not to.
As I previously posted... updating either one results in only the ex-SAP (HADAM) issuing the update - to the CPDN site, not the SAP site from where it was issued. The ex-SAP (HADAM) task is not shown on my CPDN account, only on my SAP account.

Bizarrely, today, both tasks only go to the SAP site whereas, yesterday, both were going to the CPDN site - even though only shows on the web-site button for both tasks.

If no-one has anything against it, I\'ll keep the ex-SAP (HADAM) suspended until someone figures out out to remove the cross-links or informs me I should abort it, and resume the CPDN (HADCM) task. At least the trickles are working, the issued credit is being reported to statistic sites, such as BOINCstats, even though no updated credit is showing up on this BOINC Manager any more (115871 here, 116182 BOINCstats). I have not checked on the other computer.

Hopefully, before the CPDN task is completed, the cross-linkage will be resolved or the SAP unit can be aborted so I can issue a No NEW Tasks command (only applies to the ex-SAP at the moment) and then reset the project once the task is finished. I also will not upgrade the BOINC Manager until that point as I can well imagine that would screw thing up royally - presently using v5.10.45.

If I read nothing to the contrary, I\'ll resume the CPDN (HADCM) task tomorrow (Saturday) or earlier if you concur.


13) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33813)
Posted 16 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
Now that the SAP site is back...

SAP task: ex-SAP
CPDN task: original CPDN

The CPDN task did upload a trickle and given that I am 7 hours behind Zulu, this was sent after the SAP task was transmogrified into a CPDN task. I assume that I could resume the original CPDN work unit and it will report correctly (BOINC Manager just will not update correctly). As for the ex-SAP task...

Anyway, I\'ll await your learned opinions on the matter.

14) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33809)
Posted 16 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
Morning/Afternoon Everyone.

Something for you to ponder.

Both tasks remain suspended.

If I do an update on the ex-SAP task, I get sent to
If I do an update on the CPDN task, the ex-SAP task is highlighted and I am sent to

If I highlight the ex-SAP task and click the web-site button, I am sent to
If I highlight the CPDN task and click the website button, I am also sent to
Yet, in both cases, the web-site button displays as both tasks display as their project.

Hopefully I am the only user with this problem as I suspect there may only have been a few users (hopefully just myself) that were sent tasks from the SAP server in last few weeks. If you get any ideas on how to untangle this web, do let me know and I give it a try.

Not quite Alice in Wonderland but definitely ChinookFöhn in Climate Prediction dot Web.

15) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33802)
Posted 16 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
Searching on your name with Google, you\'re mentioned on 8260 pages.

How interesting. I\'ve never thought to search my alias before. However, what is my fame when compared to a Les Bayliss search result of 289,000 mentions? Only 2.858%.

Interesting, on Google fr/ca there are only 8080 references compared to the 8260 at Google de/us/uk/au/es/ru and as for ChinookFöhn, there are 66 references reduced to 19 when I go to any of page 2/3/4.

Anyway, who would be interested in references to BOINC account data, statistics, and old posts - especially when so many seem to a foreign language version of the original language (English/German) data/post? Not me/myself/I. (This should screw up some the the translations)


16) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33800)
Posted 16 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
I didn\'t quote your name with the messages, so it\'s your messages that are famous, not you!

Ah, the user behind the fame. Not a bad place to be.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33796)
Posted 15 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
... Chinook, I hope you don\'t mind that I\'ve quoted your messages in the news post!

Gosh! Golly! Does this mean I am published?

No problem at all. Hope you find a fix but I do not see how you can easily convert the ex-SAP-now-CPDN unit back into just an SAP unit as it seems to have melded with the prior CPDN unit.

addendum: This only occurs under the projects tab suspend. It works properly under the tasks tab suspend. I have suspended both work units for now.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33793)
Posted 15 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
...Once the problems in Physics are sorted out I will deal with the SAP server; the earliest I would expect this to happen would be about 10 hours from now, but not much longer than that. A fix should be quite quick once I can gain access to the server, but there may be some disruption to the SAP web pages after that as more changes are made. ...

Is the SAP site actually in existence? I only get redirected to CPDN when I attempt to go there.

...Meanwhile I can only apologise for the inconvenience and suggest suspending your SAP workunits for the moment as Les has mentioned.

No need to apologise.

With the reconfiguration/transmogrification of the SAP unit into a CPDN unit... strange things have happened. I can suspend the ex-SAP unit but can not do anything with the CPDN unit. What happens to the SAP now happens to the CPDN. What I attempt to do to the CPDN occurs to the SAP. So, by suspending the SAP, the CPDN also is suspended.

I suspect both units are now invalid.

No need to rush on this... it is rather interesting what has occurred.

As for still being connected to SAP - I left it so because of the CPID problems I was having. As I never expected any more work units to be issued from SAP, I didn\'t bother removing it after the CPID issue was resolved once the Hydrogen@Home issue was corrected.

19) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33787)
Posted 15 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn
SAP\'s last models were issued in December last year. It\'s apparently been decided that people have had enough time to complete them, and it\'s been shut down....

Be that as it might have been, I still was issued the SAP work unit, from the SAP server, at the start of this month so the project was not entirely shut down. I was issued it after the original 1-year deadline for the task expired (there was no work done on the task in that year). I would suppose that the database might still be viewable somewhere in Oxford - assuming anyone has interest in looking it up (no point really).

This still does not address the issue of what I am to do with it as it is calculating and reporting but to a no-longer-existent SAP account and to no account on CPDN.

Therefore, is the work being done actually accomplishing anything if there is no place to report to?

My question still stands... do I abort the unit or is it worth the time and effort to have the task linked to my account?


20) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after SAP merger into CPDN (Message 33785)
Posted 15 May 2008 by ChinookFoehn

CPDN ID: 526
SAP ID: 13836

There doesn\'t seem to be a proper forum for this problem so I chose this thread.

Earlier this month, I was issued an SAP task as the original computer failed to report. Things were going fine until...

I could no longer access the SAP site. Eventually I could, but I kept getting this message as I did earlier today:

15/05/2008 08:03:46|CPDN Seasonal Attribution Project|Message from server: Project is temporarily shut down for maintenance

Then, it seems, today, SAP was merged into CPDN and now I get these messages:

15/05/2008 10:35:34|CPDN Seasonal Attribution Project|Fetching scheduler list
15/05/2008 10:35:39|CPDN Seasonal Attribution Project|Master file download succeeded
15/05/2008 10:35:45|CPDN Seasonal Attribution Project|Sending scheduler request: Requested by user. Requesting 0 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks
15/05/2008 10:35:50||Scheduler request succeeded: got 0 new tasks
15/05/2008 10:35:50||You used the wrong URL for this project
15/05/2008 10:35:50||The correct URL is
15/05/2008 10:35:50||You seem to be attached to this project twice
15/05/2008 10:35:50||We suggest that you detach projects named,
15/05/2008 10:35:50||then reattach to

15/05/2008 10:35:50||Already attached to a project named (possibly with wrong URL)
15/05/2008 10:35:50||Consider detaching this project, then trying again
15/05/2008 10:35:50||Message from server: Invalid or missing account key. Visit this project\'s web site to get an account key.

Sure enough, my CPDN.SAP work unit is now a CPDN work unit. As I already have another calculating...

Rather interesting and quite the pickle. Both units show as CPDN, I get the error, I can only find my original account on CPDN and no sign of my SAP account.

I have no desire to delete all CPDN task on my 2 computers as well as the single SAP task though the lesser evil would be cancelling the SAP task as I have no idea where it will report to now - though it is calculating at this moment (8.39% completed).

CPDN task = hadcm3iozn_cq5p_2000_80_155899670_1
SAP task = hadam3h_n_166s5_003a_0_1

CPDN task = hadam3h_n_018s4_005c_0_1 (2nd computer)

I do not wish to end up with an new id as this, likely, would split my CPID and lead to all sort of problems - something similar which occurred to me at Hydrogen@Home when their database failed and an old back-up was used resulting in the same error for myself and others. Eventually, through the efforts of the administrator, the error was corrected, the second i.d. cancelled, and my account was working properly - with only the loss of a few credits as a result.

Here, I\'d rather not lose the credits I have.

Please advise if you can combine the SAP task into my CPDN account or if I should abort the task.

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