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Posts by Pooh Bear 27

1) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit updates? (Message 50749)
Posted 7 Nov 2014 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
The credit scripts have now been run.
Make the most of it. I won't be asking them again until Christmas.

Sure, you asked about 5 days too early. Just kidding, I had a few Full Models I will be finishing here in a couple days and it would have been nice to see it all post, but I understand others have been waiting a lot longer, and it's not just all about me.

Nice to interact with you again Les, been way too long. I'm not over here as often as I used to be. Just filling some time doing a few models here with my fastest machines and amazed that they get done in such a short time from ages past.

Example the same model my old C2Q (still running strong) took almost 2 million seconds running all 4 cores, now these models on my newer I7 4th generation took under 850 thousand seconds running 6 cores with HT on, plus being the machine I use for everyday tasks. If I turned off HT, stopped using it for personal use and ran just the 4 cores it would even be faster.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Why haven't I recieved credit in a long time? (Message 42672)
Posted 25 Jul 2011 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
I have two wu running for several weeks and have not received any credit un the last 15 days. Should I abort the two wu? thanks

Please do NOT abort them.

Credit is on hold as things stabilize from all the changes that have been going on. You will get credit all at one time sometime when it's turned on.

For those of us who have been around a long time have seen no credit for over a month several times.
3) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Transfer all credit to team? (Message 39048)
Posted 27 Feb 2010 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
This is probably the only project that will do that. Other projects will not automatically add what you got before because that\'s how the BOINC software was written. It doesn\'t allow for huge swings from one team to another, etc.

4) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Show graphics problem (Message 39034)
Posted 26 Feb 2010 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Protected Mode happens when you install the software. It runs even if you are not logged in.
5) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Show graphics problem (Message 38994)
Posted 24 Feb 2010 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Are you running in Protected Mode? This has also been known to not allow the viewing of the graphics.

6) Questions and Answers : Windows : Error message in status \"waiting for memory\" (Message 38641)
Posted 5 Jan 2010 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
You have gotten a HADAM3P which needs 1.5G of memory, your machine has .5G. You either need to add more memory or change your settings not to get this type of work and abort the unit.
7) Questions and Answers : Windows : NO Downloads (Message 38169)
Posted 22 Oct 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
SETI is testing ATI cards.
8) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Is there any danger to processors from intensive use? (Message 38137)
Posted 17 Oct 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Processors were built to use. We are using the spare cycles of the processor. Yes it gets a little warmer but with good ventilation and keeping it clean (blow those dust bunnies off once in a while), your processor should run for many years without issue. Many here have had processors going for many, many years without then dying.
9) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Milestones Thread (Message 38101)
Posted 12 Oct 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Test for auto-jump
10) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Jump to first new post (Message 38087)
Posted 10 Oct 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
It works, unless a post has not been looked at for a \"period of time\". What this period of time is, I am gathering is somewhere between 3 months and 6 months.

Other than that it works on active posts.
11) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Milestones Thread (Message 38081)
Posted 10 Oct 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
HadSM3 Complete (45-year) Runs 200.10

Lots of work done, over 9000 years.

12) Message boards : Number crunching : Message no work sent (Message 37909)
Posted 25 Aug 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
To plagiarize someone else:

There\'s currently over 60 thousand each, of the only 2 types available at present: HADSM3-MH and HADAM3P.

Please change your settings to get these models.

13) Questions and Answers : Windows : Host Management (Message 37418)
Posted 2 Jul 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Because the projects never clear from the computer. So they will never be able to be deleted. The best you can hope to try is merge them.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Trickle and credit delays (Message 37396)
Posted 29 Jun 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
I see they have been posted!
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Should I continue crunching this model? (Message 37316)
Posted 20 Jun 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Status doesn't change, but the work is good. It's the way the BOINC backend works. CPDN is very different over other projects.

Keep up the great work!
16) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Computation error and no work (Message 36545)
Posted 29 Mar 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
You must be talking about this computer.

This has too little memory for many of the projects here. Find another project, or get more memory is my only suggestion.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Trickles and Credits (Message 36539)
Posted 28 Mar 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
I am getting plenty of work from SETI. All 3 types, MB, AP and AP_V5.

Pirates also started back up.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : How to complete a WU sucessfully ??? (Message 36388)
Posted 15 Mar 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
You have completed graphs, so it was finished and uploaded. The report function may or may not have been done yet. The crediting system on CPDN runs approximately once a day so your crediting didn\'t finish.

There is data that can be left over if you do things in the watching of the WU you are crunching, as it can save data that you did not realized it was saving. Plus there are a lot of files that download, executables, supporting files, etc. that do not delete so you can reuse them for another WU of the same type.

Is the result completely gone (look if it\'s at \"Ready To Report\", or gone). If gone, once the credit program runs on CPDN it should do the clean up of the unit on the site to show it\'s complete.

Hope this helps.
19) Questions and Answers : Windows : \"freeze\" since BOINC installed (XP Prof. Pack2) (Message 36152)
Posted 15 Feb 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
One of the projects you are running is a Slab model, which is recommended to have a minimum of 1.5G of memory. All of Climate projects are large and use a bit of memory. If you can get your machine upgraded to 2G, your issues will probably be less.

Good luck.

Un des projets en cours d\'exécution est un modèle de la dalle, ce qui est recommandé d\'avoir un minimum de 1,5 g de la mémoire. Tous les projets sont de grands climatique et de l\'utilisation un peu de mémoire. Si vous pouvez obtenir votre ordinateur mis à niveau pour la 2G, vos questions seront probablement moins.

Bonne chance.

Traduit en utilisant Google.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : upload server (Message 35925)
Posted 15 Jan 2009 by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Last news from yesterday 14-Jan early AM are:
\"Uploader1 is still down as the promised hardware upgrade wasn\'t done yesterday. If it is done today instead then I can get on with configuring it and it should be up again tomorrow.\"

Tomorrow meaning today.

We should know more soon, since it\'s mid afternoon.

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