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1) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Disk allocation (Message 8294)
Posted 1 Feb 2005 by old_user49765
Just started with for the first time, downloaded the software, attached to the URL with my account ... all good.

But when the software goes out to get its first workload, I get the message "there was work but you don't have enough disk space allocated". I haven't changed any of my preferences so the defaults are still there (use no more than 100 GB, no less than 0.1 GB, 50% of total space, 75% of VM). When I click the "Disk" tab, on the left it reports free space of 12.54 GB, Used space (non-BOINC) at 42.34 GB, used space (BOINC) at 1.96 MB, and free space (BOINC) at 1022.04 MB. On the right it reports BOINC software (1.96 MB), BOINC free space (1022 MB), (0 bytes). This is how it appears after my initial installation; I haven't changed anything.

Obviously my computer has enough free disk space; am I supposed to physically allocate space to If so, how do I do this? If not, why has it allocated 0 bytes and how do I fix it?

Help greatly appreciated.