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Posts by old_user451739

1) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Minimum Requirements (Message 28917)
Posted 23 May 2007 by old_user451739
I guess I got it!!!

I just had to restart BOINC client, and now the WCG task is processing normally, while CPDN is suspended.

2) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Minimum Requirements (Message 28916)
Posted 23 May 2007 by old_user451739

The part you want is Suspending. In this case, Suspending a model.

1) In Projects, click on the climate project name, then click the \"No new tasks\" button to the left.
2) In tasks, click on the climate model, then click the Suspend button to the left.


The secret to running a climate model alongside work units from other projects is PATIENCE. Lots of it!

Thank you for helping.
I did wat you suggest: my idea was just to suspend the CPDN for the few hours to complete the other task, and then let it go again.
What happens, is that I have CPDN in supended state, and WCG in \"Waiting to run state\". Apparently BOINC is still confused, also after CPDN is suspended.

If I succeed completing the WCG WU, then I have no problem waiting one or two month to see how CPDN stabilizes, and if more tasks may run together.
No problems to be patient.

3) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Minimum Requirements (Message 28910)
Posted 23 May 2007 by old_user451739

In your case, I would choose one project or the other. But I believe it is possible for your system to finish one work unit within alloted time. It just depends on how much BOINC runs.

Well, I would actually choose climate (for this machine, I have some other working on other projects). The machine is also 100% dedicated, it\'s my old PC that I have replaced.

But before choosing, I would have liked to finish the current WU of WCG running on the same machine. It is only 4 hours to the end, but Climate is not leaving it any further CPU time. What is strange is that I tryed to suspend climate to let the other WU end. But also with climate suspended, it remains in the \"Waiting to Run\" state. I have 3 days left to complete these 4 hours, any idea how to (of course without killing climate)?
4) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Minimum Requirements (Message 28865)
Posted 21 May 2007 by old_user451739
I have connected one of my hosts a few day ago to climate prediction. Later I realized that it doesn\'t meet the minimum requirements.
I have an AMD duron with 1.3Ghz (instead of 1.6) running linux.
The expected time was 3520hours (less then 6 month).
The host works (full time and dedicated) on 2 projects, ideally sharing 50%. That would bring climate to above 7000h of elapsed time, close to one year (the expected result date is about one year ahead of now (just in time?)
Now, what happens is the following:
- Climate prediction is hijacking 100% of the CPU
- The remaining time grows instead of decreasing.
I wonder whether this is due to the inadequacy of the machine. I don\'t want to wait one year to see what happens.
I have already crunched close to 90 hours, and got a first credit award.
I see two possibilities: dedicate this host 100% to climate prediction (but only if there is chance to succeed) or kill now climateprediction (and may be connect, but restart from scratch, from a more powerful host of mines.
Any advice?