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1) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : CPDN benchmark performance increasing?! (Message 34468)
Posted 2 Aug 2008 by pc22
I recently upgraded from 5.x BOINC to 6.2.14 (current) - nothing else changed in my system. (10.5.4).

my C2D 2.16G iMac used to be 2225 FP mips, and 5400 int mips whereas just now it reported 2320 FP and 8183 int (!). these results are repeatable. does this new boinc manager measure FP MIPS differently? why should it, given that it\'s the standard drystone?

i don\'t think my models will complete any faster - anyone have any insight as to what\'s happening?
2) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : * Sticky - PowerPC Mac users (Message 24486)
Posted 1 Oct 2006 by pc22
Update: the Boincmgr can\'t connect to the client under crossover. this will need debugging from the crossover standpoint; perhaps some IPC problems? however, i note that genuine windows (tm) folk have also experienced this problem; they reported various issues w/ firewalls, etc. i\'ll see if the source code is illuminating... in any case, i\'m likely to need help from codeweavers to fix this issue.

so, no immediate solution here.
3) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : * Sticky - PowerPC Mac users (Message 24465)
Posted 30 Sep 2006 by pc22
Here\'s a little idea - how about getting the win version of CP running under crossover? (no windows licence needed)

i just downloaded boinc_5.4.9_windows_intelx86.exe and it seems to run fine under crossover beta2 version - however, i can\'t seem to find my old account to login to, so i can\'t test the actual CP client. hopefully, i\'ll get something configured later this w/e and see. i would hope that the client should be relatively robust under crossover, since it probably doesn\'t use that many windows dlls to do its work.

anyone else interested in getting CP working under crossover?