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1) Questions and Answers : Preferences : SCHEDULER_REPLY::parse(): bad first tag Content-type: text/plain (Message 11043)
Posted 17 Mar 2005 by old_user39271
Post: - 2005-03-17 15:20:02 - SCHEDULER_REPLY::parse(): bad first tag Content-type: text/plain - 2005-03-17 15:20:02 - Can't parse scheduler reply - 2005-03-17 15:20:02 - Deferring communication with project for 16 minutes and 49 seconds

I got this message in my hyperthread computer. Is there some conflict when I run Boinc with two "processors". I have 1024 MB memory and I don't overclock anything in my computer. I have tested my hard disk and it is works fine. I leave applications in memory while preempted. I just run climateprediction project and nothing else in my boinc program. I don't use other distributed computing programs. I have always used boinc 4.19 in my hyperthread computer. I use PC-cillin 2002 firewall and windows service pack 2 firewall.

But I usually get the message. - 2005-03-17 20:01:58 - Scheduler RPC to succeeded

It takes about 700 hours for my computers two finish one application each so I don't like delays.
2) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Boinc version 4.19 update (Message 7873)
Posted 28 Jan 2005 by old_user39271
I am running one project and I use boinc version 4.13. Is it safe for me to upgrade to boinc version 4.19. I have no problems with version 4.13 yet. I have not yet finished any project so I don't know if there will be some problems to upload to the server when I finish the project.
3) Message boards : Science : Hydrogen and global warming (Message 7701)
Posted 27 Jan 2005 by old_user39271
There are three buses in Reykjavik which use hydrogen. Electric power in Reykjavik comes from waterfalls and hotsprings. Hot water comes from the underground and heat up the houses. So there is no production of CO2. If every cars and buses in Reykjavik would use hydrogen there would be no production of CO2. But another hydro electric power station would be necessary for all the hydrogen cars and trawlers.