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Posts by old_user35075

1) Message boards : Number crunching : Do you know Boincstats is reporting but Free DC is not? (Message 37931)
Posted 3 Sep 2009 by Profile old_user35075

I\'m not sure where the problem is occurring but a number of the stats sites are having issues downloading the CPDN xml files. We all keep getting timeouts during the transfers, so I\'d guess it\'s a bandwidth problem somewhere along the line.

We\'re not yet sure of the cause of this. The server seems OK and so I wonder if there might be something going on on the network, which I will be investigating.

Thanks for looking into the situation, We did get a complete update yesterday (BOINC Synergy), but it seems most stat sites are being effected occasionally. Problem has been only with cpdn that started sometime in mid August I believe.