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21) Message boards : Number crunching : Just after some thoughts..... (Message 20530)
Posted 20 Feb 2006 by Profile Honza
Not sure...
CPDN (and other BOINC projects) will utilize one powerfull CPU...when more cores are on the chip, it needs to run more models (Wus) concurently (with higher memory and HD usage).

As there are milions of PS3 consoles to be sold during 2006, it would be nice to have some of them stretching on BOINC while they are idle next to TV.
22) Message boards : Science : cannot connect (Message 20427)
Posted 18 Feb 2006 by Profile Honza
Is your account from CPDN (this site) or BBC one?
In the second case, you have to attach to, not
23) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : bbc claims cpdn as \'their\' project. (Message 20286)
Posted 15 Feb 2006 by Profile Honza
Yes, it was ment that BBC credit are not going toward main CPDN (unlike SpinUp) but remains as a separate project. Stats site are taking BBC as a separate project as well, so unique stats files.
24) Message boards : Science : bbc client the same? (Message 20285)
Posted 15 Feb 2006 by Profile Honza
The BBC client is based on BOINC 5.3.19 so it\'s newer in this meaning.
It deal with abort WU and some clean-up procedure after model is finished/aborted.

No, I would stick with UCB BOINC if you run CPDN or other projects. Latest UCB BOINC should work fine with BBC.
25) Message boards : Science : Disk space consumed & exceeded with Sulpher model (Message 20109)
Posted 10 Feb 2006 by Profile Honza
Hi Charles,

Doing climate research is HW demanding and Sulphur cycle models are even a bit more demanding on HD space. To be more exact, up to 2.7GB are used just before model is completed (about 1GB archive of completed model).

1GB HD...must be very old piece. Is it a typo? Only OS like Win XP takes more space. Perhaps you ment 1GB free. I would consider upgrading your HD anyway.

It is usefull to complete at least first phase (partial results get uploaded) but completing whole model is what CPDN researchers are looking for.

No, so far there is no other than Suplhur models available. Soon, there will be Coupled models which are less HD space demaning (but even more CPU intensive).
26) Message boards : Science : The Name of the Board Is SCIENCE! (Message 20099)
Posted 10 Feb 2006 by Profile Honza
I don\'t see how you don\'t understand??
English is not my native language.
I\'m monitoring 5 CPDN forums right now: CPDN BOINC (this one), CPDN phpBB ( + alfa/beta forums form SpinUp and to be released coupled model. First two mentioned are public and for general use.
The classic one - phpBB message board (called classic among old-timers since it served very well during CPDN classic pre-BOINC era) is a treasure of CPDN where many aspects of the project are discussed over the years of CPDN.
Structure of phpBB message board is a bit different than BOINC Message boards vs. Questions board.
I believe I\'m not the only one that can get confused by different names of boards; when you are not pefrect at English...better ask for clarification - and thanks for that.

Yes, SETI boards rearrangement looks like a good choice - for SETI, where \"number crunching\" dominates over Science since the project has started.
I think CPDN is a bit different - science topis make a considerable amount of discussion. Rearrangement can be considered by CPDN team.

What Jack Lass suggest apply anyway and participants should post topic in appropriate place.
27) Message boards : Science : The Name of the Board Is SCIENCE! (Message 20085)
Posted 10 Feb 2006 by Profile Honza
Quite don\'t understand...

Are you suggesting that such board is missing?
Or that participants are not aware of it hence don\'t use it?
28) Message boards : Science : transfers keep retrying (Message 19389)
Posted 17 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
Just looked at your host details and...
Average upload rate 0.51 KB/sec

It\'s really low rate even for classic 20st century dial-up modem; but your download rate of 777.42 KB/sec is fine.
Bad measurement?
Is your upload rate really so slow?
Or you have some net-limiter on upload?

In first and second case, I would stop BOINC and edit client_state.xml so that upload timeestimation is fine (you can duplicate number from bwdown) in case BOINC restricts slow uploads.

29) Questions and Answers : Windows : Too many MegaBytes (Message 19382)
Posted 17 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
Ctrl Alt G seems good. I\'ll do this right away.
I\'ll also add messages to indicate which operation i.e \"recording...\"
Just hitted \'G\' on a SpinUp - took well over 4 or 5GB of extra data before I realized.
What has been suggested above is a good way to solve. Hope it has been incorporated...
30) Message boards : Number crunching : RSS feed errors (Message 19186)
Posted 11 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
Yeap, same here: XML parsing failed: syntax error (Line: 2, Character: 196)
(Opera 9)
31) Message boards : Number crunching : Time remaining wrong (Message 19140)
Posted 10 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
The new version is better at estimating, but it takes time for it to learn. Possibly several models.
Which is OK with the other projects, but a bit of a bore with cpdn.

Yes, I\'m using 5.3.6 from trux and running on a Pentium D CPDN exclusive - time estimates are settled down are conrespondents with command sense/math.
32) Message boards : Number crunching : Server State Over, but wu is in progress! (Message 19139)
Posted 10 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
So are there any implications for continued crunching of these wu\'s? [...] I\'d rather be crunching for science needs and not just the credit (which pains me to say since I am a credit whore).
I think it is still valuable to run those runs.

But running whole model is more (most) valuable and even makes more sense to those looking at results of all phases.
33) Message boards : Number crunching : Server State Over, but wu is in progress! (Message 19097)
Posted 9 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
See Carl\'s reply here -
btw, the link doesn\'t work; should have been provided to your host like
34) Message boards : Number crunching : @Thyme Lawn (Message 19096)
Posted 9 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
IIRC, he has posted on SpinUp forum that he will be absent for some not answering to PM right away can be bacaouse of it.
35) Message boards : Number crunching : Classic forum gone? (Message 19095)
Posted 9 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
@ geophi - the message you have seen are definitely symptoms of upgrade installation process.
I\'m not sure why it took so long: both to realize there is a new veriso of phpBB and long process of installation (takes couple of minutes with standard/unmodified version).
Anyway, it is good to known that we are updated and running.
36) Message boards : Number crunching : Domino effect leads to unrecoverable errors (Message 19074)
Posted 6 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
Marc, error -161 is a known problem cause by a buggy WU batch

Checkpoints on CPDN are saved every 144 timestep (3 model days).

I have never seen CPDN \"come to a screeching halt\" but seen Outlook doing this several times (sic).

I\'m running boxes on 24/7 basis and their are not only CPDN exclusive - on servers as an e-mail/file server, another for accounting, my main box runs Photoshop, Quark and other 2D/3D graphics application, printing hundredes of pages, PDF files with 100+MB size - never got CPDN halting screen/keyboard whatever.

Thrue is, that I don\'t run Outlook here (but the office one does), don\'t run AV from Symantec (but all boxes a NOD powered) so can\'t say much about Outlook/Symantec vs CPDN.

I would exclude \\BOINC from AV scanning/shield.
37) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with sulphur_4.22_windows_intel.exe? (Message 19063)
Posted 5 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
I had the same report from 2 members of Czech Nation team...
Another batch of corrupted WUs?
38) Questions and Answers : Windows : Screensaver freezes PC (Message 18980)
Posted 4 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
On a desktop, via it\'s properties, go to screensave tab and choose None (or Blank screen).
It seems that you set BOINC as a default screen-saver during installation process.
39) Questions and Answers : Windows : BOINC halts processing when network not available??? (Message 18979)
Posted 4 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
Hi there,

What version of BOINC are you running?
Do you have \"Leave apps in memory\" set on in general preferences?
40) Message boards : Number crunching : Domino effect leads to unrecoverable errors (Message 18954)
Posted 3 Jan 2006 by Profile Honza
Still, if this is indeed a resource starvation problem like I think it is (\"There are no child processes to wait for\"), the client should have waited for resources to be free, not errored out. Right?
Problem well described.
At what priority is Outlook running? Lucky me - I never used Outlook on my system but found a lot of problems with it over office computers: eating-up all CPU resources as a common one.

How long should the BOINC core (client) waited for child processes (CPDN aplication)? If 30 minutes is not enough, should it wait even more in every case (e.g. Windows shutdown/restart)? I definitely would not waited half an hour until Windows restart. There must be a timeout limit...which was propably exeeded due to Outlook resource demands.

The other problem on Windows and single-CPU/core machine is that when one process (application) with high-priority demands all available CPU resources, there are no available resources to manage the problem.
Solution might be: (i) put both applications demanding resources on equal priority so they can share resources, (ii) having more CPU unit (dual-core, dual-CPU machine) so that each CPU unit handle each CPU resource demanding application (beware of processes CPU affinity), (iii) solution on OS level.

I would first check out Outlook priority, do some maintining of Outlook (compact database, degraf disk as such application tends to fragments large files which results in slower running) etc.
What AV solution are you using? There can be a connection with e-mail client.

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