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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 20,000,000,000 Credits across ALL BOINC Projects (Message 25657)
Posted 19 Dec 2006 by Profile Honza
It is possible that SETI optimized clients take the role of inflating credit in large scale...CPDN Spinup was a small project comparing to that. Or was it optimized Einstein during the mentioned period?
Anyway, I would point to optimized clients...
2) Message boards : Number crunching : 20,000,000,000 Credits across ALL BOINC Projects (Message 25631)
Posted 16 Dec 2006 by Profile Honza
Thanks Zain for your dedication to what you are doing, good job.

Being interested in statistic methods, would it be possible to make a graph of total credits together with total benchmarks of all machines? I\'m interested in correlation or course but can see it from graph as well...

(can make it myself but do not posses raw data)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Fastest Completion Times for WU (Message 25070)
Posted 10 Nov 2006 by Profile Honza
Last one I\'ve completed was about 1400 hours.
Prediciton for a new ones are about 1300 hours which is quite accurate.

Completion Times gets corrected once you finish some models.
But method suggested by Mike are most accurate.
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Can\'t view computers (Message 24326)
Posted 17 Sep 2006 by Profile Honza
Hi John,

I can see your computers and results fine -

If server asks you for email/password again, you need to have cookies enabled in your browser.
(you can also use authenticator in in your BOINC folder to log on).

I can also see than your computers are having a lot of errors on results. This is worth solving...
Are you overclocking?
Any cooling issues?
What antivirus solution are you using?
5) Message boards : Science : ** CPDN Open Day 2006 Presentations Online (Message 24032)
Posted 19 Aug 2006 by Profile Honza
It\'s a bit difficult for me to hear-understand some parts for first two presentations even on external speaker...partty due to my language limitation.

Third one is fine...haven\'t watched others yet.
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : User average not changing (Message 23958)
Posted 16 Aug 2006 by Profile Honza
Looking at your host results, there are huge number of model\'s crashes.

is your machine overclocked?
what antivirus solution?

I would first suggeste to deal with problem of machine stability and/or crashing models.
It would be also good to upgrade to latest BOINC version - 5.4.11

Credit is based on trickles uploaded. Some models were not running long enough to rech and upload upload as least one trickle...which is why you got zero credit for such cases.
But the are obviously models that lasted long enough to reach some trickles, which you should have been credit for, I think...
7) Questions and Answers : Wish list : HELP! HELP! HELP! windows x64 (Message 23766)
Posted 26 Jul 2006 by Profile Honza

I would simply download latest version on BOINC; generation 4.x is way outdated, use 5.x instead.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : How forgiving would climate be to changing operating system mid-WU? (Message 23135)
Posted 13 Jun 2006 by Profile Honza
Yes, thanks for the observations.
I still think there is actually no need for 32-bit BOINC (core/manager/studio/view/whatever). As BOINC communicates via sharing memory/DLL and doesn\'t need much memory (10 MB will do) and it doesn\'t perform any calulation...why 64-bit?
But it needs ability to report \"I\'m running on 64-bit capable CPU + OS).
What we \"need\" is 64-bit BOINC applications...

It is still beta so memory usage may change (hopefully) before gold version.
I agree it will be more demanding than XP - perhaps twice as much as I\'m used to with every next egenration of OS from M$.

Even nowadays, one can use 2GB for hard-core gaming (not mentioning graphics works, rendering etc. where it was commong even years ago).
The trouble with M$ and 32-bit always was and still is: it can\'t use 4GB. So, where 2GB for Vista + latest high-end high-resolution with high-details game titles might not be enought to run smooth, 4GB is not an option as it can\'t be fully utilized with 32-bit Vista (or XP SP2). I\'ve been trought this so I know what I\'m talking about.
To lower memory usage, I have disable (actually removed from installation) redundant services and applications like remote desktop, M$ Outlook Express and many more...

A 64-bit version of Vista looks like a solution (and XP x64 did the job for me as well). Still the drivers availability is kind of precarious - for example for my HP BI 3000 DTN - a $1000 piece of hardware...not a $50 crap of looks-like printer.
Hopefully, when Vista goes live, HP will make proper drives if they were unable to make them for XP x64.

Anyway, for now, I don\'t see much benefit running Vista in a near future.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : How forgiving would climate be to changing operating system mid-WU? (Message 23096)
Posted 10 Jun 2006 by Profile Honza
I had no trouble *running* BOINC on Win XP 64-bit nor Vista.
But installing, resp. attaching to the projects may be different issue.

On Linux, 64-bit version may try to download 64-bit app.
Issue of 32-bit app and 64-bit OS is being discussed on BOINC dev. list.
BOINC is not ready for 64-bit - at least in term of reporting 64-bit availability (both on OS and CPU level).

But once you get it running, transfering to another Win OS should be trouble free - 64-bit runs on WoW emulation (without effeciency impact).
There is no need for 64-bit BOINC core, but reporting 64-bit OS needs some handling, IMHO.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Getting new WU\'s (Message 23004)
Posted 2 Jun 2006 by Profile Honza
LTD is in seconds, so Rosetta is fine, but CPDN and SETI has over 12 hours. It should settle down eventually.

re dual-cores. BOINC should be fine. I have done so several times during my regular updates (went dual-core a years ago on 3 home machines).

Hope you hget stability/sw issue solved so no more model crashes...
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Getting new WU\'s (Message 22989)
Posted 1 Jun 2006 by Profile Honza
Hi Neil,

a single core machine capable of running only single BOINC task would switch according to resource share if:
- each task would finish on time (i.e. before deadline).
- there are no \'long term debts\' (LTD)
LTD can be found in client_state.xml under <long_term_debt> tags.
What are they in your case?

To manually trigger downloading different project WUs, suspend CPDN project until other project WUs are downloaded and then resume CPDN project.

I see that your host never finished a model...perhaps it is worth to solve this issue as well.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Corrupted database (Message 22454)
Posted 28 Apr 2006 by Profile Honza
Yesterday, my last Sulphur cycle models finished - last trickle is missing

Could it be related to latest db issue?
[not a big deal anyway]
13) Message boards : Science : Sulphur model repeatedly respaws child process (Message 22245)
Posted 21 Apr 2006 by Profile Honza
Hi there,

log files can be found in stdoutdae.txt and stderrdae.txt in BOINC folder.

There is no need to run older Sulphur cycle experiment so you may automatically get and updated Coupled model (one SC is finished or aborted).

You may try to re-check your profile and set \"Preemped\" to on
Leave applications in memory while preempted?
(suspended applications will consume swap space if \'yes\')

Also, you can merge host - I guess your 3 hosts are actually single AMD X2. Just a cosmetic thing.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Anyone have experience with CC 5.4.x and climate predictor here? (Message 22031)
Posted 14 Apr 2006 by Profile Honza
Running on 5.4.0 and newer versions (now 5.4.3) and no problems so far - SpinUp, Sulphur, AM3 models on 3 machines.
15) Message boards : Science : RAC\'s and other lables (Message 21458)
Posted 20 Mar 2006 by Profile Honza
See BOINC wiki for more details -
You may find much more about BOINC there as well...
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Downloaded sulphur 4.22, not coupled 5.08 (Message 21278)
Posted 15 Mar 2006 by Profile Honza
A Win or Linux?

EDIT: I see, yours 3400+ is on Linux...
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Combining BBC and CPDN Credits (Message 21233)
Posted 13 Mar 2006 by Profile Honza
There is no plan adding credit gained from BBC to be transfered to main CPDN; these are considered as different project.

AFAIK, application for main CPDN, which will replace Sulphur cycle models, should be the same as the one now running on BBC.
Sure, model parameters distribution is another story...
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Tickle numbers (Message 20860)
Posted 28 Feb 2006 by Profile Honza
These are trickles, not tickles.
Each type of model has trickles, which are small messages to the server containing some small info about model (temperature, how far is it etc.) and it also tell server about the progress of parcitucal model.

Slab used to have 72 trickles, SC 120, BBC Coupled model are 160 trickles.
So, only CM3l are 1 trickle=1% progress.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Unofficial BOINC Wiki closing 2006-03-31 (Message 20792)
Posted 27 Feb 2006 by Profile Honza
Well sayd, Jim.

Many thanks, Paul.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : sulphur model constantly slows down (Message 20758)
Posted 26 Feb 2006 by Profile Honza
Hi there,

I would suggest to suspend BOINC and do some maintanance like disk defragmentation, spyware/adware check etc. and resume BOINC.
It should help...

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