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Posts by old_user3

1) Message boards : Number crunching : Server upgrade issues (Message 39860)
Posted 4 Jun 2010 by old_user3
I uploaded & reported last night, just before the credit run and have been and still am at Completed, can't validate. Now that model also sits at "Too many errors (may have bug) Too many total results" while all the ones that were finished before were finished correctly.
We've always had workunits which for one reason or another exceed the BOINC "Too many ...." limits (usually because the limits have been set inappropriately low for the initial replication required). But at CPDN, credit isn't dependent on validation: the trickle process running overnight awards credits quite independently of the standard BOINC daemons.

Or doesn't, as the case may be. Looks like Milo has another glitch to chase down in due course.

the problem with this was that the max_error was set too low.
I've increased it. sorry
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Failed HadSM3 Downloads (Message 37946)
Posted 4 Sep 2009 by old_user3
sorry about this. This has now been fixed.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Good news for Mac users. HadAM3P Latest News??? (Message 37823)
Posted 18 Aug 2009 by old_user3
This is a common issue on all platforms. It must have occurred during
the migration. I\'ll fix this asap.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Recommendation: Remove 3P Application for Mac OS Intel (Message 36821)
Posted 27 Apr 2009 by old_user3
The performance difference is expected and this is not so much a case of efficiency.
The Intel mac compiler strictly enforces a high and aggressive
level optimizations on science applications which has a negative impact on the app. There is no override for this behavior.
As a result, we have to perform additional checks on the floating point calculations.
This is not a waste of resources. This represents a the realistic throughput of the application the mac.
5) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Graphics in Linux HadSM3 BOINC 64 bit Client enabled version (Message 36658)
Posted 9 Apr 2009 by old_user3
I will deprecate the 64 bit 5.x apps. This should resolve it.
6) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Smaller Transmission Packets or Alternative Methods to send results (Message 36373)
Posted 13 Mar 2009 by old_user3
Is this a 5MB limit per day ?
According to my rough calculation, you could set the preferences so that maximum upload/download rate is 0.0625 kbs per second.
I\'ve never tried this before, but this should effectively limit the amount of data uploaded per day.
As far as i know, the boinc client software would upload the file in chunks.
So even if you exit the client the next day, it resumes from where is stopped
and not try to upload the entire file again.

7) Questions and Answers : Windows : No more graphics available (Message 35000)
Posted 15 Sep 2008 by old_user3
Please, upgrade to BOINC version 6.
The application will run using BOINC version 5 but due to some timing issue,
the graphics tab won\'t always be enabled.
This is a known unresolved backward compatibility issue.

Let me know if you see this disabled graphics tab with BOINC version 6
and version 6 science application.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : No work from project: HadAM3 (Message 33336)
Posted 14 Apr 2008 by old_user3

And, one more machine.

The server remains stuck on 4,757 workunits. (I fat-fingered the count in the original post.)

Time, I think, for me to PM Tolu. (Just what he needs, another fire to fight!)

Sorry Guys,
The workunit for HADAM3 is downloaded from the Seasonal attribution server.
The hardware for this machine is currently being upgraded and down temporarily.
This should be complete over the next few days.

9) Message boards : Number crunching : Hadsm3 - memory required (Message 32656)
Posted 19 Feb 2008 by old_user3
It\'s a confusing message isn\'t it? It just means that one of the job types on offer (HADAM3) has a large memory requirement - even if the preferences exclude it. So far as I know, the HADSM3 is the same as ever.

I\'ll post a message where the project can see it, to see whether a preference-dependent message can be implemented.

I can remove this message from the scheduler if it would help.
But this would apply in all situations.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : hadsm3 Dates in Graphics view (Message 32290)
Posted 22 Jan 2008 by old_user3
I\'ve corrected this date bug. I\'ll ensure this revision goes in the next release.
Thanks for bringing this up.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : HadCM3 160-year runtime estimate wrong? (Message 32130)
Posted 11 Jan 2008 by old_user3
You\'re absolutely right. The initial duration estimate should be double for the 160 WU.
I apologize for this mistake on our part.
I\'ve corrected this. You can edit the client state file to reflect the correct values below.
(i.e just for the 160 WU)

80 WU
<rsc_fpops_est> \"7000000000000000\" </rsc_fpops_est>
<rsc_fpops_bound> \"21000000000000000\" </rsc_fpops_bound>

160 WU
<rsc_fpops_est> \"14000000000000000\" </rsc_fpops_est>
<rsc_fpops_bound> \"42000000000000000\" </rsc_fpops_bound>

Sorry once again and thanks for pointing this out.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Error code 22 / Missing Data In Ocean UV Field (Message 29363)
Posted 29 Jun 2007 by old_user3
anyone have a backup before this error occured?
13) Questions and Answers : Windows : Have my files uploaded? (Message 28857)
Posted 21 May 2007 by old_user3
AndyCheryl: Sorry about that. I wouldn\'t worry if the speed is so slow.
We\'ll try to replicate this behaviour another way. Thanks
14) Questions and Answers : Windows : Have my files uploaded? (Message 28780)
Posted 18 May 2007 by old_user3
Can you please upload the backup archive here. Many thanks
15) Questions and Answers : Windows : Have my files uploaded? (Message 28731)
Posted 16 May 2007 by old_user3
Has anyone else experienced this problem & have a backup archive available.
16) Questions and Answers : Windows : Have my files uploaded? (Message 28730)
Posted 16 May 2007 by old_user3
AndyCheryl: Do you still have the backup archive available.
17) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Show Graphics Doesn\'t Work (Message 28532)
Posted 8 May 2007 by old_user3
It seems changing the graphics setting from using the default can result in a application error.
I\'ll fix this asap.

scooterL: Can you please post the graphics setting used to get to this state.
18) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Scrensaver doesn\'t load (Message 28302)
Posted 30 Apr 2007 by old_user3
Could be due to faulty installation.
Try upgrading the core client to version 5.8.17
and see if the behaviour persists.
19) Questions and Answers : Windows : Error on file upload: can\'t write file /home/boinc/data/ No space left on device (Message 28301)
Posted 30 Apr 2007 by old_user3
Sorry about this problem.Its been resolved.
20) Message boards : Science : Transient Upload Error - several days? (Message 28300)
Posted 30 Apr 2007 by old_user3
Sorry about that, this has been rectified now.

Yes, it\'s a problem at Oxford.

News thread here

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