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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Thread closed (Message 3817)
Posted 10 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user2520
Ja Richard,
Ist am meisten geworden, von was Sie gesagt haben, probably quicker for me to finish in english. I have been tracking Ivan here also latest direction shows it could be heading Havana way, were going to Varadero but it's sure to cause damage which way it heads, we last visited in 97 around the same time of the year and it was ok, can't predict the weather though (sorry CPDN, no pun intended).

Glad for the chat (with my poor german), even though we went a bit off topic, as I said better to speak it than write but everyone has that problem, but at least try huh!

By the way the avatar that I was talking about I tested here: this is an actual view from my upper front bedroom looking at the Buchanness Lighthouse, so the (crystal) glass was in the lighthouse ;) but not a crystal ball as I think you were hinting at?

Anyway i'm off to bed now (well in 5 mins), final packing to do in the morning, will catch up with you on my return to the project around 2/3 Oct, good talking to you.

Kind Regards

Greets from Scotland etc.
Lat: 57.46N Lon: 1.77W
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Thread closed (Message 3801)
Posted 10 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user2520

> ***Ist es verboten?***
> Howdy Willy:
Hallo Richard

Meine Grammatik ist nicht gut, wenn ich, besser zu sprechen ja schreibe. Ich war in Deutschland für 3 Jahre, nah Iserlohn (Hemer) Westfallen, großes Land, große Autos, große Leute. Erbärmlich Ihre Familie ist auf gespalten, denke ich, daß ich das Religionproblem, nicht gut ebenso verstehe. Schottland hat das gleiche Problem mit dem England, über 300 Jahren von Verfolgung gehabt und es geht noch weiter. Ich habe in England für 12 Jahre gelebt und bin auf Schottland vor 2 Jahren zurückgegangen, habe ich genug ja gehabt!

Ich bin zu beschäftigt gewesen, schickend E-mails bevor ich im Urlaub gehe, gehe ich nächste Woche nach Kuba aber, Familie zuerst morgen, gut verlasse zu besuchen, auf deutsch mit Ihnen, mit schlechter Grammatik zu sprechen.

Hinter in 3 Wochen, knirscht hart. ....

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Thread closed (Message 3795)
Posted 10 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user2520
> Yeti, that looks like a fun group! I am looking forward to my trip to
> northern Germany next week (two days for a conference in Hamburg, then I hope
> to get to the "Hanseatic League" towns Bremen, Lübeck, etc).

Would like to join you Carl (too old now for fun groups - lol), but i'm off to hurricane alley next week, my hope is that Ivan has sidestepped my hotel ?

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Thread closed (Message 3792)
Posted 10 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user2520

> P.S. What is your avatar - some sort of crystal?
> -Richard***

Sie waren hat nah mein avatar Glas darin!!

Richard, zuerst erbärmlich für mein armes Deutsch, nicht gesprächig, aber hofft, daß Sie verstehen. Ich stimme mit viele von Ihren Ausgaben um das Punktsystem überein, aber auf einem offenen Ausschußposten Sie können nicht sagen, was Sie die ganze Zeit fühlen. Wenn ich verstehe Sie, daß richtig, ja viele Verbraucher wie Kinder sich benehmen, und sind Punkte wahnsinnig. Meiner Meinung nach größtenteils von Ihren Nachbarn über dem Randsüden von Ihnen;) ich kann verstehen Ihren Glauben im Projekt von einem wissenschaftlichen Blick, und dies wird von ein paar Idioten verdorben.

Gutes Glück (hoffe ich, daß Sie dies) verstehen

Willie Grüße von Schottland (wieder)

5) Message boards : Number crunching : Thread closed (Message 3778)
Posted 10 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user2520

> *** Actually, no, but as Mr. Christensen did not delete this, and there are a
> number of interesting responses; I thought "what the hell".***

"Thought that was the case"

> ***The critical point is 'healty' competition - which it is for some and not
> for others. I think there is too strong an emphasis on credits. My apologies
> to Mr. Christensen, but who really needs to look credits up on a WAP enabled
> cell phone? This, to me, is unhealthy.***

"Agreed" - (sorry Carl)

> ***Okay, given my low-ball estimate would then be 31,250 daily whiners
> whinging about their credits; the obvious solution would be to open a 4th
> forum titled Credit Problems and then enforce a total exclusion of the
> bitching in the other 3 fora.***

"Agreed and the use of moderators"

> ***No, I have not yet observed in on the European sites only the SetiBOINC
> site where it can get very nasty. The reason it starts, seems to be when
> SetiBOINC is down and/or credits are not forth-coming.***

"Only due to the lack of News or information from Admin, which always seems to be slow in forthcoming, these days the old saying no news is good news is not enough"

> ***Aye, though we have forts in city/town names, Wainwright is a CFB. You
> arrived the year I departed the militia.***

"A bit out of the way though, so were you a member of Princess Pat's Bn?"

> ***Would you really have wanted endless rotations to Cyprus?***

"We had NI but did Cyprus as well as others"

> ***Nope, I am talking about vehement and out-right racism that is utterly
> offensive and does not belong on a site devoted to scientific research.
> Indeed, the one fellow, after making NAZI remarks, decamped and, I assume,
> signed himself up as a new user. A real Yob!***

"Agreed this is why we need moderators"

> ***Ah, the eternal optimist. Actually, I highly doubt they will ever go away
> as it seems to be their sole purpose in life - to criticise anything and
> all.***

"LOL - At your service Sir"

> ***Thank you but, alas, no. One of the paper delivery drivers seemes to have
> hit a localised patch of ice while doing a 3-point turn and dinged something
> which awoke me. I believe it was only his car.***

"A bad day allround then"

Sorry you didn't register in time for LHC, it is a particularly well run, efficient and pleasantly polite project (not saying that CPDN isn't, honest) it's going public near the end of the month, so we shall see if that changes!

Regards once more

6) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Hurricane Ivan (Message 3773)
Posted 10 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user2520
Or here for a track plot, (java needed):

I have a vested interest in Ivan and the next 5 day forecast, as I head out to hurricane alley next week. So as CPDN chugs along quietly whilst i'm gone let's hope I get a good weather prediction..... ;)

Greetings from (a hurricane free) Scotland
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Thread closed (Message 3742)
Posted 10 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user2520
Richard, I presume as you have still left your post on the board, that this was your intention!

Anyhow, the credit system is there to provide/promote healthy competition between teams and individuals, you do not have to be interested in the science behind the project to participate (users choice).

At the last estimate and although there are some 5m users registered with Seti@home, there are only around 1.5m regular users crunching wu's, that's a lot less whiners than you suggest.

I also agree with Carl that the "board tone" here at CPDN has been pretty civil, but your remark "Given the hatred displayed to Canadians and Europeans on some of the SetiBOINC threads by some Americans and Brits (as I am certain this suggetion would be provocative)" I do feel is in general uncalled for, there are times when the lack of language awareness by posters and readers conflict and differences of opinion exist, also the "national humour" of posters can also be misunderstood by others as it simply goes over their heads and is lost somewhere around 50,000 ft/m.

As a well travelled person due to my time in the military, and having stayed in Canada for a time too (Ft. Wainwright) back in 1977, I found myself even considering a transfer to the CAF (which you could do back then) purely because of my high opinion and love of Canada as a country, unfortunately family circumstances prevented this from happening, which I now regret. However us Scots and Canadians were and have never been renowned for our droll sometimes dry humour, a bit like whiskey, it's an aquired taste. don't let yourself be angered by a few remarks which may/may not have been someones attempt at humour just remember there will always be someone who will laugh at and have a joke about the Irish, Scots, Welsh, English, and there will always be those that are more arrogant about it than others, those are the deliberate racists, this is what we must not condone anywhere on the boards.

Don't let the B%$&£*~'s get you down, go for a pitcher of beer or hit those wonderful gold medal fishing lakes of Alberta (I still have my old licence as a reminder) ;) Also don't be put off by the wingers we have still got to let them post, have their say, do their thing etc, they go away eventually.

Hope you had a good nights sleep and are ready fighting fit for a new assault on the boards LOL.


Greetings from Scotland
8) Message boards : Number crunching : credit send to zero (Message 3283)
Posted 7 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user2520
Basti, I saw the same thing a few hours ago, but my credit is now showing again. I think they were doing some work to the server.....

Greetings from Scotland
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9) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Going on Holiday - Primary Prefs Help Needed (Message 2886)
Posted 3 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user2520
&gt; You should probably disable network access, and let the trickles all flow at
&gt; the end. There appear to be dialup problems, and while the settings you chose
&gt; should work, they don't work at the moment.
&gt; <a> href=";project=cpdn&amp;userid=13"&gt;<img> border="0" height="80" src=""&gt;</a>
Thanks John, wasn't sure if dial-up would work or not, will disable as you suggested and update on return.

Regards from Bonnie Scotland :-)

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10) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Going on Holiday - Primary Prefs Help Needed (Message 2874)
Posted 3 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user2520
Hi all, need a bit of advice here. I am going on holiday next week for 3 weeks, I am also running the following Boinc projects: Seti, CPDN and LHC. While I am away I would like to just run CPDN, however I am only on dial-up, so if I alter the following in my Primary Prefs to the following would this work to allow my trickles to go through as CPDN crunches away, or can I just update as normal when I get home ?

Primary preferences:

Do work only between the hours of (no restriction)
Leave applications in memory while preempted?
(suspended applications will consume swap space if \'yes\') yes

Confirm before connecting to Internet?
(matters only if you use a modem) yes

Disconnect when done?
(matters only if you use a modem) yes

Keep enough work on disk to last between 0 days

Will the above work to make a connection, send the trickle and then close the connection automatically or am I going about this the wrong/long/hard way?

Thanks in advance for any help !
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