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Posted 8 Mar 2007 by Profile old_user232107
Graham, I hope you’ll revisit this thread because I’ve just read your profile and I do agree with you about results info being hard to find in CPDN . I’ve been trying to find my way around the results, both to help team Scotland members to transfer to CPDN and to continue marking individual milestones for my team-mates as I’ve been doing in BBC.

Iain, our team statistician magician, hopes eventually to produce team statistics for CPDN as he did for BBC, so that we can easily see our own results (your page is here) and link to the BBC results pages. Meantime, here’s a link to your CPDN results – if you add it to your “Favorites”, you can access it more easily.

And I thought you might be interested to see this page too.

In return for all of which, would you like to tell me something about the stunning mountain and lake/loch photo in your profile please?

Best wishes,


TO: MM, Strathpeffer Pavillion:

Hi MM, Styrathpeffer Pavillion!

I hope this is the correct way to reply; the things I expect to happen when clicking on \"Reply to this post\" don\'t seem to be working! Anyway, I guess you\'ll receive it somehow.

Many thanks for your communication; I was trying to search (without success) for a reply from \"Newbie Patrick Vanreck\" from Switzerland, when I noticed your message to me; maybe he\'s also having difficulty navigating the CPDC website!

I have put all the links you kindly supplied into my Favourites file; I never even knew they existed, and for once I now have some really useful (and understandable) graphs etc.

As for the pic, it\'s from a set of four Scottish postcard views I received free with (I think) the Scotland on Sunday newspaper, which together with The Scotsman (I only buy the latter on Saturdays) I also purchase The Mail on Sunday, but mainly for the competition crosswords, which seems to be an addiction with me! I have won a number of bottles of \"the hard stuff\" (\"Mountain Dew\"?) as well as few quite expensive dictionaries.

Re the Scottish view, the one I have on my profile webpage is that of \"Blue skies over Buachaille Etive Mor, at the southern tip of Glencoe\"; fortunately (according to The Scotsman Photo Gallery - - it isn\'t marked \"Copyright\", so I guess The Scotsman won\'t get on to me for publishing it on CPDC! I still have the three others that you may like to view, including one of the golfer Jack Nicklaus posing on an attractive small bridge over a stream (\"burn\" to us) in the grounds of St Andrews golf course; I seem to remember you publishing something on the subject of golf a few days ago (not that I have the slightest interest in the subject)! If you\'d like to supply me with an e-mail address, I\'d be glad to send you the rest of these images; my e-mail address is I can hardly publish them all on my CPDC profile page as they would surely take up too much file space, and with the pic I already published, it took me ages to find the best way of keeping the file size to 50k or lower, as requested by CPDC.

Well, it would be nice to hear from you again, and I hope you find the above information useful.

Best regards!

Graham A. Smith.

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Posted 1 Mar 2007 by Profile old_user232107
Hallo Patrik!

Herlzliche Grüsse aus Peterhead, Schottland!

Graham A. Smith.