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Posts by old_user219097

1) Message boards : Science : passwords \"You have provided an incorrect password\" (Message 26050)
Posted 15 Jan 2007 by old_user219097
You have THREE Models downloaded today.

Where do you get the message? Cranking up Windoze?
Starting CPDN? (I doubt that, because it\'s only required on Sign-up [initialization].)

Please be more specific.

For my curiosity: How many times have you restarted your computer since downloading those three Models today?

the problem is when i launch the manager but i found a solution at which seems to work

For your curiousity i had downloaded the bbc climate change back in april 2006 and was running a backup when i first experienced the problem. My version started looping at 2016 so as a desperate measure which i knew was unlikely to work i went to an old backup (it\'ll teach me to backup more regularly) but it started looping again at the same point so i came to for a new version (for some reason mine wouldn\'t download a new model) so in the past month or so yes i\'ve done few restarts.

ps i\'ve lost all my credit from my previous membership as the system wouldn\'t accept my password (signup password)

pps why is my manager running two models at the same time?
the reason i downloaded 3 models is that when i noticed there were two models running i suspended one and the manager just started downloading another model which i stopped and shrugged. For the moment i\'ve just let it run the first two models downloaded yesterday.
2) Message boards : Science : passwords \"You have provided an incorrect password\" (Message 26043)
Posted 15 Jan 2007 by old_user219097
I keep getting this message
\"You have provided an incorrect password\"
every time i restart my computer
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Two projects (Message 26029)
Posted 14 Jan 2007 by old_user219097
i downloaded the climate change experiment (via bbc) it ran for months then started looping at 2016
ok from looking at the forum i gathered that a parameter had turned negitive or something but to check i restarted from a back up and it started looping again
ok abort
the software didn\'t seem to want to download another experiment (which surprised me) so i went to and downloaded but i appear to have lost my credit ( wouldn\'t accept my password) and the manager is running two versions simultaneously of the experiment