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Posts by Iain Inglis

1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Promoting the project with data the general public can understand (Message 52593)
Posted 18 Sep 2015 by Profile Iain Inglis
If you look at your account page, you'll see an item labelled "HadSM3 Model-Years", which does exactly what you want. The HADSM3 model was a relatively simple model run some years ago (also known as a "slab" model).

In your case your total is currently "HadSM3 Model-Years=19,989.83".
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit lost after merging 3 hosts (Message 44750)
Posted 26 Aug 2012 by Profile Iain Inglis
Some recent host merges have successfully transferred the credits to the new host. I'm not aware of any server software updates, so the reason may be that on these occasions the old host (with credits) was selected and merged into the new host (with no credits). It may be that on previous occasions the merge was performed the other way around and that is where the bug is.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Iceworld Appeal (Message 38931)
Posted 18 Feb 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
Thanks to james for a phase-3 slab model iceworld. It\'s another western freeze: point #9 in the middle.
4) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Cancel my account. (Message 38906)
Posted 11 Feb 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
Could admin please cancel and delete the account number 602304? I established two accounts by mistake. Thank

Accounts are permanent. Just ignore the duplicate account and carry on with one that you prefer.

(One reason for accounts being permanent is that results are associated with users and machines and the project needs to keep that link even if the user is no longer active.)
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Iceworlds & Slowdowns hadsm3/mh - Closed - Discussion (Message 38817)
Posted 31 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
How do I tell if I have one of these ?
Your computer is running Windows on an Intel processor, which means that an iceworld would slow down dramatically - the interval between trickles would stretch from a few hours to a week or more. The graphics display for temperature would also be blue, indicating uniform cold temperatures, which is why the model is then called an \'iceworld\'.

Though the models you list are running quite slowly, they have always run slowly - there is no slowdown and they are therefore not iceworlds.

\" these \'iceworlds\' contain a defect and we cannot repair them\" ?
Any iceworld that starts in the first phase will continue as an iceworld until the end of the model, which is three phases for a slab (HADSM3) model and four phases for a mid-holocene (HADSM3MH) model. An iceworld that starts in any phase other than the first will revert to normal processing at the start of the next phase (though it could freeze again).

Since iceworlds on Windows/Intel run so slowly, the advice is to abort them so that the computer can get on with processing another model that runs at normal speed.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Iceworld Appeal (Message 38793)
Posted 29 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
A new African freeze point from iansm: MH, phase 4. It\'s the most southerly point so far, east or west. Same coastal pattern, even though that grid box looks about half land and half sea in the real world.

7) Message boards : Science : IPCC (Message 38787)
Posted 28 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
What prompted my search was the \"Hocky Stick\" graph used by the IPCC without the Mededival Warm Period or the Little Ice Age in evidence. Even with my limited knowledge of Earth Science I knew this was wrong.

There are nice little essays on a variety of such issues at Skeptical Science, including Was there a Medieval Warm Period?

Esssentially the question is whether you suppose that what is the case in a particular region (e.g. a Medieval Warm Period in and around Europe) is actually the case everywhere in the world (e.g. both hemispheres). It could be, in which case the Hockey Stick should show it. But if the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age are regional and not global events then the Hockey Stick - which is a reconstruction of global temperature - should not and will not show them. So for you to be worried about the Hockey Stick on this basis you would have to believe that the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age applied to the whole world - and that requires convincing evidence.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who will use these kinds of arguments without ever acknowledging the confusion of local with global. When challenged they simply move on to another topic.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Iceworld Appeal (Message 38749)
Posted 20 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
Five more iceworlds to add to the western image: four slabs and one mid-holocene. Thanks to peterfilla and iansm - and three of mine in a row. :-(

Here\'s the distribution again:

The Windows/Intel models seem mostly to be west coast freezes, though David Glogau\'s i7 is generating a few Med. freezes. Anyone got a Mac fast-processing iceworld?
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Iceworld Appeal (Message 38739)
Posted 17 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
I have a model that appear to have entered the iceworld state after completing about 75% of process - hadsm3fub_kfhn_066432869_4. The time to complete processing continues to increase now.

Hi BrettC,

Welcome to the message board.

There are four people stuck at the same point in that work unit (see here) - so the only practical thing to do is to abort the model.

10) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Scotland team (Message 38707)
Posted 14 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
I don\'t often remember to look at \"User of the Day\" and I\'m so glad I looked today because today\'s UotD in CPDN is Iain Inglis!

A little message arrives from BOINC when the moving finger stops - the French page is rather swish though.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : troubles uploading (Message 38695)
Posted 13 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
My stalled slabs have now cleared as well. It all seems to be ticking over again.
12) Questions and Answers : Wish list : task distribution (Message 38644)
Posted 5 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
The tasks are distributed. In the BOINC/CPDN jargon a work unit is the fundamental and unique unit of work - if each \'result\' from a work unit were run on an identical computer then the work unit would produce a number of duplicate results. In practice, results from the same work unit run on different computers (e.g. different operating system) produce slightly different results, which are then combined to produce a composite result for the work unit. Of course, many/most results are never completed.

If the CPDN work units were shorter then as each result fails or expires another result would be issued until at least one result is completed for each work unit. However, CPDN work units are too long for that kind of subtlety - so the consequence for us is some duplication among popular platforms (i.e. Windows/Intel) within work units.

Work units themselves should not be duplicated (but sometimes are).
13) Questions and Answers : Windows : Is there a server problem... (Message 38640)
Posted 5 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
... the server has been duly kicked - and should be behaving properly again.
14) Questions and Answers : Windows : Is there a server problem... (Message 38637)
Posted 5 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
I\'ll pass that on: from what I remember, it\'s a server problem.
15) Questions and Answers : Windows : Is there a server problem... (Message 38634)
Posted 4 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis
Hi Digby,

The project is out of HADAM3P at the moment (see here). More are due \"soon\".

Other model types are available - you\'ll need to change your account preferences to get them.

16) Message boards : Number crunching : Iceworld Appeal (Message 38616)
Posted 2 Jan 2010 by Profile Iain Inglis

Thanks for that: as you say, it\'s a west coast freeze - now point #28 on the earlier map (point #27 was one of mine). Also, another Med. freeze - the first eastern repeat, now point #2 at the western end (also mine).

This brings the total to forty hadsm3/hadsm3mh looked at in this way. It\'ll make sense in the end: keep \'em coming.

Happy New Year!

17) Questions and Answers : Windows : Process Creation Error (Message 38600)
Posted 31 Dec 2009 by Profile Iain Inglis
Since there appear to be no working models on that machine, it might be worth an uninstall/reinstall of BOINC. After the uninstall, try looking for anything BOINC-related and delete it. Use the same e-mail address and password as before when reinstalling.
18) Questions and Answers : Preferences : i7 920 Performace-Problem (Message 38565)
Posted 20 Dec 2009 by Profile Iain Inglis
If you are running eight threads on an i7 then is it reasonable to expect each thread to be faster than each core on a Q9550? Hyperthreads are not cores.

You should get more credits in total from the i7 machine than from the Q9550 machine because each i7 core is faster than each Q9550 core and running two hyperthreads on each i7 core gives a further multiple - it used to be about 1.2 (i.e. much less than 2.0).
19) Message boards : Science : contributions to global warming by running BOINC (Message 38557)
Posted 19 Dec 2009 by Profile Iain Inglis
There was also a discussion on RealClimate about \"waste heat\" in the context of the rather misleading chapter on climate change in the Superfreakonomics book - An open letter to Steve Levitt.

In short, waste heat is negligible.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Iceworld Appeal (Message 38533)
Posted 16 Dec 2009 by Profile Iain Inglis
Two more iceworlds have been received and plotted on the earlier West coast map - one from Lockleys (Windows/Intel - HADSM3MH) and one from Belfry (Linux/AMD - HADSM3) - points #25 and #26. Clearly whatever causes this phenomenon is agnostic as to platform and HADSM3 type.

Thanks, both.

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