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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Stuck upload issue (Message 57670)
Posted 18 Jan 2018 by Falcon4
6 days later, I've still got the exact same files in exactly the same spot trying to upload... - 30.03% (31.56/105.10 MB) - 9.93% (10.45/105.17 MB) - 52.51% (55.16/105.13 MB) - 31.20% (32.83/105.20 MB) - 21.42% (22.56/105.30 MB)

Not sure if I should try messing with it... I really just kinda want to abort/clear these tasks at this point, as it's taking longer to upload than it did to compute in the first place :(
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Stuck upload issue (Message 57624)
Posted 12 Jan 2018 by Falcon4
I've been having upload/download issues for a while now... I have a 16-core (32 w/ HT) system I'm trying to keep busy, and CPDN just barely trickles me any work with its priority of 1500. The computer has another pairing with World Community Grid set to priority 0, and its task list is consistently full of either "Uploading" CPDN tasks, or running WCG tasks... but rarely ever more than a couple CPDN tasks. The uploads of tasks takes days, not just hours, because of the constant failures.

Is there just not enough work to do...?

tech details: I've got 200405_18_691..._*.zip items queued: - 30.03% (31.56/105.10 MB) - 9.93% (10.45/105.17 MB) - 52.51% (55.16/105.13 MB) - 31.20% (32.83/105.20 MB) - 21.42% (22.56/105.30 MB)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : GridRepublic is screwing you guys up - no work for over a year (Message 57417)
Posted 1 Dec 2017 by Falcon4
GridRepublic is an "account manager" for BOINC. You sign-in once, and it attaches to all the projects you signed-up for (automatically signing-in), manages their preferences and priority, and unifies all your stats. It's one of the two built-in managers in BOINC, if you go to Tools->Use Account Manager. :)

It's how I originally got into BOINC, but now that I understand BOINC better, I'm finding it best to manually manage each client.

Just that I think GridRepublic is screwing with the settings behind the scenes... as I only ever recently even used my sign-in to get access to the settings here. GridRepublic has the ability to tweak per-project settings, so I think it's disabling all but one of the models for ClimatePrediction.

Maybe set up a notification for users with all projects disabled, and let them know that's why they're not getting any work?

Anyway, I'm super happy to be contributing to CPDN again. :)
4) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 57314)
Posted 5 Nov 2017 by Falcon4
Haha, this seems like a fun thread. :)

Okay, I've been running BOINC at a user's perspective on-and-off for over a decade now. I'm a bit surprised that it hasn't really changed much over those years.

I live only in the "Advanced" interface. I don't even know what the basic interface properly looks like - first thing I do when I install it is switch to the advanced interface. It's hard to tell if regular Joes would prefer it to be in the basic interface or not. Maybe?

Logging - and communication of status - is my major gripe. I can't easily tell what BOINC sees available in my computer, and what it's telling projects I have. In fact, the most verbose computer stats I find are only on project websites - things like "GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz [Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3] (4 processors)" and "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (4095MB) driver: 388.13 OpenCL: 1.2, INTEL Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 (6501MB) OpenCL: 2.0"... wow! Yeah, I'm sure, it just takes one basic API call to get them, and it doesn't seem like something materially worth giving its own place in the UI, but it's quite useful to know that it SEES them available! And alllllll the stuff in the show_host_detail.php pages... benchmark, fractions, settings, etc...

Basically, more local control and status over what the local machine is doing. Having to log into websites that look like they were last maintained in 2006 is really off-putting - especially if using an account manager that abstracts my login from other projects ("woh? I never signed up here~~ what's my login"). I'd think I should be able to see information about >this< computer... on >this< computer. Not from a distant website...

While the work/home location profiles are a clever hack, they also don't seem very intuitive. Put a computer into a location, then change the settings for the location. OK, good mechanism! But... locations aren't always in use by a computer, so there's a default location that's sometimes blank, "---", nonexistent, confusing. And locations don't always need settings, so the profile settings aren't shown until you "create" them. (??) ... The compromises made for location profiles to be "optional" are the most extremely confusing part of their implementation. If you just stop making those compromises - that is, to hard-code and make "locations" non-optional - then the interface would make a lot more sense. Heck, locations don't even need a default name - just create one default profile called "Default" and let people add extra ones - name them "Home" or "Laundromat" for all you care. That'd keep the experience consistent and understandable. Maybe?

As for the UI (on Windows):
- view menu is redundant. I get that it's keyboard-accessible, but... cluttering.
- Statistics; Disk. Why is disk even important? I only ever click "disk" out of bulk curiosity - what's this, what's that. A more generic "Stats" page would be more useful - wait, what's that, Stats is already there? Well, then, make it more generic - less about points, more about hardware info (above!), disk usage, memory consumption divided by task/process/OS, points, project WUs and graphs, etc... that tab has a lot of unused space on it ;)
- Tools menu -> "Project" menu. It's not really a menu of tools, is it? It's all about projects, account management, the act of messing with projects. "Tools" and "Options" are really too similar, I always find myself poking through both to find anything I'm looking for.
- "Read config files" needs a pairing with "Edit config files". I have absolutely zero clue where the config files exist, on neither Windows nor Linux. The UI doesn't really even make an effort of informing me of that. If there isn't a plan to make a more obvious "show me the configs!" action, then you should really just hide that button under the bigger "other options" dialog.
- worth noting again here, local control over project/computer options would be a super winner.

Hope that's at least somewhat helpful ;)
5) Message boards : Number crunching : GridRepublic is screwing you guys up - no work for over a year (Message 57313)
Posted 5 Nov 2017 by Falcon4
I just signed into the actual website for the first time pretty much ever. I'd been running ClimatePrediction as part of the GridRepublic account manager for the years I've been running BOINC... take a look: since 2006!

However, now over 10 years later with no changes in the site whatsoever, I've come to realize that's why it's becoming quite outdated/broken. In fact, I'd thought that the ClimatePrediction project was dead, since it'd been a very long time since I last had any work! Last time I had some work was over a year ago - last winter when I was running BOINC for heating.

I checked my account (actually, rather, figured out what email/password it used), and I found that the ONLY application enabled was: UK Met Office HadAM3P-HadRM3P Pacific North West

ClimatePrediction is one of the most relevant, interesting tasks I've got in my BOINC list... so obviously I'm not going to disable that on my own.

I dunno, just thought I should share my experience here. I can only deduce that GridRepublic had something to do with messing up my preferences, so it'd be worth checking the database for similar people in my position - with only one inactive project enabled. Imagine how much more contribution there might be if this was just a glitch that a bunch of people didn't know about...