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Posts by PhilippHoefl

1) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC Client Improvements (Message 60636)
Posted 11 Jul 2019 by PhilippHoefl
As a new member, I would love to see improvments in functionality etc. of the client. There are still a couple of things unclear to me, even after using the client every day for the last four weeks.

So yeah, there is interest in participating in this :)
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Tasks abandoned after computer crash (Message 60499)
Posted 29 Jun 2019 by PhilippHoefl
Thanks again for the help. As you said, I got credits for the trickles today.

Next question: Does it make sense to stop all tasks I receive except for one. This single one can be calculated much faster in a shorter timeframe than four or eight tasks at once, thus I can contribute finished (and more "valuable"?) tasks much more safer. Since running four to eight tasks at once takes much longer, various technical faults could happen during that time, destoring valuable input, time and energy.

Does this makes sense or is your experience contradicting this?

Thanks again for answering my rookie questions!

3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Tasks abandoned after computer crash (Message 60487)
Posted 28 Jun 2019 by PhilippHoefl
Satisfying to know that at least my tasks are saved by the trickles (even tho I did not get any credits for them. Is that normal?)

However, I want to finish one of my tasks at some point - so I checked the entry of MikeMarsUK "Generic solutions to models crashing" to reduce as many crashes as possible.
Since that entry is from 2007 - are those suggestions still valid? What are your top 5 suggestions I could do for preventing crashes?

Thanks in advance, appreciate it!

4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Tasks abandoned after computer crash (Message 60437)
Posted 25 Jun 2019 by PhilippHoefl
Hi everyone,

as my computer froze, I shut down the BOINC manager plus all tasks via the Windows task manager and restarted my laptop. After that, all my eight tasks were gone, the BOINC manager tells me there was a "calculation error".

All tasks were at around 25 % completion - frustrating for me as a new member since I'm eager to contribute as much time as possible.

Is there any way to reactivate those abandoned task?