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Posts by Florian von Bechtolsheim

1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Communication deferred (Message 61245)
Posted 17 Oct 2019 by Florian von Bechtolsheim
Hi Les, appreciate the mentioning of the fact that there is "currently" no Windows work. Suggest the following:

The application page is "nice" for me as a user (to explain what is computed where), but not particularily useful from the viewpoint of a user like Seb who would like to contribute. Maybe I have not found the appropriate page which contains relevant information. So what I would like to see on this(?) page per App is:
    * If the app is "activ"e that is crunching work or not (could be a RAG-radio button)
  • If green radio button, then: TOTAL, ETC for work including projected end date (at the current rate of crunching - I am sure the respective project leads are asking for this information as well
    * If yellow (no crunching currently) WHEN is work scheduled to come up for grabs

Brgds, Florian[/list]