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1) Message boards : Number crunching : no new work units (Message 61524)
Posted 11 Nov 2019 by mikey
The facility to select particular work types was dropped with the server upgrade a couple of months ago.
Now computers will get whatever is available for their OS.

The back off between work requests is 1 hour and a couple of minutes.
This is to slow down faulty computers from requesting more work to kill, too soon after the last time.

Otherwise you've got it about right.
Request work in the short time that some is available, and hope that everyone else is distracted just then.

Too many Windows computers - too few researchers using a model type that has a Windows app.


Is there a way to do this on the users end thru a config file? Right now you only have two kinds of workunits available, one that takes an average of 147 hours and one that takes an average of 337 hours that's a huge difference especially if your pc is older and doesn't run in the 3 or 4 ghz range for speed.