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1) Message boards : Number crunching : OpenIFS Discussion (Message 68351)
Posted 16 Feb 2023 by mikey
Yeti wrote:
Is Squid there from when you used it for LHC?
I moved Squid from my former Windows-VM to this Linux-VM a month ago and yes, Squid is full active for my LHC/ATLAS-Machine-Park[/quote]

Are you using it for other Boinc Projects as well? Or just LHC?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : I feel sorry for this machine... (Message 68330)
Posted 15 Feb 2023 by mikey
I prefer to run fewer concurrent tasks if things start heating up rather than reduce the percentage of time cpu is running them.

That is what I do too. Right now I would be running12 concurrent boinc tasks on my 8/16 core machine because it is cool here in my non-air-conditioned room. In summer, when it is hot, I reduce it to 8 or even 7 if it gets really hot.

Actually, I am running only 11 tasks because I have not gotten any Rosetta tasks in a very long time, and only one CPDN task every few days lately. So I am grinding out a lot of MilkyWay and Universe tasks that do not really interest me.

There's always Asteroids or even MooWrapper or even Cosmology if you want to stick with 'space' projects. If you want to branch out a bit there are LOTS of other project that would love to see you help them too, even some that aren't in the Boinc Manager list of projects unless you've manually downloaded and updated it and even then some are still missing. ie Albert is the test project for Einstein, LHC has LHCdev, Rosetta has Ralph and PrimeGrid has Composite Grid as it's test project, There also basic projects like Gaia, Private GFN Server, SiDock, Yafu, TN-Grid and Wanless. Also Ithena has a 2nd project using comp instead of root at the beginning of it. Not ALL projects have both Windows and Linux tasks and the test projects are often out of work but you should be able to find something else that tickles your fancy in one or more of those.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : OpenIFS Discussion (Message 68329)
Posted 15 Feb 2023 by mikey
Is there much of a chance we will ever see more of the apps being made to run on Windows pc's? As you know currently only the WAH2 apps run on Windows pc's.

I'm working on a Windows version of OpenIFS now. The bulk of the model code is fine, it's the lower level calls to operating system functions which need time to work around because linux is very different to windows in that respect. I can't give you an estimate.

Thank you VERY much, working on it means it will work at some point and that's the whole idea, to get even more pc's in the mix to help some some of these calculations.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : OpenIFS Discussion (Message 68291)
Posted 13 Feb 2023 by mikey
The current batch (see prev post) is for the new Baroclinic Lifecycle 'bl' version of OpenIFS.

Another project using the default OpenIFS app 'oifs_43r3' will also be releasing about 2000 workunits sometime this week. These will have a very similar runtime & upload size to the previous PS batches. Batch size is 2000 for this. There will be a News items (& client Notice) about this batch soon.

Is there much of a chance we will ever see more of the apps being made to run on Windows pc's? As you know currently only the WAH2 apps run on Windows pc's.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload server is out of disk space (Message 67680)
Posted 14 Jan 2023 by mikey
The web server, scheduler, feeder, validator, transitioner, download file handler… are on (status), but the upload file handler for the current OIFS work is on They are physically different.

I could not upload a
UK Met Office HadSM4 at N144 resolution v8.02-i686-pc-linux-gnu
task result until the started working again (before it quit again).

So YOU broke it this time, LOL!!! I too am stuck trying to upload completed tasks and have actually suspended the Project on several pc's to stop the crunching and constant back and forth stuff and let it settle down so everyone can get their stuff thru.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Hardware for new models. (Message 67652)
Posted 13 Jan 2023 by mikey
I cannot really run all cores on Boinc tasks. I do not have air conditioning. I can control the fan speeds by BIOS settings. But the maximum I can run the fans at, before their noise gets really annoying, lets me run 8 or so cores in summer and I am currently running 11. The maximum number of cores for Boinc tasks is easily set in the Boinc-manager. And I can set the number of concurrent tasks for a given project in the app_config.xml file in the appropriate directory.
I'm surprised. CPUs generate so little heat compared with GPUs. I have 12 GPUs and 100 CPU cores. Most are in my garage, and I just leave windows open. No, the glass ones not the MS ones! One day I'll join the garage to the house so I can let the heat drift through in winter.

As for noise, just install a bigger heatsink and fan (or even water cooling). My 130W Ryzen 9 CPUs make very little noise running flat out. Two 6 inch fans on a 6x6x6 inch heatsink. Hence slow quiet fans.

A power supply can also put off ALOT of heat especially as the number of cores in use goes up, getting a Gold or above level psu will drastically cut the heat put out by it as well.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : New work discussion - 2 (Message 66188)
Posted 15 Oct 2022 by mikey
Looks like a batch of HADSM4'S are being prepared.

That's very good news!!
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Little work, yet the most "important" thing in the world? (Message 63862)
Posted 14 Apr 2021 by mikey
A bit more info

That is a 2 step process:
1. Look at the Project status page, at the Tasks by application section, in the Application column, to find the name of the application in which you're interested.
2. Look on the Applications page to find out which OS's have that Application.


And don't forget: the tasks are from research groups external to Oxford.
What OS each group uses, is entirely up to them.

Thank you I was able to figure things out.

I am hoping though that you guys can prod them to consider making a Windows app for their tasks in the future. Yes I realize that most programmers and Scientists grow up learning to use Linux or Mac in some form but over half the World uses Windows pc's as according to Boinc Stats Windows pc's comprise a large percentage of Boinc users Yes Linux is listed first but then if you notice Windows has multiple listings for all the different versions, I think being able to take advantage of that group of crunchers would enhance the whole idea of understanding the Climate and that Climate Prediction is a very worthwhile thing. YES it would absolutely increase the workload on your hardware and of course that needs to be considered as well.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Little work, yet the most "important" thing in the world? (Message 63812)
Posted 8 Apr 2021 by mikey
There's something like 400 CPU-years of work queued.

Yes, and all of it is set to run only on Os’s that are run by only a tiny minority of the public. Windows is run on about 87% of all the home computers in the World.[/quote]

I personally don't have a problem with that, Linux OS's can be burnt onto a dvd and up and running in under 15 minutes, but that's beside my point is I can't find WHERE it says that X type of task is only for 32bit Linux OS's while Y type of task is for 64bit Linux OS's and Z type of task over there is for Windows 7 or 10 pc's. A bit more info instead of guessing would help especially since the default timeout of 3600 seconds makes any kind of figuring out what kind of task will work on my pc useless.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Batch List (Message 63811)
Posted 8 Apr 2021 by mikey
Batches 901-901 (current)

Batch Date        App.           Region         Res.    Period      Name (1st)                                  Size
901   07-Apr-21   HADAM4 8.52                   N216    5 month     hadam4h_h000_200605_5_901_012075259         2100

Batch 901: CDDHDD historical NH summer experiment: Cooling and heating degree days experiment for NH summer using OSTIA SST and Sea Ice.

Can we get a note somewhere on the website that the tasks only run on this or that kind of OS or device please. I keep asking for tasks on my Windows10 pc's but keep getting the
default delay of 3600 seconds and no tasks ever get sent to me. I have heard elsewhere that some tasks only run on 32bit Linux OS's but don't see that anywhere here on the CPDN website.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : New work Discussion (Message 63630)
Posted 9 Mar 2021 by mikey
(I had better check the upload limit as, if the Zips are the same size as the 240 month version, then 36 x 95 MB plus restarts is quite large ...)

In another thread there is a cruncher talking about putting a Ryzen thread ripper with 64 threads to work. 64x36x95=218.88GB! I hope that they are not like myself still on copper wires!

12) Message boards : Number crunching : New work Discussion (Message 63607)
Posted 7 Mar 2021 by mikey
I keep the default buffer of 0.1 + 0.5 days. I might be able to get a different mix with a larger buffer, but it would still be random and not what I want.
That limits the amount that I am willing to do.

Interesting how the random bit works, I have my cache settings at 0.1 and 0.1 days, just downloaded some more work and now have 8 hadcm3 tasks running alongside 4 hadam4h ones. I have suspended the remaining 4 hadam4h tasks because of the cache memory limitations which would slow everything down a lot if I ran them as well.

pleased to see minimal increase in temperatures going up from four tasks to twelve. I have now set the project back to no new tasks and will wait till the four running hadam4 tasks have completed before requesting any more work. This way seems to be the closest I can get to controlling the tasks I get. Had I been able to choose task types, I would have used the project pages to stop any more hadam4h tasks being downloaded till the current ones were finished.

I would LOVE for the Project to make those choices available to us!!! That way my underpowered machines aren't getting tasks they struggle with and can wait patiently for the ones they can handle much more easily.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : New work Discussion (Message 63606)
Posted 7 Mar 2021 by mikey
The UK doesn't have problems with slow mail or expensive prices, as we have 10 competing couriers.

We didn't have problems with slow mail or expensive prices before we had 10 competing couriers.

And THAT is one of the conspiracy theories about the slow downs in the USPS mail system, the guy running the thing has a HUGE investment in a 3rd party mail carrier and every piece of mail that's delayed his company gets a chunk of to deliver!!

I just moved and all of my mail is now being forwarded to a new address....instead of telling the main distribution place that my mail is being forwarded it instead still goes to my local post office who then says 'nope can't deliver this because it's being forwarded' and then sends it BACK to the distribution center for rerouting to the new address!! This delay means nothing is getting here on time and often 3rd party people are delivering it!! I have several places that STILL don't allow electronic payment of the bills so I had to do a pre-payment of several months just so everything keeps happening as I like it.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : New work Discussion (Message 63361)
Posted 20 Jan 2021 by mikey
The exact wording is important.
Does it say "Project has no work"?


There is a back off timer intended to limit hoarding of tasks, so that it's fairer to all users.
The timer is nominally 1 hour, but is actually 1 hour and (I think), 30 seconds.
Any contact with the server either starts the timer, or resets it to 1 hour, hence the "Don't keep clicking the Update button" advice.

And this latest lot was only 2 small batches, so the 10 thousand plus computers lying in wait for work have quickly grabbed all of them.

The Server Status page only updates about every 3 hours.

One of the problems for those of us getting work infrequently is the people with a large resource share and large cache, they fill their cache and the rest of us get the scraps BUT DON'T get me long as they are producing valid results I have ZERO problems with this at all!!! It just means at other projects we get the units and they don't so it all works out in the end. For example I didn't get any units during the last year but I crunched ALOT of Covid units in that time frame!!!
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Abort tasks on dead computer (Message 63084)
Posted 3 Dec 2020 by mikey
One of my computers is permanently deceased, and therefore will not ever complete the tasks that are assigned to it. In most projects, tasks will be marked as "abandoned" if they are not completed before the deadline. But since these tasks won't expire for a full year, they'll just be sitting there waiting for trickles that will never come.

Is there a way to manually cancel them so they can be reassigned to someone else who will be able to complete them properly?

This is the computer in question:

IF you still have access to the harddrive there is a convulted set of steps to abort the tasks but it's not an easy thing.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Please fix the deadlines! (Message 63083)
Posted 3 Dec 2020 by mikey
Peter -

The deadline issue has been discussed repeatedly over the tears. Basically, if the CPDN is set short (say 6 weeks), CPDN can take over your computer.

Try changing the project priority for CPDN to 100.
Set the project priority for all other projects to 1.

The problem with that is that CPDN then takes over and uses all of my cpu cores just for it where I'd rather split time with other projects.
Now if you have a cc_config.xml file to share that limits the number of tasks in progress I can do the 100 setting and it will work just fine.
17) Questions and Answers : Wish list : One task for all processor cores / threads (Message 62688)
Posted 8 Sep 2020 by mikey
It is not so much sloppy programming that stops this project doing multi-core tasks but the nature of climate modelling which is that each calculation needs the results of the previous calculations in order to proceed. If programmed to use more than one core, this would mean several cores sitting idle much of the time. Therefore running many tasks at once is more efficient for the project.

Es ist nicht so sehr die schlampige Programmierung, die dieses Projekt davon abhält, Mehrkernaufgaben zu erledigen, sondern die Art der Klimamodellierung, dass jede Berechnung die Ergebnisse der vorherigen Berechnungen benötigt, um fortzufahren. Wenn programmiert, um mehr als einen Kern zu verwenden, würde dies bedeuten, dass mehrere Kerne die meiste Zeit im Leerlauf sitzen. Daher ist es für das Projekt effizienter, viele Aufgaben gleichzeitig auszuführen.

So you want REALLY fast cpu cores not a bazillion cpu cores? BTW Einstein cpu workunits work the same way, as in no multi-threading them either.
18) Message boards : Science : AFlame PROJECT (Message 62687)
Posted 8 Sep 2020 by mikey
It's a pity that CPDN cant check for the libraries before downloading the task files or when LINUX boxes add CPDN as a project.

I agree. I asked about this over on the BOINC forums and no one there came up with ideas about how to do it. I also asked about including the libraries in the downloaded applications but it seems there would be problems with different Linux flavours and version numbers causing compatibility problems.

Why can't CPDN detect that it's not there and just add it to the CPDN Project folder and then set the app to look there if it can't find it in the usual place? ALL Boinc projects send a ton of files to us users when we sign up for the different projects just add the mising Libs.

CPDN could even find a set of Lib files that work with their app and tell the app to STOP using the ones found on the individuals computer and instead use the ones in the CPDN Project folders that are download when the person attaches to the Project. If the Lib files get changed on the computer who cares, CPDN has the ones it needs and if they need updating they can be sent by the Project.
19) Message boards : Science : AFlame PROJECT (Message 62686)
Posted 8 Sep 2020 by mikey
I just meant that if one were to automate the task of finding computers crashing tasks due to 32 bit library deficiency, the message in stderr would be a good way to do it.

I would think if you could write it the Project would at least look at it to see if it worked or not. Fixing the problem is another matter though.
20) Message boards : Science : AFlame PROJECT (Message 62685)
Posted 8 Sep 2020 by mikey
Yes, but does everyone who gets "computer error" next to a task check to see why there is an error? If they did then the same computers wouldn't be throwing up so many failures. The set it and forget it brigade.

Less than 10% of Boinc users ever visit a projects forums to figure out what's going on, they just see it isn't working and either keep blindly trying or quit and go elsewhere.

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