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1) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : \'boincmgr\' received an X Window System error (Message 34228)
Posted 6 Jul 2008 by Profile old_user196966
Try to shutdown linux manually
\'shutdown -h now\' from a shell
(GNOME or x-term)
Make sure you have closed the client.
It\'s not harder to shutdown this way.
2) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : \'boincmgr\' received an X Window System error (Message 34224)
Posted 5 Jul 2008 by Profile old_user196966
BOINC can be run with or without X-window in SUSE 10.3.
I do it all the time.
From a X-term or GNOME terminal, you can run

\'shutdown -H now\'

when x-windows stops, do a \'ps -aux | grep boinc\'
and see if you have 2 tasks, one for the grep and one
for boinc.

That isolates the problem to the x-windows.

Reboot then try to run boinc from x-term.

\'cd /root/BOINC\' or whatever directory boinc is located
\'./boinc\' or better \'./boincmgr\'

thats dot-forward-slash - boinc is not a shell program.

I have a problem, again.
BOINC didn\'t work properly on my SUSE-linux and didn\'t show the graphics. After a model-crash I decided to reinstall BOINC.
Before the reinstall I had a problem with linux (and still have), it doesn\'t want to shut down and I have to switch off the computer by force.
Then after 2 such \"shut-downs\" X Window got damaged and I had to install the Graphics-Driver again.
After that BOINC-Manager didn\'t work any more:

The program \'boincmgr\' received an X Window System error.
This probably reflects a bug in the program.
The error was \'BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)\'.
  (Details: serial 557 error_code 11 request_code 146 minor_code 5)

Now I still can\'t get BOINC-Manager to work. I have already deleted everything from the BOINC-folder and reinstalled it.
BOINC-Manager still shows the same error.

What can I do?

3) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : BOINC Not Installing in OpenSuse 10.3 - problem (Message 34222)
Posted 5 Jul 2008 by Profile old_user196966
You are getting GLIB errors. Most likely glib is not current
or incompatible with what BOINC is using.
Did you try to do a YAST update recently?
Never mind the distro, the libs may be old.
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Windows Vista update & BOINC 5.10.28 possible error (Message 31725)
Posted 15 Dec 2007 by Profile old_user196966
let me try to summarize a few years in this O/S wars.
In 2005, I installed Redhat Linux - Fedpora Core 6.
I got a cd from one the official RH Reseller.
I installed as a dual boot on an old machine - Dell
- Intel - 733 mHZ - 512mb ram - 10 Mb hard disk, and
and a 512MB usb drive (don\'t go here get a big hd drive if affordable).
This configuration is still working well. I have completed multiple
climate projects on a 7 year old \'obsolete\' machine.
Obsolescence is in the mind of Bill Gates.

Regardless of which Linux verion or distribution, I advise
you pay the penny to the provider the first time. Get the CD!!!
I paid $10 to the distibution provider. This is pennies on the dead man\'s
eye compared to the $300 plus paybable to Microsoft.

This mail is composed on SUSE V10 - XP Dual boot.
I recommmend both.
I still love and use Fedora Core 6/

5) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : One Planet (Message 31722)
Posted 15 Dec 2007 by Profile old_user196966
Let\'s face it. When it comes to economics, we are all nationalists or indivdualists ( except for the remaining leninists, fascists and their comtemporary coprorate supporters).

But when it comes to the planet we are all trans-nationalists. If anyone believes otherwise, I would ask why you would inflate your local electric utility bill.
The exercise we undertake is about science, or the the quixotic pursuit thereof. I want to keep that scientific
focus, but alas, I am so distracted.

So I really have to wonder about these \"teams\".
I am on one team for Linux and another for the coporate
machines I possess utilizing the operating system from
Redmond Washington, USA.

The one team, which assuredly must win is the human
race and the other life forms on the planet deserving a fighting chance devoid of human interference.

If there are like-minded, remaining members of my
species, or what was once loosely called \"mankind\",
pleae affirm or object.

Burton Leed