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Posts by Billy Ewell 1931

21) Message boards : Number crunching : New model versions released (Message 30651)
Posted 22 Sep 2007 by Billy Ewell 1931

Model types are selected by an option in \" preferences\" (in your Account on the server), called: \"Application Preferences\".

\"500 hours\" depends on the computer speed, how long the computer is on, how much of this time is free, (i.e. YOU aren\'t using it), and how many other projects are sharing this time.
They are, more accurately, 45 year, \'slab ocean\' models, with 3 phases of 15 years each.

[q] Thank you Les Bayliss for the prompt reply; I should have done more research before deciding to pose the time-to-completion question based on CPU time. By the way, \"CPU time\" is the time reference shown on the Boinc Manager (local host) to indicate the actual cpu time used/recorded by each processor from the beginning to the end of each work unit. For the larger hadcm model, I required about 2950 hours of cpu time per work unit at 2.66GHz; on the hadsm model, which has been running some 5 hours, it appears based on current calculation that I will complete this first unit in about 445 hours. Thank you again for your assistance for I have found exactly what I was looking for in supporting CPDN and five other projects with my dual-core computer.

Bill: Graduate, Royal Air Force Staff College--Andover, Hants, Class of 1967. {q}
22) Message boards : Number crunching : New model versions released (Message 30631)
Posted 22 Sep 2007 by Billy Ewell 1931
The new model versions are better than the older ones because with each new version, certain problems with the way they run (bugs) are put right in Oxford. But the most important thing is to try to finish the models we\'ve started. Anyway, now you can relax!


[q] Are there in fact work units with a planned approximate 500 hours of CPU time to complete? I have read on message boards somewhere that the slab(?) units fall within the 500-hour CPU processing criteria. If this is true, how do I locate and specifically download such units. I anticipate I am wrong in this regard.

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