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Posts by old_user1940

1) Message boards : Number crunching : Rig Behaving Badly... (Message 5410)
Posted 15 Oct 2004 by old_user1940
It seems today is my lucky day, I have contacted my source and he indeed has another identical CPU which should be arriving within a couple business days. That should remedy the difficulty the rig has been having.

I will post again once I have tested the rig with the replacement chip, if all goes according to plan this will be the end of the stability issues and allow this rig to join the ranks of trickling machines :)
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2) Message boards : Number crunching : Rig Behaving Badly... (Message 5379)
Posted 15 Oct 2004 by old_user1940
Troubleshooting for this rig has now concluded.

Through 's Hot CPU Tester, It has been determined that the CPU in Socket 0 is inept when it comes to deriving Pi.

Should the individual who sold me the pair of CPU's be unable to furnish me with a replacement the Pi-Fumbling CPU may turn into a rear view mirror ornament ;)

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3) Message boards : Number crunching : Rig Behaving Badly... (Message 5324)
Posted 13 Oct 2004 by old_user1940
Thank you for the URL Heffed, It is currently running test 5, will report on its findings later in the evening.

BTW, It has been determined that this is not a boinc related issue, the computer also froze with SETI Driver in a similar time frame, thus strongly pointing to a faulty hardware component. chief suspect would be the memory dimms, perhaps one of the CPU's if nothing can be found wrong with the dimms...

Thank you all once again.
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4) Message boards : Number crunching : Rig Behaving Badly... (Message 5314)
Posted 13 Oct 2004 by old_user1940
4.12 boinc did not solve the issue, after its download and installation CPDN decided to download 4 new models and begin again. two of which suffered computational errors (visual fortran) and subsequently terminated. Later that hour the machine froze yet again.


both of the cpu's have locked FSB multipliers so I could not O/C them unless i wanted to start capping pins on the CPU (Not going to happen) The memory is also stock rating, I havent even bothered trying to set it lower than its 3-3-3-8 timings. When I get the chance I will attempt to find a copy of memtest and play with that.

in case anyone cared/cares, this is the link to the host in question:

More Suggestions would be appreciated...
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5) Message boards : Number crunching : Rig Behaving Badly... (Message 5288)
Posted 13 Oct 2004 by old_user1940
Greetings All:

In the hope of furthering CPDN (and of course to boost my credit) I decided to Build a new Dual Xeon (Nocona Based) System. But for some reason she continues to Freeze Consistently when I attempt to leave her to crunch. I am hoping for some assistance in furthering my troubleshooting of this problem in the hope of getting her up and running as obediently as her cohorts do.

1st off, this is the system configuration.

2 2.8 GHZ 800 FSB Nocona XEON processors with 1024kb cache each.

Iwill DH800 Dual Xeon MB

1 36 GB WDC Raptor SATA Drive,

2 x 512 corsair PC3200 DDR Ram modules

Geforce 6800 with 128 ram (61.77 driver)

Win XP Pro, clean install, nothing running in tandem with Boinc.

Now, here is the situation thus far regarding this machine. I have attempted to leave her run while she had SP1 with boinc 4.09 and only CPDN running 4 concurrent models on her, within 2 hrs she totally froze (hard reset required)

I then dug up old boinc 4.05, same thing...

Upgraded to SP2, same thing, went back to 4.09 same thing.

At that point I decided to see if it was the machine causing the error, so i let her run without anything demanding cpu cycles, she ran fine for 2 days... so i decided to run boinc again, same crash...

the computer runs nice and cool (50C for each CPU and 63 C for the Geforce6800... so its not an overheat issue. but I am at a total loss as to why she is misbehaving so... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

- update 10/12/04 @23.00 EST

I have just installed boinc 4.12 and have downloaded new models, I HOPE that this will solve my problem, will update again in the AM...
6) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Why has my credit dropped? (Message 3408)
Posted 8 Sep 2004 by old_user1940
There are many who have been affected by a recent drop in credit, view this thread for more information regarding the matter:

hope this helps.
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7) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Preempted Prevention (Message 2799)
Posted 3 Sep 2004 by old_user1940
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8) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Preempted Prevention (Message 2721)
Posted 2 Sep 2004 by old_user1940

1st off, how do I place one of those status boxes on my posts? -Thank you. (9/3/04)

How would a client side option "break" the schedulers at all, much less the "even more" that you imply. Perhaps I am missing the boat, but from my understanding of boinc the schedulers are computers who work day round to generate w/u s so they can be downloaded by the client. Please explain this if my understanding is flawed.

Perhaps my question was not precise enough, so I shall now reformulate it to refelect my personal "beef" with boinc.

On my 3.06 HT P4 I allow both SETI and CPDN to run concurrently, each with 50% resources, I have whittled the "amount of work to be downloaded to between 0.4 and 0.5 days for SETI. And even with these settings SETI continues to preempt CPDN whenever it feels like...

I want my CPDN w/u to run in peace so my P4 HT can finish its first CPDN by October'04. As a boinc participant I feel that this is a reasonable request.

This concern should be addressed in some manner before the boinc platform becomes more populated with other DC projects.

While this is only an issue for people who participate in multiple processes on computer who have multiple processors (or CPU's with HT) so this may affect a limited number of users for the moment, but as more people buy CPUs with HT the number affected will grow as well... this does not even factor in how boinc will preceive Dual Core CPU's which should become standard by '06
9) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Preempted Prevention (Message 2455)
Posted 1 Sep 2004 by old_user1940
While it is all well and good that Boinc is smart enough to actively monitor its varied workload; But I still desire the ability to designate specific project instances as \"Un-Preemptable\"

I am certain that there are many others who also wish for this feature, and the need for such an option will only grow as the number of boinc based project increases...