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Posts by old_user193358

1) Message boards : Science : End of task due but I have no credits - did you get my results? (Message 27750)
Posted 6 Apr 2007 by old_user193358
My climate prediction task which I started over a year ago was due for completion on 4th April. However I do not know whether my PC has actually sent in the results, as the screensaver is still processing the unfinished task. BOINC has however been in regular contact with BOINC to send \'trickle up\' messages.

I want to be sure that all the work that my PC has done will be received by BOINC and not wasted, but I am not sure that this has happened as I now realise that I have 0 credits from BOINC.

Please tell me how to send the results before I can safely detach the task and lose the results that I have spent so much patience and electricity running my PC to generate for BOINC.

Please help me,
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Upgraded to Boinc V5.4.9 deleted work so far! (Message 23663)
Posted 19 Jul 2006 by old_user193358
I took up on the suggestion by BOINC itself to upgrade to a newer version (V5.4.9). The messages tab now shows that the project that I had been running for several weeks now (8.5% complete / up to \"1934\") has been deleted! No indication that the results so far had been even uploaded. I now have a fresh project, whereas I did NOT want to cancel the one I was working on as I wanted to complete it.
I have left my PC running during the evenings in order to help the climate predictions, however now that I am back at ground zero, all I have accomplished to date is contribute more to global warming this way. What a failure and a waste of electricity this project is turning out to be!