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Posts by Keck_Komputers

1) Questions and Answers : Preferences : need one more CPDN WU? (Message 35772)
Posted 27 Dec 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
I concur, especially in consideration of David\'s post. No point in being on the \"bleeding edge\".

I normally like to be on the \"bleeding edge\" but in this case if you are not actively trying to use a CUDA card to crunch SETI or GPUgrid I would recommend staying with the 6.2 version until the 6.6 version comes out.
2) Questions and Answers : Preferences : need one more CPDN WU? (Message 35746)
Posted 23 Dec 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
It looks like your problem is your memory usage preference. The idle side looks ok but the active side seems to be limiting memory usage excessively, only ~760mb available. If you increase that preference to 50% or higher you should be able to run 2 at a time.
3) Questions and Answers : Preferences : No new work for the last 3 weeks! (Message 35567)
Posted 21 Nov 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
BOINC should generate seperate host IDs for your computers automatically. The only way I can think of to interfer with this is if both are using the same data directory which is not a good way to set things up.

If you do not have a active CPDN task detaching and reattaching will not cause any problems.

Posting a section of your BOINC log that includes a RPC to CPDN may help us figure out what is going on.
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : CPDN refuses to stay attached to BOINC (Message 35060)
Posted 19 Sep 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
You must attach using BAM! or BAM! will detach you automatically.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Cross project problem (Message 34999)
Posted 15 Sep 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
You must have the same email address at all projects for your stats to combine. It also should be in all lowercase since some projects automatically convert it.
6) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : 64-bit client (ia64) not receiving work (Message 34998)
Posted 15 Sep 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
This project does not support the ia64 architecture. It only works with the em64t architecture. If I am correct no project supports that architecture directly. However there may be 3rd party apps for some of the projects, I\'m pretty sure they are available for SETI.
7) Questions and Answers : Getting started : So, which model am I running, anyway??? (Message 34927)
Posted 6 Sep 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
Yes there are some new slabs being run. There are about 4 different model types right now, plus a couple in development. You can select which types you want to run in the CPDN project preferences.
8) Questions and Answers : Windows : Which files can be deleted? (Message 34431)
Posted 30 Jul 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
Yes the names do correspond to climate models. Check the \"tasks\" tab of the manager, any of those folders that does not have an active task listed should be ready to delete.
9) Questions and Answers : Windows : Boinc Manager asks for adminaccount (Message 34149)
Posted 26 Jun 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
Install as a service and then you will be crunching without the manager. The other option is to wait for v6 to be released.
10) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Something wrong in this project (Message 34138)
Posted 25 Jun 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
It may just be slower than you are expecting. Your computer should take about 1000 hours of CPU time to complete a model.

Also if you have the CPU throttled it may cause a lack of progress. In some cases the model will not save checkpoints if CPU usage is less than 100%.
11) Questions and Answers : Windows : Outcome: Client Error??? (Message 32987)
Posted 16 Mar 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
You can normally ignore the status reports there. They are designed for other projects and do not accurately reflect the status here.
12) Questions and Answers : Windows : BOINC causing problems burning DVDs (Message 32467)
Posted 6 Feb 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
CPDN also happens to be the worst project for interference with CD/DVD burning. It does some heavy I/O as well as keeping CPU usage high. Forcing a lower speed for the burning can also help reduce errors.
13) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : 3 waiting to run processes at a 4 core machine... (Message 31836)
Posted 23 Dec 2007 by Profile Keck_Komputers
I assume you are talking about this host. The host details show one CPU even though the description is for a quad core chip. Check that your OS is registering all of the cores, a reinstall of the OS is often required when changing to multi-core chips.

Also check your BOINC directory for a cc_config.xml file, if it exsists make sure there are no tags for \"NCPU\".
14) Questions and Answers : Windows : What about phosphor burn? Does the screen saver move? (Message 31626)
Posted 6 Dec 2007 by Profile Keck_Komputers
Actually plasma screens are the only ones that you really need to worry about image burn-in on. Modern CRTs and LCDs are much less prone to image burn-in than the old CRTs were. It is still possible on both types but it takes a very long time.
15) Questions and Answers : Windows : vista with windows defender (Message 31486)
Posted 25 Nov 2007 by Profile Keck_Komputers
The most common workaround for vista is to install as a service to a directory outside of \"program files\", c:\\BOINC for example.
16) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : linux boinc console error (Message 31154)
Posted 28 Oct 2007 by Profile Keck_Komputers
I usaully copy the account_*.xml file over in this case. Once it is in BOINC\'s directory the next time BOINC starts it will automatically attach to the project.

The other method I use is attaching to an account manager. Do that once and then you can attach to projects using a web page.
17) Questions and Answers : Windows : Message from server - platform not found (Message 31150)
Posted 28 Oct 2007 by Profile Keck_Komputers
If you are content with ABC\'s 64-bit client (assuming it is 64-bit, most of the Projects which recognize 64-bit boinc have 32-bit clients -- but, if memory serves, two of about 50 actually have them), then have at it. Your choice.

Your memory is slightly off here. There are only two projects so far that GAIN any significant processing speed from running a 64bit app, ABC and APS. There are a few more that have native 64bit apps but they do not make a difference.

There may be a new workaround in the 5.10.27 client. By adding an approiate <alt_platform> element to the cc_config.xml file you may be able to get 32bit apps from a server that does not recognize 64bit clients. I have not tested this though.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : 55000 in pending credit...? (Message 31093)
Posted 24 Oct 2007 by Profile Keck_Komputers
The server state, outcome and client state descriptions are certainly not always reliable/true for cpdn models. I still have no idea whether this is a boinc or cpdn problem. If we start to discuss this with the boinc experts it will have to be when we have a lot of free time ahead...........

But the cpdn trickle records seem completely reliable and also the awarding of credits. You trickle = you get the credits automatically.

These are CPDN idiosyncrasies. CPDN does not use the standard BOINC mechanisms for credit handling so the various standard indicators are not reliable on this project and should mostly be ignored.
19) Questions and Answers : Preferences : project doesn\'t give me new work (Message 31071)
Posted 23 Oct 2007 by Profile Keck_Komputers
Generally one per CPU. When your current model gets close to the end you may download a new one.
20) Questions and Answers : Getting started : My copy won\'t start work (Message 30519)
Posted 16 Sep 2007 by Profile Keck_Komputers
You can not show graphics unless the task is running.

If you are attached to other projects they may need to run for a while before the CPDN task starts.

So from what you have said there does not appear to be a problem. However when looking at your host you have downloaded 4 models today, when I would not have expected you to get more than 2 on your host. If it doesn\'t start up in the next few hours restart the client and post the first 20 lines or so of messages.

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