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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Old URL - BOINC message (Message 58631)
Posted 18 Aug 2018 by MartinNZ
All the links now seem to have loaded on my Boinc Manager as well. Perhaps some of the info hadn't been fully downloaded. Who knows. The PC hasn't been restarted or anything. Sheez!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Old URL - BOINC message (Message 58626)
Posted 17 Aug 2018 by MartinNZ
Now done this with some issues.

1. Updated BOINC to latest version. (installed as a service as normal)
2. Removed current CPDN project from BOINC Manager using the BOINC Remove button.
3. Added https CPDN project as requested. Agreed with Dave's observations as in the quote below. Someone needs to get the address corrected ASAP.
Shouldn't be any issues about this now. ...... Interestingly, the autoattach wizard on BOINC sill comes up with the http url rather than the https one.

4. When restarting, I notice that there were no tasks available in BOINC Manager. A quick look at my task listing on the web showed that all the tasks I had put in suspension were listed as abandoned. A look at the project data directory showed no tasks. I suspect that when I removed the Project from BOINC Manager, it emptied the project data on my PC.
5. Eventually a few new tasks started to trickle through.

I note that the latest BOINC Manager no longer has links to the Forum or User data. It just has a link to the CPDN Home page.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Error while computing??? (Message 58625)
Posted 17 Aug 2018 by MartinNZ
Just about all the wah2 tasks issued between 1-4 Aug failed - about 100 of them. Ones since then seem to be OK. Computer 1415561 (Ignore the abandoned ones - that's another thing.)
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Old URL - BOINC message (Message 58597)
Posted 12 Aug 2018 by MartinNZ
I've just noticed this message that has appeared today: Notice from BOINC
This project is using an old URL. When convenient, remove the project, then add
12/08/2018 19:59:08

I currently have 12 tasks running and 12 waiting including some of the long pnw ones.

I've opted for no new tasks and suspended the waiting tasks. In 3-4 days all the current task will be completed. Any issues to watch for in removing and then reattaching the project? I'll update BOINC at the same time.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : What Happened ??? (Message 58108)
Posted 19 Apr 2018 by MartinNZ
If you turn off the request for new work, you may get a more realistic answer.

There are obviously still a few things going on, that presumably will sort themselves out. They always do.
Initially with the outage I turned of network access as there is no sense hammering away at something that is down. Then when Byron reported that zips were uploading, I turned it back on, but also changed to 'no new tasks'.
The zips cleared and then as things got restored, my 'ready to reports' uploaded. After the report that things were up and running I then turned on reception for new tasks. Now have full compliment plus some waiting to run.

Still the odd error message, which is to be expected, like the following from an hour ago:
20/04/2018 09:56:18 | | Not requesting tasks: don't need (job cache full)
20/04/2018 09:56:37 | | [error] handle_trickle_down failed: unexpected null pointer

Good to see it running again, but as always, more and better communication from the CPDN team with the crunchers is needed. It should not be left up to the forum mods to do this. As it was still up and running, a few tweets on the home page would have helped.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : not uploading ressuts: Disk quota exceeded (Message 57935)
Posted 15 Mar 2018 by MartinNZ
Two different models failing for me, same disk full message, e.g.:

15/03/2018 16:34:17 | | [error] Error reported by file upload server: can't write file Disk quota exceeded

15/03/2018 15:42:31 | | [error] Error reported by file upload server: can't write file Disk quota exceeded
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit Status (Message 56909)
Posted 21 Sep 2017 by MartinNZ
.... but as some people here have pointed out, it's not mission-critical.

Hi Graham, that seems to be a fairly narrow view of mission-critical and I'm not sure it is quite what WB8ILI was saying when looking at the project as a whole. When viewed over the geological timescale, our current movement in climate change is indeed mission critical. No, we are not going to have sea level flooding major cities within my lifetime, but unless we make significant movement within our generation, many thousands of people will be flooded out of their homes over the coming decades.

Of course the biggest hindrance to climate action is political inaction and if we could use distributed computing to alter the mind-state of the deniers, then I would switch instantly. But we can't and the best we can do with current resources is to help get the science and future predictions to be more accurate.

Having just looked through the list of BOINC projects, I see the CPDN being more mission-critical than any of the others, by far. If you believe in climate change and want to dedicate CPU cycles there is in my view no more deserving cause.

OK the credit issue needs to get sorted, but I don't see it as something that should stop us crunching numbers.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit Status (Message 56888)
Posted 20 Sep 2017 by MartinNZ
We all realise the limited budgets that research teams get, especially under the current environment, but it seems to me that part of that budget should be to maintain feedback to the BOINC number crunchers. They are part of the team, and without them the CPDN teams around the world would not have been able crunch the numbers they have. Like it or loath it, for some the BOINC credits are part of that feedback. BOINC Credit allocation is a thorn that has been cropping up for years, so perhaps it is time it got sorted?

CPDN keeps us going because we care about the issues, or perhaps some just like crunching numbers. Whichever, some like to have a bit of feedback, and however tortuous the route may be, the BOINC software provides a means for this.

As someone who has operated in business for over 40 years, I understand how important it is to keep customers sweet and part of that is giving useful feedback. The CPDN project can do that when you look at your account to see the success rate of tasks, or through the built-in BOINC credit system. Although credits may not be best suited to the CPDN use of BOINC, it seems that are not going away and that some number crunchers find them useful.

It is not only the CPDN teams that have to budget. Some years ago I posted an estimate of how much it costs me to compute for the project and at the time it was 1180 kWh p.a, roughly 20% of my home office electricity use. (And you have to smile at the first line of THAT post!) In NZ that would cost around NZD 350 pa in additional electricity costs. Currently there are around 14.5k computers with recent credit. Now, not everyone would be processing as much as I do, so let's halve the amount it costs, that's still NZD 2.5 million every year that users spend just on electricity alone. Then there may be added broadband costs, hardware etc.

I know it's difficult, I know it is not core to the project, I know your budget didn't have a line for looking after BOINC credits, but I think it is time that someone took the bull by the horns and allocated more resources to fix the issue. It's just good PR to do so.

As a footnote, I don't worry about credits, what I like to see is my number of successful tasks continue to grow. So I will happily plod along checking every few days that tasks are not falling over and what's happening on the BB.

Keep up the good work everyone :-)
9) Message boards : Number crunching : New small batches of long runs --> with problems (Message 56195)
Posted 11 May 2017 by MartinNZ
Hi Alan,

I see both your PCs are running Win10 Pro, so you can stop auto updates using Group Policy (can't do this for the Home version). See this link on tenforums.

I use this and never have a problem, as the updates will NOT be downloaded until I say it is OK. Although I configured the Group Policy to notify me before download AND before install, I find it installs immediately after download. That I can cope with.

However I think I remember reading that with the new Creators version, it limits the time of delay. Can't find the link, but I seem to remember it was a reasonable time. Creators does make it easy to defer updates, but I'm not sure if it will notify you at the end of the deferral period that is is going to install updates. See PCWorld here. It is still important to be notified of updates when running CPDN. I guess I'll find out more when the Creators edition comes through to my PCs.


As far as I'm aware, I don't think there is a decent restore procedure in place. In the old days even restoring a couple of tasks was a nightmare, but with today's multiprocessor PCs is it really worth the headache? OK, did you backup 1 hour ago, 1 day ago, one week ago? The backup will restore the task OK, but then start sending the same trickles again. Does the backend handle this OK (I don't know.) As I've said before, as long as the PC is normally reliable don't worry about a few failures. They will get reissued, and surely the researchers & programmers are well aware of the average failure rate and will have all this built into how they handle the results. If not they should be saving up for a new mainframe ;-)

For the record I backup everything every day except for the BOINC task folders.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : New small batches of long runs --> with problems (Message 55952)
Posted 23 Mar 2017 by MartinNZ
Running this type of model on a slow PC would really take forever.

Interesting. Looking back at my first CPDN PC in 2006 (Pentium 4 CPU 3.06GHz) it had a floating point speed of 1420 million ops/sec. My latest creation (i7-6900K CPU @ 3.20GHz) is 4870 million ops/sec.

Now although that is a factor of 3.3 difference, it is not as large a difference as I was expecting given it is 11 years on. Although agreed, it would still be taking forever :-(
11) Message boards : Number crunching : New small batches of long runs --> with problems (Message 55951)
Posted 23 Mar 2017 by MartinNZ
I no longer back up CPDN data as it is just too difficult to restore. OK, you can restore it but then you have overlapping trickles etc etc. Then there is the issue if a PC glitch knocks out your tasks (I run 12) then another series of tasks start running so how do you deal with that & the restore. I decided that the project probably realises that tasks fail and there are enough running to cover this. (If they don't they shouldn't be using distributed computing!) Besides, any failed task gets reallocated to another PC a couple of times. If all 3 fail it probably points to a model problem or is the result they were after anyway.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : New small batches of long runs --> with problems (Message 55942)
Posted 20 Mar 2017 by MartinNZ
Well the 72 days turned out to be about 3 minutes before it crashed. Surprised me as the new PC build is proving to have a pretty low error rate.

Still, blessing in disguise as I see the supply of tasks is petering out. With tasks available the PC runs 24/7, but if none around it now gets turned off at night.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : email notification of posts (Message 55907)
Posted 16 Mar 2017 by MartinNZ
Just wondering something as I just posted a to a thread.

When I posted to the thread for the first time, I noticed that I was not automatically subscribed, I had to actually hit the subscribe button.

In the past, I've a feeling that when I first posted to a thread I was automatically subscribed, but happy to be corrected on that one.

If this is the case, it could be why we are feeling the subscriptions are not working correctly.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : New small batches of long runs --> with problems (Message 55905)
Posted 16 Mar 2017 by MartinNZ
"long simulations" - well there's an understatement. Currently typical completion time estimate of 3 days, but one of these is in my queue with an estimate of 72 days. Not sure I remember anything running that long before.

No more feedback on the reliability of these? I've suspended it waiting for some more feedback.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : New tasks, Charts (Message 55795)
Posted 23 Feb 2017 by MartinNZ
Gudday Les,

Yup your reply triggered an email to me. I subscribed from the https site. Yes I'm immediately by email. Noticed the links at the bottom of the main page and the reason that I've no emails is that no-one has posted to those threads. Duuuuuh! I normally look every couple of days to see what's going on anyway.

Just conscious that we could be hijacking this thread. Is it worth starting another one for this?
16) Message boards : Number crunching : New tasks, Charts (Message 55790)
Posted 23 Feb 2017 by MartinNZ
Many thanks Tullus for getting it working again, I find the info quite interesting.

I just resubscribed to this thread and it does not show up in "Your_Account/Community/Notifications". Like others I haven't received any notifications for yonks.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : New tasks, Charts (Message 55605)
Posted 30 Jan 2017 by MartinNZ
Hi Tullus, I see your marvelous site has stopped updating in early Jan. Is this just a temporary hitch or a permanent thing?
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Download stalled WAH2 (Message 55269)
Posted 1 Dec 2016 by MartinNZ
All's now good with tasks downloaded and running.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Download stalled WAH2 (Message 55246)
Posted 1 Dec 2016 by MartinNZ
Download of 9 tasks have stalled for 4 hours. I'll keep watch, but can't see any server issues.
1/12/2016 1:33:12 PM | | Temporarily failed download of connect() failed

1/12/2016 1:33:13 PM | | Project communication failed: attempting access to reference site
1/12/2016 1:33:15 PM | | Internet access OK - project servers may be temporarily down.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Errors & Boinc service installation (Message 54844)
Posted 27 Sep 2016 by MartinNZ
Just wondering if there has been any progress on the BOINC as Service issue as I'm in the long winded process of rebuilding and updating my PC.

I will be running the latest Win10 Pro.

Is v7.6.22 likely to have addressed the issues Richard wrote in a different thread here 50837, but I quote the relevant bits below?
Sorry, the news I have is not good.

1) v7.4.27 in service mode won't help - it will show the same error behaviour as the v7.2.xx range. The trouble is inherent to the CPDN application, which tries - and fails - to use a new feature which was introduced at v7.0.38, and which will be the standard mechanism in all new BOINC clients for the forseeable future. (The old mechanism, which was categorised as a 'critical' weakness, lasted for six years before being replaced. Read 'foreseeable' in the context of that timescale. [trac]#336[/trac])

2) The latest information I have - email dated 12 November (2014!) - indicates that the CPDN end of the problem has not yet been addressed, and indeed will apply additionally to the new applications being requested by the researchers, and which are being tried out at the CPDN Beta site.

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