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21) Message boards : Science : What experiment am I running? (Message 44223)
Posted 23 May 2012 by Steve Wenner
Just a suggestion: your home page has a list of "Completed Simulations" like "hadAM3P ..." and your Experiments page has things like "Thermohaline experiment"; but, I can't find how to tie the two together. What experiment am I running?

Doing a great job, guys!
22) Questions and Answers : Wish list : automatic backup would be nice (Message 23551)
Posted 9 Jul 2006 by Steve Wenner
After my first posting of this issue 10 days ago, I have been running a hadcm model. When I checked this morning the project had vanished from BOINC Manager and a new hadcm model had started running.

Sorry guys, of the four work units (three Sulphur and one Hadcm) I have attempted since I joined March 2 only one finished successfully. Until you can get a more robust way to run ClimatePrediction I\'ll have to bow out; I am afraid that my CPU is burning more BTUs than the information I can provide is worth!

I know the problems you face are immensely difficult, and I believe the ClimatePrediction enterprise is very important. Best of luck to you. I\'ll keep my eye on these message boards and try again in a few months if it seems things might have improved.

Kind regards,
23) Questions and Answers : Wish list : automatic backup would be nice (Message 23404)
Posted 29 Jun 2006 by Steve Wenner
Thanks Astro and Les,

At least I understand now why it might not be easy to write an autobackup that will work well. I read the post from Richard Rodway about his autobackup for the BBC version (I think I am running that flavor, but I\'m not entirely sure); but, it seems like it might be more trouble than it is worth, and I don\'t think I want to do a beta test.

While I\'ve got you here, I have a related question. I completed one sulpher run and two runs crashed. My question: is there any reason why I can\'t delete the three sulpher folders and any file in the containing folder with the name \"sulpher ...\" (my current project is \"hadcm ...\")? It looks like that would save me two or three gigs of hard disk space.


It\'s a wee bit more complicated that you think, Steve. Many files are involved and the process is dynamic. It cannot be allowed to get out of sync. It\'s true that this is a CPU-heavy Project but it is also, despite Carl\'s efforts to reduce I/O, a heavy-hitter on the hard disk.

Manual backups are tried and true and are the safest bet.

That said, if you\'re running the BBC flavor of the Project, it\'s long been done -- and documented: BBC auto-backup:

[Edit: Oops, you beat me to it, again, Les. My \"typing\" scores again (something like the US Soccer team).]

24) Questions and Answers : Wish list : automatic backup would be nice (Message 23367)
Posted 24 Jun 2006 by Steve Wenner
After a recent crash of BOINC, when I lost six weeks and 85% of my sulpher run, I noticed on these boards that a lot of volunteers are a little frustrated and discouraged by crashes. I wonder if it would be possible for the software to automatically make a periodic backup of the critical files, so the program could restart and pickup where it left off after a crash. I would think that only the parameters for a recent state would need to be saved, so there should be little drain on disk space.

25) Questions and Answers : Windows : \"client error\" & \"Too many error results\": ??? (Message 23353)
Posted 23 Jun 2006 by Steve Wenner
Hi MikeMarsUK,

Thanks for your reply. Since I don\'t have my eye constantly glued to BOINC, I\'m not sure when or why the crash occured. I have a couple of suspicions, though: the night before I was playing with a simulation game over the internet (\"Second Life\"), which is very resource demanding and crashed a couple times (I think BOINC was also running at the time); also, during the night my cat jumped onto my laptop, knocking the lid shut and shuting down the computer ungracefully. I noticed that BOINC had a problem when I booted up the next morning. Do you think either of these things could have caused the problem?

I don\'t make backups on my home computer (I know, some day I will regret it).

This sort of thing is very discouraging. How much of the value of the run is lost if the project crashes toward the end?


It\'s a Windows error message : \'application failed to start properly\'.

A couple of questions for the original poster:

* Did this occur at any particular point (i.e., system startup, or when another program was running, or something? Was there a problem when the pc was previously shut down?)

* Is the climate screensaver being displayed? (We usually turn it off. Perhaps the graphics drivers were unable to initialise and caused the screensaver to crash, just a guess...)

i don\'t suppose you happen to have a backup prior to the crash?

I found a link here, but it isn\'t very informative:

Also take a look at the topmost post in this forum (\'solving crashes...\').

26) Questions and Answers : Windows : \"client error\" & \"Too many error results\": ??? (Message 23309)
Posted 22 Jun 2006 by Steve Wenner
I had been running a \"sulpher\" experiment for six weeks, or so, and was about 84% done. When I checked the next day the status was \"done\" (or maybe it said \"finished\"). Anyway, when I checked my work unit the outcome was listed as \"client error\" and also reported \"Too many error results\".

What does this mean? Was my work lost?
Thanks, Steve W.
(sulphur_ibkz_200854819, workunit 1205512, computer 399002)

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