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Posts by old_user161284

1) Questions and Answers : Preferences : cpdn hogging cpu time (Message 21151)
Posted 8 Mar 2006 by old_user161284
i have cpdn, bbc climate change and seti all running in my boinc. because of the sheer size of the wu, i have given the bbc climate change 50% of my processor time, with the other 2 getting 25% each.
unfortunately, the cpdn process seems to be constantly working, without letting the others have a look-in. i have all my preferences on all 3 projects set to change every 60 minutes, and have checked and double checked and updated from within boinc to make sure all settings are current.
i have seen other posts relating to deadlines looming and getting priority, but both bbc clim and cpdn have deadlines of jan \'07 and the bbc project showing double the amount of hours needed to complete than cpdn.
in order to get anything else to run, i have to go into boinc and suspend the cpdn so the pre-empted projects get a chance to start. sometimes even when i do this, as soon as i resume the cpdn it will immediately start running again.
its frustrating....