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Posts by old_user135930

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Posted 22 Dec 2005 by old_user135930
hello everybody, when my screensaver starts, everything seems to be ok. but when i start working with my pc, the boinc says:

22.12.2005 10:46:08||Restarting result sulphur_gzcp_000792313_0 using sulphur_cycle version 422
22.12.2005 10:47:54||Suspending computation and network activity - user is active
22.12.2005 12:02:01||Pausing result sulphur_gzcp_000792313_0 (removed from memory)
22.12.2005 12:02:04||request_reschedule_cpus: process exited

would be great, if anyone could help me solve that probs
thanks ahead