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1) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : I\'ve had my fair share of problems, so now it\'s goodbye (Message 27740)
Posted 5 Apr 2007 by Dario Kampkaspar
I know this disappointing feeling. Just kicked out CPDN on one of my computers. It ran for more than 3 months (alone - it said that it needes some 14.000.000 hours for completion so no other project had even a chance of running) and now, after having completed ~53% it just decided to finish again without results. So my statistic with that computer is 10 downloaded WU of which NONE has ever completed.

Those ~53% is the closest I ever came to finishing a WU... My 2nd PC is still at ~50% - let\'s see if it can finish this one (it\'s the 4th WU it got, all the other failed as well). If it doesn\'t, I\'ll say goodbye to CPDN. Sad, but I still want to donate some CPU time to some other working projects!