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Posts by old_user11272

1) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Thread Closed (Message 3409)
Posted 8 Sep 2004 by old_user11272

> So I would like to have
> BOINC crunching SETI at 100% of the time unless it runs out of work and then
> continue with other projects, based on priority levels given.
> Am I alone with this idea, or are there more people who would prefer this
> method?
> HillyBoy

That would be exactly what I was hoping to use the resource sharing for when I gave S@H 100% and CP 0%, but it didn't work. It would be great if something as simple as priority flags existed.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : resource share/preempting WU (Message 3298)
Posted 7 Sep 2004 by old_user11272

I\'m running both S@H and CP, and I can\'t get my various computers to share resources. If I set resource share at 100 CP and 200 S@H, and have WUs for both projects, Seti will start, but then be preempted by CP and will stop processing so that CP can start. If I have resource share set to 0 CP and 100 S@H (my preferred setting--should only run CP when Seti is down, right?), then if it has been running a CP WU and downloads a S@H WU, it will not start the Seti block unless I detach from CP entirely. I have not found a way to either have both projects running concurrently or have Seti preempt CP, which is what I would prefer.

Why does CP preempt S@H if resources are set to be shared, and why won\'t S@H preempt CP if resources are set 100% in favor of S@H?