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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Stuck Model and Screensaver (Message 30265)
Posted 29 Aug 2007 by Arnaud
P.S. How should I get the newer version of BOINC if I decide to do so?

If you can\'t have a new model, you can also try to detach and attach again to the project (attaching via the Wizard is now easy: it\'s in the tool menu)
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : A short but successful completion with no credit? (Message 30213)
Posted 27 Aug 2007 by Arnaud
Hi Maureen,

In fact \'task\' was chosen by Dr Anderson to replace \'work\' in the Manager.
IMHO, \'work\', \'task\', and \'result\' should all be replaced by \'unit\' or \'work unit\': simplification of the vocabulary would be better for the \'newbies\'.

All that confusion is the result of the historic evolution of Boinc, the Manager and server side are probably not coded by the same people at the same moment.

AFAIK, Computer ID and Host ID are not the same thing: one computer can have several host ID. Just detach and attach again several times with the same computer and you\'ll see the host ID change: don\'t know what\'s the point of such a mechanism...(except that you can download new work when you have passed the quota of WUs)

Your exemple is good: \'Result\' is used on the website, but the state of the result is unknown and the server state says \'in progress\': can a result be in progress and unknow....:o)
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : A short but successful completion with no credit? (Message 30203)
Posted 27 Aug 2007 by Arnaud
Another item of BoincSpeak I don\'t like is the use of the word \'results\' for workunits we\'re running or have run, even before any results have been produced for the researchers.

We\'re not running WUs, but \'tasks\' in the manager .....:o)

There are also a lot of crashed wus on SAP that are marked as \'success\' and the credits are in \'pending\' state: The question was asked to me twice last week, on the forum of team l\'AF.
As the Wus are in \'pending\' state and they worked several hours on them, the users expect some credits....
4) Questions and Answers : Getting started : attaching to project (Message 30176)
Posted 24 Aug 2007 by Arnaud
The list of the projects in the Wizard is in ~/BOINC/all_projects_list.xml
Don\'t know how it\'s retrieved (but I think it\'s downloaded when you download BOINC because that list is in the trac system), but I think that if a user don\'t see that list, his version of Boinc is not the latest (it\'s a new feature introduced 3 months ago, AFAIK)
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Status of plans for shorter wus? (Message 27077)
Posted 25 Feb 2007 by Arnaud
Thanks for the good news :o)
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Status of plans for shorter wus? (Message 27028)
Posted 23 Feb 2007 by Arnaud
7) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Ok, this is problems with Boinic (Message 26754)
Posted 12 Feb 2007 by Arnaud
You have to install boinc-client and Boincmgr in Ubuntu (boinc is the universe or multiverse repositaries, I dont remember exactly):
$ sudo apt-get install boinc-client boinc-manager
(check that boinc-client is installed and the service running before checking the firewall and the ports)
You can restart, stop, start, view status of the service by:
sudo /etc/init.d/boinc_client [restart, stop, start, status, force-reload]
8) Message boards : Number crunching : First phase of migration of BBC/CCE to cpdn and standard version of boinc (Message 26393)
Posted 27 Jan 2007 by Arnaud
But as this was all done in secrecy, hidden from public, there was no chance for them to give their expert view.

It was not done in secrecy, don\'t be pananoid.
It was done quickly (perhaps too quickly...) because Carl has really more important things to do. (working on the model code to give crunchers obsessed by credits faster and more stable models......)
9) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Reported Client Error after reboot (Message 26363)
Posted 25 Jan 2007 by Arnaud

It\'s absolutly not a waste of time as you\'ve crunched the model until 2041 (according to the graph) and scientific datas are uploaded every 10 model-years.
The models are considered finished at 2050 by the scientists (in fact, they don\'t need it to be crunched until 2080: 2050 is enough), so your results will be used and usefull.
Congratulations :o)

If you\'ve made a regular backup of the BOINC folder, you can restore your model.
Else it\'s over and you can download a new model.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Hundreds of users returned complet models yesterday (Message 26346)
Posted 24 Jan 2007 by Arnaud
If you go in your account page on that site, you\'ll see:

Credit From Other Affiliated Projects

\'Classic\' HadSM3 Cobblestone Credits xxxxx
HadCM3 Spinup Cobblestone Credits xxxxxxxxx
Beta Testing xxxx
BBC Experiment xxxx
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Hundreds of users returned complet models yesterday (Message 26341)
Posted 24 Jan 2007 by Arnaud
Credit for CPDN Classic and CPDN beta has been added in the CPDN stats.
Nobody is cheating and the answer to your question is already in the links you provided (the Boincstats shoutbox)
12) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Boinc doesnt follow my preferences! I\'m bailing out! (Message 26256)
Posted 21 Jan 2007 by Arnaud
AFAIK, 5.8.0 is also a test version: 5.8.0.
So better stay with 5.8.3 or higher, that is correcting the 5.8.0 bugs
13) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : computation error - cannot open input file dataout/ (Message 25882)
Posted 8 Jan 2007 by Arnaud
The source of Boinc are on the berkeley site: (but not very easy to compile if you want the GUI)
There is no source available for the climate model.
The problem with Slackware is not fixed, so it\'s better to change of Linux distro if possible.
14) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Milestones Thread (Message 25487)
Posted 6 Dec 2006 by Arnaud
Thanks Jim :o)

Of course, I returned the compliment to you, as you\'re a great contributor to this project (probably several coupled models already finished)
15) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Milestones Thread (Message 25467)
Posted 5 Dec 2006 by Arnaud
Les utilisateurs ayant des machines lentes méritent vraiment un coup de chapeau: c\'est un vrai marathon !!!
16) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Milestones Thread (Message 25462)
Posted 5 Dec 2006 by Arnaud
Queuing intermediate upload for CPDN/BOINC:
Phase over, going into post_processing()
Post-processing successful!
Finished a complete run, now you can upload!
Cleaning up graphics data...
Detaching shared memory...

Just finished my first coupled model today (after a spinup)
3505 hours on a P4 3Ghz Linux machine...:o)
17) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Attaching my computer (Message 25425)
Posted 2 Dec 2006 by Arnaud
First you can use the Berkeley\'s Boinc version on any Linux Distro, AFAIK

What do you mean by \"attach your computer to Boinc\": Boinc is not a project.

Hypothesis: You can\'t open the BoincManager to attach to a project because the manager keeps asking you the password.
If it\'s the case, the password is in the gui_rpc_auth.cfg file in the BOINC folder.
As I don\'t know where is the BOINC folder on Ubuntu, you\'ll have to look for it yourself with the following command:

In command-line try:
locate gui_rpc_auth.cfg
locate BOINC

If locate isn\'t installed on your machine try
find / -iname \"boinc\" -type f -print
find / -iname \"gui_rpc_auth.cfg\" -type f -print

You can also look in the /var/lib/ folder: perhaps you\'ll see a ~/boinc-client folder in it

If you\'re talking about the project password, you can retreive it by email via that page:
Log in your account with the account key, go in your account and modify the password.
18) Questions and Answers : Windows : Timesteps to next checkpoint (Message 25380)
Posted 30 Nov 2006 by Arnaud
The key 8
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux performance (Message 25349)
Posted 29 Nov 2006 by Arnaud
I\'m running a CPDN coupled model with only 256 MB of Ram on a Mandriva distro (X and KDE installed, using the Boinc GUI) and have no problem (Desktop P4 2Ghz with 256 MB of Ram)
20) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : error: meaning ? (Message 25265)
Posted 24 Nov 2006 by Arnaud
Thank you all for your answers.
My model is still running happily :o)

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