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Posts by Ana Albertos

Posts by Ana Albertos

1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Run new task (Message 45219)
Posted 5 Nov 2012 by Ana Albertos
I am not able to receive new taks for my computer. I finished the one I was running but now I do not receive a new one: I get a message "Procesamiento suspendido" (=process suspended).

Any help will be appreciated!
2) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Show graphics problem (Message 38886)
Posted 9 Feb 2010 by Ana Albertos
I am running a task apparently without problems but I can not click the option \"Show graphics\". Am I the only one? Thanks for your help.

3) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Unrecoverable error for sulphur (Message 18666)
Posted 23 Dec 2005 by Ana Albertos
I got these messages on my computer. Can anyone help me?

23/12/2005 19:53:18||Starting BOINC client version 4.45 for windows_intelx86
23/12/2005 19:53:18||Data directory: C:\\Archivos de programa\\BOINC
23/12/2005 19:53:19||Computer ID: 233709; location: home; project prefs: default
23/12/2005 19:53:19||General prefs: from (last modified 2005-10-08 18:05:47)
23/12/2005 19:53:19||General prefs: no separate prefs for home; using your defaults
23/12/2005 19:53:19||Remote control not allowed; using loopback address
23/12/2005 19:53:19||Resuming computation for result sulphur_47am_000296350_0 using sulphur_cycle version 4.19
23/12/2005 19:53:20||Deferring communication with project for 10 hours, 3 minutes, and 52 seconds
23/12/2005 19:54:19||Result sulphur_47am_000296350_0 exited with zero status but no \'finished\' file
23/12/2005 19:54:19||If this happens repeatedly you may need to reset the project.
23/12/2005 19:54:19||request_reschedule_cpus: process exited
23/12/2005 19:54:19||Restarting result sulphur_47am_000296350_0 using sulphur_cycle version 4.19
23/12/2005 19:56:22||request_reschedule_cpus: process exited
23/12/2005 19:56:22||Computation for result sulphur_47am_000296350_0 finished
23/12/2005 19:56:22||Unrecoverable error for result sulphur_47am_000296350_0 (<file_xfer_error> <file_name></file_name> <error_code>-161</error_code> <error_message></error_message></file_xfer_error><file_xfer_error> <file_name></file_name> <error_code>-161</error_code> <error_message></error_message></file_xfer_error><file_xfer_error> <file_name></file_name> <error_code>-161</error_code> <error_message></error_message></file_xfer_error><file_xfer_error> <file_name></file_name> <error_code>-161</error_code> <error_message></error_message></file_xfer_error><file_xfer_error> <file_name></file_name> <error_code>-161</error_code> <error_message></error_message></file_xfer_error>)
23/12/2005 19:56:23||Deferring communication with project for 2 days, 22 hours, 53 minutes, and 55 seconds
23/12/2005 20:26:58||request_reschedule_cpus: result op
23/12/2005 20:27:02||request_reschedule_cpus: result op
23/12/2005 20:27:09||request_reschedule_cpus: result op
23/12/2005 20:27:42||request_reschedule_cpus: project op
23/12/2005 20:27:42||Sending scheduler request to
23/12/2005 20:27:42||Requesting 0 seconds of work, returning 1 results
23/12/2005 20:27:42||Can\'t resolve hostname [] host name not found
23/12/2005 20:27:42||Scheduler request failed HTTP insert: -113
23/12/2005 20:27:42||Scheduler request initialization to failed, error -113
23/12/2005 20:27:43||Deferring communication with project for 3 days, 10 hours, 7 minutes, and 47 seconds