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New study going out to volunteer's machines

New study going out to volunteer's machines

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Andy Bowery
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Message 68386 - Posted: 20 Feb 2023, 16:14:10 UTC

Indian Ocean experiment

This experiment aims to evaluate the importance of the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) event of the winter 2019/2020 on the strong and well predicted North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) of the same winter. The NAO is of large importance to European winter weather as it governs the winds over the North Atlantic which are related to the mild and wet winters of northern Europe. It has been shown that the NAO is in some years influenced by anomalous tropical ocean conditions (like El Nino). We aim to show that the strong positive IOD of 2019/2020 had an influence on the NAO and resulting warm conditions of this winter. We use the large ensemble of the OpenIFS@Home to identify the connections between the tropical Indian Ocean and the North Atlantic region.

Technical information

CPDN app-name: oifs_43r3
Run time: ~8 hrs/task on a modern CPU
Max memory: ~7Gb
Total number of files: 783 files
Model output: 8.5Mb per output step (uncompressed)
Total size of uploaded files: 2.6GB
Checkpoint filesize: ~800Mb (these are periodically created & deleted in the slot dir and not uploaded)

(The total size of the upload is one member zipped.)
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Richard Haselgrove

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Message 68388 - Posted: 20 Feb 2023, 16:47:59 UTC
Last modified: 20 Feb 2023, 16:56:01 UTC

Take care with these models - my first one failed (error report).

Just download one, and try that, before going for a big cache.
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Profile Dave Jackson
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Message 68396 - Posted: 20 Feb 2023, 20:48:34 UTC

Please can comments/questions go in the OpenIFS discussion thread rather than the news thread!
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Message boards : News : New study going out to volunteer's machines