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General Prefs: CP has different options than SETI (!?!)

General Prefs: CP has different options than SETI (!?!)

Questions and Answers : Preferences : General Prefs: CP has different options than SETI (!?!)
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Message 4492 - Posted: 22 Sep 2004, 17:14:36 UTC

CP has a \"General Prefs\" option that SETI does not have:

- Keep enough work on disk to last between: [x and y days]

To make matters worse, SETI has two options that CP does not have:

- Switch between applications every: [x minutes]
- Connect to network about every : [x days]

I\'m not certain what the General prefs are for LHC.

These are \"General\" prefs, therefore the BOINC client only uses the set that was updated most recently (SETI or CP). What happens to these \"other\" options from the other project(s) ?

Shouldn\'t these \"other\" options be in the project-specific prefs ?

Who manages the \"General prefs\" ? The BOINC people or the individual projects ?

--- bt
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Message 4507 - Posted: 23 Sep 2004, 3:29:27 UTC
Last modified: 23 Sep 2004, 3:52:24 UTC

SETI's site have the most updated version of the preference options. You should update your General Preference at SETI's site and let it replicate to other BOINC projects. Even though other BOINC projects might not have some of the options listed on their website, BOINC core client would still use them for all projects after downloading them from SETI to your global_prefs.xml file. So BOINC would switch every 60 minutes even if it's doing LHC workunits and LHC doesn't have this option on their site.

SETI just take the old option of between x and y days and changed it to between x and 2x days - where the maximum days are set at 2x by SETI for you. SETI renamed it "Connect to network about every x days".

Other BOINC projects would have the same General Preference options eventually when they catch up. At this point, Predictor@home is converting to BOINC 4.x server; LHC@home & Pirates@home are testing their servers. Minor inconsistencies are not the major worries for the other BOINC projects as BOINC is coming out with new features/changes constantly.

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Questions and Answers : Preferences : General Prefs: CP has different options than SETI (!?!)