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Constantly Resetting

Constantly Resetting

Questions and Answers : Windows : Constantly Resetting
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Uzzy Booboo

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Message 59662 - Posted: 22 Feb 2019, 4:38:18 UTC

Every time I shutdown \ restart my machine, the most recent task resets back to 0h processed, 81h left. Plus its been sitting at 0.009% complete for over 6 weeks, never updating no matter how much processing is done.
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Les Bayliss
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Message 59663 - Posted: 22 Feb 2019, 6:13:59 UTC

That probably means that it hasn't reached a checkpoint yet.

Climate models should really be left to run continuously. They're very big, require a long time to process, and don't like being shut down abruptly.

And the 2 that have crashed show PAGES of: Suspended CPDN Monitor - Suspend request from BOINC... , which means that you have the option Suspend when non-BOINC CPU usage is above , left at the default setting of 25%.

See this post on the Care and Feeding of climate models:
Tayloring BOINC settings for cpdn for tips on giving them the best chance of surviving.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Constantly Resetting