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Excessive CPU temperature

Excessive CPU temperature

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Message 39661 - Posted: 1 May 2010, 8:25:02 UTC


I would love to contribute, but running climateprediction on BOINC raises my CPU Temp above 90°C which seems unhealthy. I limited the processor usage down to 10%, but even then I can observe on the system monitor, that one of the 2 CPU\'s works at 100% all the time.

I am running Ubuntu Jaunty jackalope on a lenovo X200

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Les Bayliss
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Message 39662 - Posted: 1 May 2010, 9:01:44 UTC

The idea behind BOINC, is to use ALL of the processor time that\'s NOT being used by other programs, so, by definition, BOINC should be using up all of the left over time.
And if it\'s only one of two processors, then it may mean that is what you\'ve told BOINC to use in your preference settings.

As for heat, have you cleaned the dust out of the fans and off the cpu heat sink?
And do you HAVE case fans? And are the cables in the computer tied back so as not to block the flow of air inside the case?

Backups: Here
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Excessive CPU temperature