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Message 30386 - Posted: 6 Sep 2007, 5:00:48 UTC

Last month I had 2 files downloaded (dual processor).

One requires about 770 hours of processor time and is not due until August 2008.

The other requires about 2300 hours of processor time and is due in January 2008. This is about 0.72%/day while the best I can do is about 0.67%/day and this is 24 hour continuous running and abandoning all other computations.

This doesn\'t make sense with the largest file having the soonest due date. Should I just cancel the large file?
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Message 30389 - Posted: 6 Sep 2007, 7:22:24 UTC

I think your PC is a 3GHz Pentium4 with multithreading, judging from the benchmark scores. If you were to a single boinc task rather than two at a time, it\'d probably just make the deadline, but running two big ones at a time would be a hard task within the deadline.

It\'d be best to run just the short tasks on that PC. You can specify which type of task you receive via:

Your Account / Project Preferences / View / Edit / HadSM3 to ticked, HadCM3 to unticked / Save (then cilck \'update\' in the Boinc manager).
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Message 30393 - Posted: 6 Sep 2007, 11:39:11 UTC
Last modified: 6 Sep 2007, 11:43:06 UTC

There are a couple of extra ways to control what runs:

1. If you want to keep the downloaded tasks but only run one of them, then press the \'No new tasks\' button in BOINC Manager and then suspend the task you don\'t want to run. This is what I\'m doing in the same situation as you when I accidentally downloaded two models onto a machine like yours that should only really run one (though you do get about 20% more work out of the PC if you do run both tasks, but it makes for a long wait ...).

2. In the General Preferences section of your CPDN account, there is a \'On multiprocessors, use at most\' setting. Make sure that is set to \'1\' so that you don\'t have the problem again.

Like Mike says, the best thing is to run the shorter model first (hadsm3fub_0535_005901546_9). Then you can pick up the longer model if you want (hadcm3iozn_cpem_2000_80_35898695_1).

[Edit: And, by the way, CPDN ignores the deadlines!]
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Message 32816 - Posted: 2 Mar 2008, 16:19:42 UTC

@Iain Inglis
Is it also possible to say CPDN, that it shall only give out one WU per host?
What you said seems to affect all projects,but I only want it for CPDN. It would be a very nice feature for the web interface...
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Message 32817 - Posted: 2 Mar 2008, 18:42:47 UTC
Last modified: 2 Mar 2008, 18:53:47 UTC

Iain might be taking a few hours rest (well deserved).

You might try reducing CPDN\'s resource share in your account\'s Preferences, update, then Update in the Manager\'s Projects tab -- before attempting to download more work. (The trick is to set the value low enough to keep boinc from getting carried away with itself -- but large enough to get more work. A value half way between present setting and zero might work.)

When download is finished, your preferred resource share can be restored, using the same procedure.

Edit: Alternatively, you could set your account\'s Preferences to use only one CPU before attempting the download, then reset it when you have the new Model.

Also, select CPDN in Projects tab and click No New Work when download is finished; leave it that way until you want more CPDN work.
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