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Discover the info about my models

Discover the info about my models

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Message 25504 - Posted: 7 Dec 2006, 20:35:40 UTC

Wanna to discover what models i\'m running now, what a their phases, parameters and other info about my models. Currently i\'m running 3 models, one model i ran to 10% and then returned by a mistake. That model had lots of red area on sulphur window, just from the beginning of count. Recent model i\'ve got after that one (which have lots of red area) doesn\'t have much red area. So, i wanna know much about models i\'m crunching. Thanks.
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Les Bayliss
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Message 25505 - Posted: 7 Dec 2006, 20:55:38 UTC
Last modified: 7 Dec 2006, 20:57:18 UTC

The current models are the Coupled Ocean models, also known as TCMs (Transient Coupled model).
They are a combination of experiments 2 and 3, described here in the Climate Science pages under the 2 sections: Experiment strategy - the basics and Experiment strategy - advanced

They are single phase, 160 years models, consisting of a Hindcast section followed by a Forecast section.
Unlike the earlier models, all of the trickles in these models contain data, the simple ones for just a years worth, (uploaded in early December), as well as a bigger zip upload every 10 years, and a full \"restart dump\" every 40 years.

If the model completes successfully, no files are kept after the final upload, unlike the slab and sulphur models, which left behind some files for the user to study.

If you need further info, just ask, either here, or on the php board here.

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Message boards : Science : Discover the info about my models