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Computer Is Overcommitted

Computer Is Overcommitted

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Costas Lazarides

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Message 22082 - Posted: 16 Apr 2006, 12:49:19 UTC

The first \'overcommitted\' message I received about a month ago. It lasted for nearly 5 days and then I downloaded work for the other two projects once more before it went in \'overcommitted\' mode where it has remained for the past two weeks or so. Please note that there has been no tampering with my clock and I am not running more than one project in CPDN (sulphur_cycle version 4.19).

If anyone is kind enough to post a reply, I would appreciate it if I didn\'t read what everyone says in this situation. That it is not an error, that BOINC knows best, and that other projects will start downloading again when Boinc deems appropriate.
1)Why has this happened now that I\'m more than a year in using Boinc on this PC? The problem started when I added Rosetta to Seti and CPDN but I fail to see the connection.
2)Why is my Boinc Debt Viewer showing an LTD for CPDN that started from -32000 and is now at -352720! Shouldn\'t this number be reduced as days go by and CPDN is the only project crunching away?
4)I\'ve reduced work allocation to the other projects to 60% and 80% while keeping CPDN at 100%.Why hasn\'t CPDN been affected?
5)My computer claims to have approximately 2350 hours left and a deadline of 24/09/2006. It will have finished well before that as it has in the past. So why the frap does boinc think my pc is overcommitted?

Processor: 1 AuthenticAMD AMD Athlon(TM) XP 2200+
Memory: 511.52 MB physical, 1.59 GB virtual
Disk: 12.03 GB total, 3.27 GB free
Windows XP SPS2.
AVG Professional Antivirus Protection

Thank you in advance for any replies,
Costas Lazarides
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Profile MikeMarsUK
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Message 22091 - Posted: 16 Apr 2006, 16:06:12 UTC

Hopefully this is answered in :
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John McLeod VII

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Message 22104 - Posted: 16 Apr 2006, 23:16:47 UTC

1) Adding projects allocates less time to the projects that are already on the host. This makes EDF and NWF more likely.

2) Long Term Debt is more of Long Term CPU Balance. Negative numbers means that the project has used more than its share of the CPU. (I have a couple of hosts where the LTD for CPDN is -2,000,000 or so.

4) It is not 60% and 80 % and 80% and 100%. They are resource shares, so it is 60 / (60+80+100) or 1/4 (25%) and 80/() or 1/3 (33%) and 100 / () or 5/12 (42%). This does affect the future, but not the past as there is no instant adjustment of the CPU balances.

5) It thinks that your host cannot afford to download extra work right now because of the resource shares. If having a result at the full resource share of the next project that would be asked for work would put the result over the deadline, the host is fully committed and will not download work.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : Computer Is Overcommitted