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Multi-project preferences

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James Cridland

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Message 2027 - Posted: 28 Aug 2004, 20:24:30 UTC

Now, then: I\'m running Seti and Predictor, and also climateprediction. Each of them is set for 33% of my processor time.

It strikes me that when a CP work unit will take my little laptop 90 days to complete (ack!), then it\'ll not manage to get any work done on Seti or Predictor in the meantime. And, since I\'ve said I want to share 33% of my processor time between these projects, does that mean I\'ll not work on another CP work unit until a further 180 days after I report it back again?

Or will it be a bit cleverer than that, and stop chomping my CP work unit for a bit, so it can chomp through a Seti/Predictor unit?

All academic until Seti/Predictor move up to Boinc v4, but I\'m curious to know what might happen.

(I do have faster machines, too, y\'know!)
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Profile Andrew Hingston
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Message 2037 - Posted: 28 Aug 2004, 21:45:36 UTC

See <a href="">this thread</a>
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Multi-project preferences