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Hot wheels race off

Hot Wheels is a popular brand of die cast toy cars introduced by American Toy maker Mattel in 1968. The popularity of Hot Wheels is a result of the variety of toys that they manufacture. Many automobile companies have licensed the brand to manufacture scale factor models of their own machines. These were originally intended as toys for kids but with time they became a collectible item. So, these toys have much more value to some people than just being a source of entertainment.

Hot wheels race off

If you plan to start your own Hot Wheels collection, then it will be useful to do a little research before you start buying them. Buying them randomly might not be a good idea because you will be buying limited editions and it might cost you heavily. Do a little research on the company history, understand the options that you have and learn the proper method of storing them. Learn how to get the best deals, online or otherwise. The following suggestions might help you know about the brand, make better purchase deals and make useful investments. Information The Hot Wheels toys in the 1:64 scale factor are coveted toys or pieces of collection. As they are collectibles, the older or vintage models are supposed to be more valuable. There is also the possibility of particular designs being more valuable than others. Higher value means higher price and it is important that a person who wants to start his own collection knows about the history of these toy cars, the popular models and their value. These helps collectors make proper deals not only while buying but also at the time of selling toy cars. The following timeline may serve as an important source of information for those looking to buy Hot Wheels cars. 1968 - Mattel releases the first ever set of these toys which comprised of 16 models altogether. It also featured the pre-release model of the 1969 Corvette. 1969 - With the surprisingly high number of sales Mattel released 24 new Hot Wheels cars, including the VW Beach Bomb which remains a prized collection item till date. 1970 - One of the all-time favourites - the Snake and Mongoose race sets were introduced along with 31 other models. 1974 - The brand started using printed graphics for its cars instead of decals. 1975 - Mattel started releasing motorcycles too under the Hot Wheels brand. 1980 - Hi-Rakers, whose rear axles could be raised to increase the rake of the cars, were introduced in 1980. 1988 - It celebrated their 20th Anniversary by producing Silver and Gold Chrome cars. 1990 - It produces its first aircraft. 1995 - Limited edition Treasure Hunt cars were introduced. 1996 - Mattel gains the ownership rights of Matchbox cars. After gaining the required information, it is necessary to have a fair idea of some other important things. Collector Types Knowing the type of collector you want to be is important to figure out how you would want to start acquiring your Hot Wheels. Some collectors who have a collection purely for display will want their cars in the original packing. While collectors who like to play with their cars want them loosely without the packing. Car Categories It can be generally divided into three categories - Vintage (models released before 1980), Modern Hot Wheels (1980-1989) and Contemporary (1990-Present). Price of models do not depend only on the rarity or age but also on the emotional attachments that owners have with them. Starting Point Any hot Wheels edition starting from 1999 would be relatively easier to find than earlier models. Start with models that are easier to find and then gradually move up the ranks with more valued or vintage models. Moving Up You can expand your Hot Wheels collection by adding accessories too. The brand also has a number of tracks ranging from simple race tracks to stunt tracks. Some of them are really cool, like the one that sends cars straight into the mouth of an alien. Storage and Care A systematic arrangement will help you showcase the models in your collection better and also find them easily. Taking proper care of the cars and storing them in good condition means retaining the value of the models. You can store them in Hot Wheels cases and displays offered by Mattel itself. It is necessary to keep them out of direct sunlight, which can fade the color of the cars. Be careful that your hands are not oily while touching them, or that they do not develop blemishes. If it happens, it will only reduce the value of the items. As much as all the above steps are necessary in starting your own Hot Wheels collection, it is also necessary to know where to buy toy cars easily. You can buy Hot Wheels cars easily from online shopping sites that usually have good collections of them.

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