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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest (PNW) team. We are collecting those supporters of who live in the great Pacific Northwest - Washington, Oregon and Idaho, including those whose residence here is only in spirit. Let's make a difference! Please use billn(a) for email.

Updated: 25Jan2012

I apologize for the long silence from my typer. Life has been challenging. Despite my silence, the team has continued to perform at the top of the specs. Thank you all! I'll shoot for monthly updates, a target I can hit.

29Jul2008: Congratulations PNW Team Members!!

On July 9, we were #16. Today, we have reached #10 Worldwide, thanks to everyone who has contributed. A Super Team Effort, and the smallest team at this level. It doesn't get any better. Go out and celebrate for the team, and let your friends know how to join. Thank You All!!

Recent members: 7/19 Lj; 7/20 David Taylor; 7/21 Stanley Wells; 7/26 Dan S; 7/29 Iranan, Hawk13;

7Jul2008: A big *Welcome* to all the new members who have recently joined! Starting on May 20th:
#99 Spencer; #100 Jim Noneman; #101 Chase; #102 Dan Montgomery; #103 Tom DeCanio; #104 Dustin&Tara; #105 Thomas Stout; #106 RW; #107 Bryman; #108 Ilrathi; #109 Anthony pegram; #110 Leo; #111 Aron; #112 Timothy Hutchnson;
5May2008: A happy 5th of May to our Spanish friends! And a big Congrats! to the hard working people and computers of the PNW Team. We are just into #13 RAC and #19 TC Worldwide! WOW! It's really remarkable what a few motivated people can accomplish, and it's specially important for the biggest challenge of the 21st Century - Climate Change. Thanks to everyone.
11feb2008: A Big Day For the first time, the PacificNorthwest Team ranks on the first page, top 20, in *both* RAC #14, and Total Credit, #20!! Thanks to everyone who has contributed and to those who continue to contribute. This is a Team effort and a Team win. Well Done PNW Team!
08dec2007: Wow! Let's welcome The Sunshine Project to our team for its big contribution, and thank all of the others who helped jump us to <gasp> RA #13. Welcome Aboard!
01Dec2007: Team score has been dropping about 2-300 RAC points per day. We have dropped from #14 to 16 and will soon be at #19 or 20 if this continues. Any help from team members will be much appreciated.
13Nov2007: Another windstorm, another power outage. Four hours to bring 9 systems up, but I did manage to rewire UPS and power connections. It will happen again.
15Oct2007: Note for AMD 939 socket systems - The X2 4200 ($60 at Newegg) is matching my older X2 4400 chips. It's a great upgrade for 939 systems.
30Aug2007: Preparing for CopperCon27, I've had three systems go down and one not responding, which cuts my RAC way down. But when I come back, all will go up again. Meantime, hang in there with all the great performance this team has shown. Thanks for all your support!
12Jul2007: Severe heat wave forced me to shut down two systems, others slowed to avoid overheating. Over soon I hope.
01Jun2007: June already! We have four members in each of the following ranges: 500-999; 1000-1999; 2000-2999. That's a first for our team, still #15 in RAC, #24 in TC. Congrats to all the hot performers, and thanks to everyone for helping figure out where Climate is likely to go.
26Apr2007: Zowie! We jumped from 14th to 11th in RAC with our 54th member - we'll have to work to stay here. Thanks to all the terrific team members!
16Apr2007: The PNW Team continues to climb - we are now #15 in RAC, #25 in TC - both worldwide!! Many Thanks to all the folks who have contributed so well.
14Mar2007: A good St. Patrick's Day to all! It is also worth a note that today, for the first time ever, PNW has *eight* members over 1,000 RAC! And we are nearing 21,000 RAC in world position 16. Terrific work Team Members!
12Feb2007 Thanks to all who responded to my call for help - we've held at #17 RAC and #29 TC worldwide with only 49 members. Great job! Meanwhile, I'm rebuilding the three systems that were down - only one more to go. Gad, wotta PIT back!
25Jan2007: Getting bumped down in team RAC to #19, soon off the first page. Any help you can find is needed!

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