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Posts by old_user7891

1) Message boards : Number crunching : Got ack for result (Message 10322)
Posted 4 Mar 2005 by Profile old_user7891
Unfortunately that didn't work. All of the references were to the current experiment (2b7c_200128926), on the other hand, it looks like 2azs_200128651 is also assigned ( When I did the trickle upload on the 27th, the first upload downloaded 2azs..., while the second downloaded 2b7c..., and it has been running that second one (I think) ever since.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Got ack for result (Message 10303)
Posted 3 Mar 2005 by Profile old_user7891
I continue to face problems on my laptop Pan.

After splitting and uploading my numerous trickles and downloading a new experiment (actually I think it downloaded two but only is working one, like it is supposed to), I started getting...

Got ack for result (null), can't find

This went on for 6 trickle attempts over 5 days and then switched over to

Can't resolve host name name no data record of requested type)

scheduler init_op_project to failed, error -113
Deferring communication...

On manual update attempt it says...

Can't resolve host name....[address as above]
Master file fetch failed [which is a good tongue-twister]
Deferring communication...

Is this an orphan experiment because of what I had to do to manage the trickle overflow?

3) Message boards : Number crunching : No Schedulers Responded (Message 10096)
Posted 28 Feb 2005 by Profile old_user7891
Well, Further happenings...

First, Dial up??? Never. That's sooo passe.

The first attempt post new experiment start failed with a "No schedulers responded", but the resend a minute later succeeded.

On the second trickle 8 hours later, it succeeded too but then immediately returned a message I've not seen before...

"Got ack for result (null), can't find"

When I first had trouble with Pan, I updated it from 4.13 to 4.19.

That's a bit strange and the experiment continues to crunch. Is this message not significant?

4) Message boards : Number crunching : No Schedulers Responded (Message 10073)
Posted 27 Feb 2005 by Profile old_user7891
Success... I think.

I did what 'bosh suggested and it seemed to work. Pan now shows as being updated. None too soon either as the current experiment is 99.87% complete. Whew... 46 minutes to spare. We'll see if it starts updating automatically in less than an hour. It looks like my stats will get a good pop today.

Now, here's something interesting...
I had trickles dating back to 23 Jan. that had not been sent. The 40th trickle in that group was ready on 11 Feb., the same date as CPDN showed the last communication from Pan. So, if it was communicating why no upload of trickles? After this date no communication succeeded.

This looks like a trap people can fall into easily. It should be of concern as the general instructions say...

"Do I need to be on-line all the time while the software runs?

Absolutely not. Once you have installed the software and registered with the project, you are free to disconnect from the internet.

Approximately daily your computer will automatically try to "trickle" a small amount of data which is used by the project scientists to track the progress of your experiment if you happen to be connected to the internet. It is not essential to trickle data. However, an internet connection is required for the final upload of approximately 6 Megabytes of data..."

This should be changed, or the program needs to be modified to accomodate higher numbers of trickles. Somehow I don't believe that Pan would have connected successfully at the end of the experiment, but maybe it would have. We'll never know for sure now.

Thanks all for the assistance.

5) Message boards : Number crunching : No Schedulers Responded (Message 10057)
Posted 27 Feb 2005 by Profile old_user7891
Honza /crandles
Yes, it is my laptop "Pan". My laptop "Pheobe" also hasn't connected in the past few days but it is of less concern right now.

Pan has a continuous connection when I'm at my home office as I am now. When I hit update now, which I've done many times, it tries but fails with the same result each time... No schedulers responded. It has always worked fine but now no longer seems to connect. I've tried with and without Norton AV, same result.

6) Message boards : Number crunching : No Schedulers Responded (Message 10051)
Posted 26 Feb 2005 by Profile old_user7891
One of my machines has not been able to connect since 11 Feb. It continues to try but receives a failed rsponse from followed by a line that says "No schedulers responded". As I quickly approach experiment completion, I'd like to get this worked out. While I've seen the thread that says there is trouble sending in more than 40 trickles, I don't follow what I can do about it, or even if this is the problem I face.

Suggestions anyone?

7) Questions and Answers : Windows : Problems waking up (Message 4358)
Posted 19 Sep 2004 by Profile old_user7891
I run CP on my laptop (IBM T42 1.5 GHz P4M, XP SP2, BOINC Beta 4.05). When the machine wakes up from suspend BOINC says it restarts but, there is no CPU activity, the visualization is locked (can\'t turn the globe), and the timers on the work tab do not change. In other words BOINC has not restarted. What\'s up?