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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : why does my anti-virus program think "hadam3p_afr_7.22_windows_intelx86.exe" is malware? (Message 50917)
Posted 2 Dec 2014 by robertNOLA
Thanks for your prompt responses, Dave and Les! I was relatively certain there wasn't a problem but wanted to check.

I rebooted my computer earlier and was greeted by the following malign message from Avast:

so I sent Avast a "false positive" notification, adding that programs for BOINC from don't include malware. I also added the BOINC subdirectory of ProgramData to Avast's exclusions list for future scanning.

This is my first experience with Avast - until October I'd used AVG Pro for several years but the 2015 version refused to install on this PC and AVG has become comparable to Norton in that they charge for product support (no thanks, I don't want to pay $25 for tech support on a product I just paid for... they refunded my renewal charge without a hassle, at least).

If this happens again I'll be looking for another AV program or, better yet, ditching Windows and using Linux exclusively.

Thanks again!

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : why does my anti-virus program think "hadam3p_afr_7.22_windows_intelx86.exe" is malware? (Message 50911)
Posted 1 Dec 2014 by robertNOLA
After turning on my computer today my anti-virus program, Avast, popped up with a message declaring "hadam3p_afr_7.22_windows_intelx86.exe" is malware:

I haven't taken any action but a google search returned information about "hadam3p_pnw_um_7.22_windows_intelx86.exe," which is listed on a few sites as a threat (and is also in the ProgramData folder for

I found this page as well but, honestly, it's Greek to me...

Since the zip and exe files are dated 11/06/2014 I'm not sure why Avast detected it today, unless it was downloaded since the last scan...

Any suggestions? I'm assuming it is a false "positive" but just wanted to check Thanks!